A new scheme introduced in Iceland this year requires electric car drivers to pay a tiny kilometre fee of 4cts per kilometre.
Electric vehicles 22-05-2024

As transport electrifies, governments can still make up for lost fuel duty revenues

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Loss of fuel duty could cost governments billions in tax revenues. William Todts, executive director at T&E, explains why, even as an environmentalist, we should be taxing electric cars

Aviation 24-01-2024

EU targets for greener flights at risk amid lack of investment 

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In a rare show of unity, environmental organisations and oil companies have both warned that the EU’s targets for green jet fuels are in danger of being missed as investment into the production of synthetic fuels is so far not materialising.


Global certifier: ‘Decimal point errors’ behind biofuel discrepancies in Italy, Malta

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Global certification body the ISCC has revised down the extremely high quantities of used cooking oil reportedly collected in Italy and Malta for biofuels production, saying that the original figures were the result of accounting errors in the submitted data.

Biofuels 19-12-2023

Devil in the details to reach the EU’s green jet fuel targets

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Europe’s ambitious targets to replace increasing quantities of fossil kerosene with green aviation fuels will be extremely challenging to meet - though with a broad and evolving mix of fuel sources, as well as sustained political and industry support, it is within grasp.

Biofuels 27-11-2023

EU Parliament support for renewable fuel-powered trucks prompts controversy

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Green campaigners have condemned the European Parliament’s proposed provisions for trucks running solely on renewable fuels, though the fuels industry insists the move is in line with Europe’s climate goals.

Road transport 10-11-2023

Alternative fuels proposal threatens ambitious truck emission standards

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A proposal to count the quantity of alternative fuels in Europe’s fuel mix towards CO2 reduction targets for heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers would create uncertainty for industry and ultimately increase emissions, writes Eamonn Mulholland.


Fuels industry urges EU countries to finalise dormant energy tax overhaul

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The EU’s energy taxation directive (ETD), a proposal to bring energy tax rules in line with the bloc’s green goals, remains at a standstill more than two years after it was first proposed.

Freight 17-10-2023

After fraught discussions, EU countries reach deal on truck CO2 standards

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EU countries reached a common negotiating position on draft rules to reduce the carbon footprint of heavy-duty vehicles on Monday (16 October), following a long evening of contentious discussions.

Biofuels 16-10-2023

Italy leads charge to allow more diesel trucks under new CO2 targets

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Ahead of a meeting of EU environment ministers on Monday (16 October), an Italian-led coalition of nations has formed to push for synthetic fuels and biofuels to be counted towards heavy-duty vehicle (HDV) carbon standards – a move welcomed by …


E-fuels cannot save Europe from Chinese electric vehicles

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Europe's focus on synthetic fuels to make combustion engine vehicles carbon neutral is a dangerous distraction, one that will see EU industry cede further ground to Asian electric vehicle manufacturers, argues Julia Poliscanova.

Green NGO supports controversial CCS to ensure e-fuels reach CO2 neutrality

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Carbon capture and storage (CCS) can be deployed in limited cases to ensure e-fuels reach full climate neutrality, green group Transport & Environment has told Euractiv, responding to claims by e-fuel producers that 100% emissions reductions are not possible.


EU-backed green auditor cracks down on China island biofuel trade

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An auditing company empowered by the European Union to verify sustainable fuel has suspended the certification of three Chinese biofuel exporters after an audit found the precise source of their waste products from Malaysia and Indonesia could not be verified.


Industry suspects fraud as flood of Chinese biodiesel destabilises market

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A drastic increase in biodiesel imports from China has caused a stir in European markets, with industry representatives warning that the EU waste biodiesel industry could ‘collapse’ unless urgent regulatory measures are taken.

EU strikes deal on renewable energy law, agrees 42.5% target by 2030

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Agreement on the EU’s renewable energy directive brings to a close an 18-month process to upgrade the bloc’s climate policies and achieve a 55% net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

With strict targets looming, European aviation races to make green fuel

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Energy giant Repsol has bought into Europe's drive for green jet fuel, but believes the €200 million plant it is building in southeast Spain faces a bumpier ride than if it was on the other side of the Atlantic.

Road transport 28-03-2023

EU countries approve ban on sale of petrol, diesel cars from 2035

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Member states gave their final approval on Tuesday (28 March) to a regulation that will ban the sale of carbon-emitting cars and vans after 2035, bringing to a conclusion one of the most controversial elements of the EU’s Green Deal.

Road transport 28-03-2023

EU reaches deal to boost charging infrastructure across the bloc

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Charging infrastructure for clean vehicles will be ramped up across the EU following an agreement by legislators on Tuesday (28 March), paving the way for an increase in zero-emission vehicles.

Maritime 23-03-2023

EU strikes ‘ground-breaking’ deal to cut maritime emissions

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The European Parliament and EU ministers struck a deal in the early hours of Thursday morning (23 March) on the bloc's flagship law to cut emissions in the maritime sector, marking a major step forward for the bloc's plans to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Road transport 21-03-2023

EU drafts plan to allow e-fuel combustion engine cars – document

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The European Commission has drafted a plan allowing sales of new cars with internal combustion engines that run only on climate neutral e-fuels, in an attempt to resolve a spat with Germany over the EU's phasing out of combustion engine cars from 2035.

Seven countries reject nuclear-derived hydrogen from EU renewables law

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A group of seven EU countries led by Germany have rejected calls to incorporate nuclear-made hydrogen into the bloc’s green transport targets, reigniting a dispute with France that has held back an agreement on the bloc’s renewable energy directive.

Future of mobility 14-02-2023

EU Parliament gives green light to combustion engine ban from 2035

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EU lawmakers in the European Parliament narrowly voted in favour of phasing out internal combustion vehicles in passenger transport from 2035, ensuring the political compromise from October 2022 is now a legal reality.

Politics 09-02-2023

Czechia against EU Euro 7 standards, calls for proposal changes

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Czechia opposes the European Commission’s Euro 7 emission standard, which intends to reduce nitrogen oxides and particulate matter emissions that are emitted by vehicles, said Transport Minister Martin Kupka, who wants to discuss the issue with Commissioner Thierry Breton on Friday.

Biomass 06-12-2022

Wood-energy sector worried by EU attempt to limit biomass use

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European Parliament plans to exclude some types of primary wood from the EU's renewable energy goals is causing jitters among the industry, which points to bioenergy as an essential part of the EU's energy security.

Energy 21-11-2022

Why 14.5% is the bare minimum energy efficiency target for 2030

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A 14.5% energy efficiency target for 2030 would deliver significant economic, social and environmental benefits, according to recent research, writes Arianna Vitali Roscini.