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Health 17-04-2024

Kicking inequality out of Europe using football, Latvia and Ukraine are out in front

Est. 5min

Tackling gender inequality in Europe isn't an open goal, but the EU's TARGET football project provides a structured opportunity to change entrenched narratives. Latvia and Ukraine are out in front.

Health 22-12-2023

‘Football is free’ following EU court ruling

Est. 6min

Europe's top court dealt football governing body UEFA a scything legal tackle on Thursday (21 December), but an attempt by rival Super League promoters to kick off a new competition met a solid defensive wall of clubs and fans.

French sports minister condemns Djokovic message on Kosovo

Est. 4min

France's sports minister condemned Novak Djokovic on Wednesday (31 May) after he wrote a message saying Kosovo was at the "heart of Serbia" following his victory in the opening round of Roland Garros.

Health 15-03-2023

EU lawmakers ask UEFA to exclude Belarus from Euros qualifiers

Est. 3min

European lawmakers called on Europe’s football governing body UEFA to ban the Belarusian national football team from the Euros qualifiers, in a letter seen by EURACTIV.

Global Europe 21-02-2023

IOC stands firm against banning Russia despite risk of boycott

Est. 4min

The Olympic movement is facing its biggest dilemma since the Cold War: bow to demands to ban Russian and Belarusian athletes or risk the first mass boycott of the Games in 40 years.

Health 17-02-2023

Increased physical activity could save €8 billion annually in EU

Est. 6min

Increasing physical activity among Europeans could save EU countries €8 billion annually, the WHO and OECD estimated in their report published on Friday (17 February). 

Global Europe 06-02-2023

Zelenskyy urges Olympic sponsors to keep Russia out of Games

Est. 3min

Ukraine has sent letters to companies that back the International Olympic Committee urging them to keep Russian athletes out of the Paris Olympic Games, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Sunday (5 February).

Health 19-12-2022

France disappointed but proud of fightback in epic World Cup final

Est. 5min

France are disappointed they could not successfully defend their World Cup crown after losing to Argentina on penalties in Sunday's final but leave Qatar with heads high having fought until the end, players Raphael Varane and Hugo Lloris said.

Competition 22-11-2022

The Brief — The football cartel

Est. 5min

The behaviour of football associations like FIFA and UEFA can best be understood when they are seen as economic cartels in an industry favouring natural monopolies.

Health 21-11-2022

GOALSCORE: What can sports do against gender violence?

Violence against women remains a major social problem, worldwide and across the EU. In an effort to take active prevention, GOALSCORE and its partners believe sports and more specifically football, can play an important role in tackling gender violence among …

Economy 15-11-2022

‘World Cup of shame’: EU Parliament slams Qatari minister for workers’ rights violations

Est. 4min

Ahead of the football World Cup, the Qatari labour minister was criticised at a meeting with the EU Parliament’s human rights committee on Monday (14 November) for the violations of workers’ rights in the preparation of the World Cup.

Competition 08-11-2022

UEFA doubles down on monopoly position in European football

Est. 5min

Ahead of a meeting with the new boss of the breakaway “Super League” football competition, UEFA insisted on economic concentration as a precondition for the successful development of European football.

Global Europe 15-07-2022

Finland replaces Russia as host of figure skating Grand Prix

Est. 2min

Finland will stage a round of the Grand Prix of Figure Skating series after Russia was removed as a host following its invasion of Ukraine, the International Skating Union (ISU) said.

Global Europe 03-05-2022

Russian clubs banned from next season’s Champions League

Est. 4min

Russian clubs have been banned by UEFA from participating in the Champions League and all other European competitions next season, European football's governing body announced on Monday (2 May).

Health 01-03-2022

UEFA drops Gazprom, may contribute to more sustainable image

Est. 5min

Europe's top football-governing body UEFA ended a multi-million euro contract with Russian state-owned Gazprom on Monday (28 February) due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in a move that is not only good for solidarity but has green benefits as well.

Health 25-02-2022

Germany boosts decarbonisation of amateur football

Est. 4min

As Germany is preparing to host the 2024 UEFA European championship, several ministries have banded together to support climate-friendly projects in amateur football.

Health 22-02-2022

MEPs to ask UEFA to move Champions League final amid Ukraine tension

Est. 3min

European lawmakers are preparing a letter to ask Europe’s football governing body UEFA not to host the final of its most prestigious competition next May in St Petersburg, Russia.

China 21-02-2022

Beijing closes curtain on ‘closed loop’ Games

Est. 5min

Beijing doused its Olympic flame on Sunday night (20 February), closing a Games that will be remembered for the extremes of its anti-COVID-19 measures and outrage over the doping scandal that enveloped 15-year-old Russian skating sensation Kamila Valieva.

Health 25-01-2022

Dutch beer maker enters fight against plastic in UK football

Est. 4min

As the football industry continues to grapple with the financial implications of the pandemic, the Dutch beer maker Heineken has reignited the fight against plastic in UK leagues.

China 21-01-2022

The EU and its member states must impose a diplomatic boycott on the Beijing Olympics

Est. 6min

The EU and its member states must adopt statements in advance of the Beijing Olympics and boycott the games at the political level, a group of MEPs and national MPs write in a letter sent to EURACTIV.

Health 19-01-2022

New Bundesliga CEO faces COVID-19 challenges amid sustainability push

Est. 4min

For one of the world’s largest football leagues, 2022 has been the stage of massive changes: the Bundesliga finally has a new CEO, Donata Hopfen, who must now tackle the massive tasks that await it.

Health 14-01-2022

Australia cancels tennis star Djokovic’s visa citing health risk

Est. 5min

Australia cancelled Novak Djokovic's visa for a second time on Friday, saying the world tennis number one who has not been vaccinated for COVID-19 may pose a health risk, effectively ending his bid for a record 21st Grand Slam title.

China 14-01-2022

UN chief to attend opening of Beijing Winter Olympics

Est. 2min

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said on Thursday (13 January) that he would attend the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics next month with the message that the event "must be an instrument of peace in the world."

Health 15-12-2021

Sustainability core requirement for German Bundesliga

Est. 5min

It is the start of a new era in German football: a female chief at the helm of one of the largest European football leagues and mandatory sustainability criteria for the 36 biggest German clubs.