European resilience and opportunities in the global economy

As the EU finds itself in geopolitically more turbulent times, its economic and trade policies become more strategic, focused on resilience and diversification rather than short-term financial benefit.

China is getting more assertive in defending its interests using economic coercion, while the US is trying to stunt China’s rise and remain the preeminent power even at the cost of global trade rules.

The EU, a long-time champion of free trade, finds itself in a tough spot. On the one hand, it wants to remain a strong ally of the US. On the other hand, there are substantial economic interests in keeping good economic ties with China.

Similarly to the EU, countries like Japan, South Korea, Australia would also like to maintain good relations with the US and simultaneously uphold the global trade rules that have been battered in the fight between China and the US.

In a series of articles, Euractiv will look at the policies the EU and other global players are undertaking to protect themselves and benefit from the changing economic landscape.

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