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Biofuels election promise, a renewed mandate for renewables

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Voters deeply concerned with living costs and climate change are being offered a voice by the European Biodiesel Board, it's calling for a balanced, inclusive, and affordable climate policy in line with the EU’s net zero by 2050 goal.


BP pushes to extend definition of ‘advanced’ biofuels as green aviation targets loom

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Oil giant BP Europe is pushing for a revision of the EU’s rules for biofuels, fossil fuel alternatives made from crops, animal fats, and waste, to allow more crops into the EU’s definition of ‘advanced’ biofuels that can be used for aviation.


EU confirms probe into cheap Chinese biodiesel decimating EU industry

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European biofuel producers have praised the European Commission’s decision to launch an anti-dumping investigation into Chinese biodiesel imports, calling it a positive step to stop the economic devastation of the domestic EU biofuel sector.


Devil in the details to reach the EU’s green jet fuel targets

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Europe’s ambitious targets to replace increasing quantities of fossil kerosene with green aviation fuels will be extremely challenging to meet - though with a broad and evolving mix of fuel sources, as well as sustained political and industry support, it is within grasp.


EU Parliament support for renewable fuel-powered trucks prompts controversy

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Green campaigners have condemned the European Parliament’s proposed provisions for trucks running solely on renewable fuels, though the fuels industry insists the move is in line with Europe’s climate goals.

Road transport 26-10-2023

EU focus on electric vehicles favours the rich, says ethanol industry

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EU policymakers’ focus on electric vehicles to cut road emissions means the transition to green transport will remain easier for the rich, a biofuels industry leader has said, arguing that most consumers still favour comparatively cheaper combustion engine vehicles.


Biofuels industry criticises ‘inconsistent’ transport decarbonisation policy

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New EU rules to green the maritime and aviation sectors prohibit the use of crop-based biofuels on sustainability grounds, though the same fuels play a major role in decarbonising the bloc’s vehicle fleet.


Global companies push EU Parliament to favour zero-emission trucks

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Four major companies have called on EU lawmakers to adopt ambitious CO2 standards that will boost the production of zero tailpipe emission trucks, urging them to reject renewable fuels to decarbonise heavy-duty vehicles.

Agrifood 19-10-2023

To tackle biofuel fraud, Ireland takes matters into its own hands

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The Irish government has confirmed it will set up a working group to ensure the sustainability of biofuels used in the country, as concerns grow that tainted fuels are entering the EU market.


Italy leads charge to allow more diesel trucks under new CO2 targets

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Ahead of a meeting of EU environment ministers on Monday (16 October), an Italian-led coalition of nations has formed to push for synthetic fuels and biofuels to be counted towards heavy-duty vehicle (HDV) carbon standards – a move welcomed by …

Agrifood 06-10-2023

New study questions accuracy of EU’s biofuel impact assessments

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Skewed data was used to determine the impact of the EU's renewable energy directive, a scientific paper has claimed, raising questions about the model and process employed by the European Commission to assess policy options for transport decarbonisation.


Parliament backs law to boost green aviation fuels in EU flights

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The European Parliament gave the green light on Wednesday (13 September) to new rules that will increase the quantity of sustainable jet fuel in flights departing from EU airports, marking a major step towards reducing emissions from the notoriously carbon-intensive transport mode.

Agrifood 12-09-2023

EU under pressure to tackle fraudulent biofuels imports

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The delay in implementing a tool to protect the EU market against fraudulent biofuels imports has been heavily criticised by European biofuel producers, who point the finger at the European Commission.

Agrifood 05-09-2023

Agri-diesel debate: Can tractors be climate friendly?

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The German government appears to have dropped a much-debated idea of cutting diesel subsidies for farmers for now, but the question of what climate-friendly alternatives there are for tractors and other agricultural machinery remains.

Agrifood 28-08-2023

Biofuel certification schemes slammed for failing to halt fraud

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Measures to ensure the integrity of biofuels imported into the EU single market are not fit for purpose, an EU producer has claimed, asserting that EU-backed certification schemes are failing to prevent fraud.


EU to investigate Indonesian biodiesel amid tax concerns

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European Commission officials have launched an investigation into biodiesel imports following suspicions that Indonesian biodiesel is transiting through China and the United Kingdom in a bid to circumvent taxes.


EU industry demands answers as ‘fraudulent’ Chinese biofuels continue to flow

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European biofuel companies have reiterated calls for the European Commission to intervene to dampen the flood of Chinese biofuels entering the EU market, arguing that Chinese manufacturers are fraudulently exporting biodiesel made from restricted feedstocks.

Fuels 23-06-2023

EU-backed green auditor cracks down on China island biofuel trade

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An auditing company empowered by the European Union to verify sustainable fuel has suspended the certification of three Chinese biofuel exporters after an audit found the precise source of their waste products from Malaysia and Indonesia could not be verified.


Commission sees crop biofuels’ clean transport value, but outside EU

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The European Commission has recognised the role of crop-based biofuels in decarbonising transport, despite pushing through legislation for their phase-out domestically.

Fuels 08-06-2023

Industry suspects fraud as flood of Chinese biodiesel destabilises market

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A drastic increase in biodiesel imports from China has caused a stir in European markets, with industry representatives warning that the EU waste biodiesel industry could ‘collapse’ unless urgent regulatory measures are taken.

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1st European B+ Summit: decarbonising HDVs with higher biodiesel blends

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The 1st European B+ Summit conference, held in Estoril, Portugal, from 26 to 28 April 2023, brought together industry players from across Europe to discuss the decarbonisation of Heavy-Duty Vehicles (HDVs) through higher biodiesel blends. Xavier Noyon is the Secretary General …

Agrifood 18-05-2023

New EU renewables rules could be a step back for German biofuels sector

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The new greenhouse gas emission reduction target for transport fuels under the updated Renewable Energy Directive could reduce the amount of crop-based biofuels used in German road transport if implemented strictly, biofuel producers say.

Politics 08-05-2023

Albania puts biofuels law up for public consultation

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The Albanian government has opened the consultation process on a law to promote the production and use of Renewable Energy Sources for the Transport sector through the use of biofuels for internal combustion engines as a part of the process …

Agrifood 20-04-2023

US carbon capture incentives leave EU ‘lagging behind’, biofuel makers warn

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Efforts to boost carbon capture and storage (CCS) in Europe are insufficient according to biofuels makers, who say the United States offer better incentives.


Established in 1997, the European Biodiesel Board (EBB) represents biodiesel producers in the EU, and promotes the use of biodiesel for a greener and more sustainable environment.