Air Quality

Health 21-02-2024

EU deal on improved air quality fails to align with WHO standards

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The provisional agreement on new rules for air quality across the EU is hailed as a step forward despite not aligning with World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations.

Transport 07-02-2024

Belgium postpones EU vote on truck emissions as Germany imperils majority

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Belgium has postponed a vote by EU ambassadors on new emission standards for trucks – initially planned for Wednesday (7 February) – to Friday, after Germany withdrew its previous support for the law, leaving the majority unclear.

Road transport 31-01-2024

Car emissions 14% higher than advertised by manufacturers, study finds

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The gap between official and real-world car emissions has grown by 80% in the past five years, despite advanced testing procedures in place to prevent such a discrepancy, a new study has found.


Industrial pollution costs 2% of Europe’s GDP: EEA

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Industrial pollution costs the equivalent of  2% of the European Union's economic output each year, though the impact has declined over the past decade, the bloc's environmental agency said Thursday (25 January).

Freight 18-01-2024

Deal reached to boost number of zero-emission trucks and buses on EU roads

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EU countries and the European Parliament reached an agreement on Thursday (18 January) on new rules tightening CO2 limits on heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs), paving the way for a significant increase in the number of clean trucks and buses across the bloc.

Transport 22-12-2023

French city is latest in Europe to make public transport free

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The French city of Montpellier on Thursday (21 December) became the latest European metropolis to allow all its residents to ride public transport for free.

Road transport 18-12-2023

Cars spared from tighter exhaust standards under Euro 7 deal

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A deal was reached between the European Parliament and Council on Monday (18 December) on new rules to tighten pollution standards for cars and trucks, with the text primarily focused on reining in pollution from brakes and tyres.

Enlargement 17-11-2023

EBRD backs €4-billion plan to wean North Macedonia off coal power

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International lenders including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the World Bank are backing a €4-billion plan to wean North Macedonia off coal-fired power, the head of the EBRD told Reuters.

Road transport 10-11-2023

EU Parliament votes to dilute new ‘Euro 7’ vehicle pollution limits

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Lawmakers in the European Parliament adopted their position on new pollution standards for road vehicles on Thursday (9 November), in a move seen as a win for conservative lawmakers who sought to limit costs for the car industry.

Climate change 02-11-2023

Climate’s ‘Catch-22’: Cutting air pollution heats up the planet

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Air pollution, a global scourge that kills millions of people a year, is shielding us from the full force of the sun. Getting rid of it will accelerate climate change, according to six leading climate experts.

Health 23-10-2023

New rules lowering asbestos exposure limits adopted

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The EU Council on Monday (23 October) formally adopted the directive to step up the protection of workers from health risks related to asbestos, the final stage in the legislative process for the file.

Road transport 12-10-2023

Conservatives and liberals combine to water down vehicle pollution standards

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The European Parliament’s environment committee voted Thursday (12 October) to water down proposed pollution standards for vehicles, as conservative and liberal lawmakers joined forces to block green and socialist ambitions.

Politics 11-10-2023

Sweden’s ruling Moderates fume at Stockholm petrol and diesel ban

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Sweden's ruling right-wing Moderates have expressed anger at Stockholm's Green-Social Democrat coalition, which announced a ban on petrol and diesel cars in parts of the city centre from 2025 on Tuesday.

Politics 27-09-2023

Climate groups, farmers angered by ‘nature permit’ for Dutch airport

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The outgoing cabinet’s decision to grant a ‘nature permit’ to the country’s largest airport, Schiphol, which would allow it to schedule at least 440,000 flights per year, sparked outrage among climate groups, farmer representatives, and lawmakers on Tuesday (26 September).


Parliament votes to delay EU compliance with WHO air quality standards until 2035

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The European Parliament on Wednesday (13 September) adopted its position on a revised law to improve air quality in the EU, calling for stricter limits on several pollutants, but delaying compliance with WHO guidelines until 2035. 

Road transport 06-09-2023

Improving air quality is also a regional task

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To protect the health of EU citizens, the European Commission has proposed new limits for air pollutants. To improve air quality, a lot can and should be done on a regional level too, writes Winfried Hermann, transport minister of Baden-Württemberg.

Law enforcement 01-09-2023

Stakeholders divided on fairness, practicality of Parisian e-scooter ban

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As the Parisian ban on self-service scooters enters into force on 1 September, the city hall calls the move revolutionary amid an urban jungle, while stakeholders remain divided on the pros and cons.

Road transport 13-07-2023

Costs of ‘Euro 7’ truck pollution rules overestimated, study finds

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Compliance with draft EU pollution standards for trucks and buses will increase manufacturing costs by up to €2,400 euros per vehicle - less than the €2,800 estimated by the EU Commission and far below the €12,000 touted by industry.

Agrifood 12-07-2023

EU Parliament votes to exclude cows from industrial emissions cutting plan

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Lawmakers in the European Parliament adopted their position ahead of negotiations with the EU ministers on Commission’s new rules to curb pollution in the industrial sector proposing to exclude cattle farming from the count.


NGOs ‘bitterly disappointed’ by EU Parliament vote on industrial emissions law

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The European Parliament's stance on the Industrial Emissions Directive has failed to meet the expectations of environmental organisations, though some also pointed to a few silver linings.

Health 10-07-2023

WHO Europe countries repeat pledge to address climate change health impacts

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Ministers of Health and Environment of the WHO European Region recognised the need for further action to fight climate change that affects human health by signing the Budapest declaration on Friday (7 July). Lawmakers recognised their alarm "by the substantial and …


Parliament to vote on groundbreaking EU ‘compensation right’ against pollution

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Environment and health groups are pushing for more robust measures to protect EU citizens’ fundamental right to health and clean air, in a joint letter sent to MEPs on Thursday (6 July). 

Politics 23-05-2023

Czech-led coalition of eight countries opposes Euro 7 car emissions standards

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A coalition of eight countries, led by Czechia, has come together to voice criticism against the proposed Euro 7 car emission standards.

Politics 27-04-2023

Irish government approves country’s first ‘Clean Air Strategy’

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Ireland’s  first ‘Clean Air Strategy’, aimed at reducing pollution-related deaths and improving air quality to meet targets set by the World Health Organisation (WHO), was approved by the government on Wednesday.