Disinformation 05-06-2024

Commission shrugs off MEPs calls to address social media disinformation risk ahead of elections

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While MEPs urgently called for measures to address disinformation risks and foreign influence attempts before the EU elections, according to a letter dated 9 April and seen by Euractiv, the European Commission responded just two days before the vote, stating the responsibility lies with tech platforms.

Elections 05-06-2024

France, Germany, Poland facing ‘permanent’ Russian disinformation attacks: EU

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France, Germany and Poland have become "permanent" targets for Russian disinformation attacks in the run-up to European Parliament elections this week, a senior EU official said Tuesday (4 June).

Elections 04-06-2024

TikTok fails ‘disinformation test’ before EU vote, study shows

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Wildly popular social network TikTok approved adverts containing political disinformation ahead of European polls, a report showed Tuesday (4 June), flouting its own guidelines and raising questions about its ability to detect election falsehoods.


Online fashion retailer Temu added to EU digital rulebook’s ‘systemic risk’ list

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The European Commission announced that online fashion retailer Temu has been designated as a “very large online platform” (VLOP) under the Digital Services Act (DSA) on Friday (31 May).


Meta removes Facebook account of Slovak PM’s alleged shooter

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Shortly after last week's assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, Meta took down the Facebook account of the shooter, the tech giant confirmed to Euractiv on Wednesday (22 May).


Online travel agencies file complaint against Ryanair alleging breach of GDPR

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A European travel tech industry group filed two separate complaints to French and Belgian data protection authorities over Ryanair's use of biometric data, according to a press release shared with Euractiv.

Technology 16-05-2024

France’s TikTok ban in New Caledonia raises legality, effectiveness questions

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Experts are questioning the legality and effectiveness of France's ban of TikTok in New Caledonia, imposed on Wednesday (15 May) to contain widespread protests that rocked the French overseas territory in the South Pacific.


Commission probes Meta for violating EU digital rulebook in protection of minors

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The European Commission initiated an investigation on Thursday (16 May) into whether Meta, Facebook and Instagram's parent company, has violated the Digital Services Act (DSA) concerning the protection of minors.


Meta faces EU investigation for potential digital rulebook violations and disinformation risks

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The European Commission is investigating whether Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, might have violated the DSA in its handling of misinformation.

Elections 26-04-2024

Von der Leyen to avoid TikTok in very ‘personal’ campaign

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will not be using TikTok in her campaign for June's EU elections, "in view of security concerns," her campaign chief spokesperson said, despite her aim to reach citizens with an innovative and personal touch.

Gig economy 26-04-2024

Bolt lobbying revelations: Estonia official says human error behind missing correspondence

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The omission of emails from the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs to Bolt and other mobility tech firms, demanded in a freedom of information (FOI) request, was due to human error, the Ministry's Deputy Secretary General Sandra Särav told Estonian news agency ERR.


Shein added to EU digital rulebook’s ‘systemic risk’ list

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The European Commission designated online fashion retailer Shein as a "very large online platform" under the Digital Services Act on Friday (26 April).


TikTok ‘voluntarily’ suspends Reward Program amidst European Commission concerns

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TikTok is "voluntarily" suspending the rewards functions in TikTok Lite, the company said on Wednesday (24 April), just days after the European Commission announced a second round of formal proceedings against the rewards programme.

Economy 24-04-2024

Gig-gling at last: EU adopts gig work directive

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The European Parliament overwhelmingly approved a watered-down version of the EU's long-awaited platform work directive at a plenary on Wednesday (24 April), ending two years of intense negotiations with 554 votes in favour and 56 against.

Gig economy 23-04-2024

Emails reveal how Bolt tried to shape Estonia’s opposition to gig work directive

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In October 2023, mobility company Bolt, headquartered in Estonia, offered to draft a letter on behalf of the Estonian government to push back against the platform work directive — liaising directly with a government official who is a former Bolt employee.


TikTok faces EU Commission’s second probe, potential suspension of reward program

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The European Commission initiated a second formal proceeding against TikTok under the Digital Services Act on Monday (22 April), focusing on the launch of TikTok Lite in France and Spain, signalling intentions to suspend its "Reward Program" in the EU.


After TikTok Lite launch in Spain, France, EU Commission wants details

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The EU Commission has given 24 hours for TikTok to provide a risk evaluation of the lighter version of its app, which the executive says should have been conducted prior to the app's launch in France and Spain in April


EU data protection body says Meta’s ‘pay or OK’ model is not OK

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The European Data Protection Board opposed Meta's controversial "pay or okay" business model in an opinion published on Wednesday (17 April), saying this binary approach was not compliant with the EU's data privacy rules.


Online platforms’ transparency falls short ahead of EU elections, says Mozilla

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Online platforms have gaping holes in their transparency ahead of the June European Parliament elections, according to a report released on Tuesday (16 April) by the Mozilla Foundation, the non-profit organisation behind the Firefox browser.


Cracking down on Big Tech: The drive behind the barrage of measures of EU’s digital acts

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Driven by political motivations and the upcoming EU elections, European regulators have unleashed a storm of enforcement actions and investigations related to the Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA), experts told Euractiv.


French Senators blame Macron government for long delay in adopting SREN digital bill

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French Senators blamed the government for the eight-months freeze by the European Commission of the legislative process on a digital bill, considering that the government failed to prepare the bill efficiently.


Microsoft unbundles Teams worldwide after EU antitrust scrutiny

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Microsoft will unbundle its Teams platform from its popular Office suite around the world, expanding a policy it had implemented in Europe to assuage EU antitrust concerns, the company said Monday (1 April).


Deal on major digital bill: French lawmakers give in to EU Commission demands

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French lawmakers reached a compromise on Tuesday (26 March) on a hard-fought all-encompassing digital bill, agreeing to water down provisions that would otherwise conflict with EU legislation, white putting sovereign cloud requirements into law.


EU Commission issues guidelines for addressing digital risks to elections

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The European Commission issued guidelines on Tuesday (26 March) under the Digital Services Act, outlining recommended measures to mitigate online risks that could impact election integrity, ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections in June.