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Agrifood 07-06-2024

Wojciechowski: Agrifood sector should be spared from EU-China trade tensions

Agrifood products should be kept out of the current EU-China trade tensions as the Asian giant is a key partner for the sector, EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski told Euractiv.

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Agrifood 04-06-2024

EU agrifood policy – Navigating the next mandate

The European Parliament elections are fast approaching, and agrifood policies have taken the spotlight following a wave of protests and demonstrations across the EU in recent months.

Agrifood 31-05-2024

Do we need a biofuel police?

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At the transport and energy Council yesterday (30 May), France, Germany and the Netherlands called the European Commission to launch controls in 3rd countries to reinforce the mesures against the import of fraudulent biofuels. 

Agrifood 29-05-2024

After protests German farmers remain ‘very dissatisfied’ with federal government

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January farmers' rallies in Germany marked the beginning of European demonstrations, but while they have largely ebbed away, growers remain unsatisfied with how the national government works.

Agrifood 28-05-2024

Twitter Space: Upcoming EU mandate, what are the new agrifood priorities?

2024 marks the year of another significant change in the EU’s political composition. Every five years, EU leaders collectively determine the EU's political priorities, a process occurring in conjunction with the European Parliament elections and preceding the appointment of each European Commission. Kicked off by the European elections in early June, the shifts in political groups and coalitions within the EU will shape its policy agenda and future legislation.

Listen to this recent Euractiv Twitter Space to gather new information and opinions on the upcoming EU legislation and its possible priorities for the European agricultural sector.

Agrifood 24-05-2024

Agrifood Special CAPitals Brief: the rules against unfair trade practices

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Our tour of the EU this time focuses on unfair trade practices (UTPs) in the food supply chain, such as late payments or sales below production costs.

Agrifood 08-05-2024

Commission to consider tools to speed up recovery of misspent agricultural funds

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The Commission will assess if there is a need to incentivise EU countries to shorten the time for the reclamation of irregular payments, a spokesperson said after the European Court of Auditors (ECA) highlighted the lengthy process to return improper disbursements to the EU budget.

Agrifood 07-05-2024

World Bank calls for sharp increase in investment to halve agrifood emissions

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Money invested in cutting agrifood emissions should increase 18-fold and reach around €240 billion per year if we want to halve emissions and put the world on track for net zero emissions by 2050, according to a World Bank study published on Tuesday (7 April). 

Agrifood 30-04-2024

Farmers take centre stage in parties’ EU election campaigns

After being neglected for years in the public debate, agriculture has become a hot topic at the EU level in recent years.

Agrifood 26-04-2024

CAP simplification will get more and more complicated

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Last week the European Parliament gave its final nod to a package meant to make the Common Agricultural Policy rules easier to apply for farmers and national administrations. But it is not the end of the CAP ‘simplification’ debate. It is just the beginning.

Agrifood 26-04-2024

Cocoa growers face production shortage as EU anti-deforestation rules loom

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As cocoa prices surge to record highs and Central and West African growers grapple with the impact of climate change, the cocoa sector is rushing to adapt its production to the EU anti-deforestation regulation (EUDR), which will take effect from January 2025.

Agrifood 25-04-2024

Generational renewal, the EU’s unfinished business

With farmers under the age of 40 accounting for only 11.9% of farm managers in the EU in 2020, the need to ensure generational renewal is becoming a key issue in the agricultural sector.

Agrifood 19-04-2024

Commission changes view on controversial insecticide, set to propose zero residues in food

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In the next meeting on pesticides between the Commission and member states, on Monday and Tuesday, the bloc’s executive will table a regulation to slash to zero the insecticide thiacloprid residues in all food products, after having proposed to raise the limit of the maximum quantity of residues in imported food.

Agrifood 18-04-2024

More actions needed to make organic farming competitive, say stakeholders

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Amid fears that the EU will miss its target of 25% organic agriculture by 2030, stakeholders are calling for a more favourable policy framework to boost demand for organic products.

Agrifood 18-04-2024

Organic farming in the EU – What role for a greener Europe?

Expanding organic farming and agricultural lands in the EU is at the heart of the European Green Deal’s initiatives. Organic farming uses natural substances and processes to produce food and brings environmental, economic and social benefits.

Agrifood 16-04-2024

EU experts increasingly worried about impact of extreme weather on food security

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Experts identified extreme weather as a primary challenge to food supply in Europe in an assessment of EU food security released by the European Commission on 16 April.

Agrifood 29-03-2024

Agrifood Special CAPitals: Generational renewal

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In 2020, almost one in three farm managers across the EU was 65 years or older. Generational renewal is among the main challenges of European agriculture, and supporting young farmers is one of the most important objectives of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP).

Agrifood 28-03-2024

Concern over Commission’s relaxing of environmental requirements for farmers

On this episode of our daily Today in the EU podcast we break down the concerns expressed regarding the European Commission’s decision to loosen the environmental requirements.

Agrifood 27-03-2024

What are Geographical Indications and what are they for?

The EU Council on Tuesday (26 March) formally adopted a revised version of the EU's Geographical Indications (GIs) regulation, which protects the names of products that come from specific regions and have specific qualities and a certain reputation through special labels.

Agrifood 22-03-2024

Melons, tomatoes and geopolitics

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Melons and tomatoes from the Western Sahara, the main crops in the contested territory, should be labelled as such and not as originating from Morocco, according to an opinion by Tamara Ćapeta, an advocate general at the EU’s top court, issued on Thursday (21 March).

Agrifood 19-03-2024

EU Parliament committee calls for more support for on-farm slaughter of animals

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Lawmakers on the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee backed the Commission's proposal to give farmers greater flexibility to slaughter animals on the farm and thus reduce the need for animal transport, but called for more assistance.

Agrifood 07-03-2024

EU is too dependent on animal feed and fertiliser imports, warns Parliament study

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The EU remains heavily reliant on animal feed and fertilisers imports from outside the bloc, as highlighted in a recent study commissioned by the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee (AGRI).

Agrifood 28-02-2024

The state of the EU agriculture

Farmers’ protests making the headlines these days brought back agriculture in the EU political agenda.

Agrifood 22-02-2024

After farmers’ protests German Monopolies Commission warns against premature market intervention

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In the wake of the farmers' protests, the German government has tried to pin the blame on supermarkets. The German Monopolies Commission has now concluded that there are indeed imbalances, although it warns against hasty political decisions.