Food safety

Agrifood 08-05-2024

Bernhard Url asked to stay at least another year as head of EFSA

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After expressing dissatisfaction with the rectruitment procedure led by the European Commission, the food safety Authority board decided to reappoint Bernhard Url, director since 2014, to allow the process for the selection to restart and be completed next year.

Agrifood 17-04-2024

Bird flu vaccine alone cannot ensure safe movement of poultry, EU food safety body says

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Avian influenza vaccination cannot completely immunise birds, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) said in a report published on 17 April, as France banked on it to reduce the disease’s impact.

Agrifood 13-02-2024

NGOs slam France’s plans to adopt EU method for measuring pesticides risk

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France will put on hold the rollout of its national plant protection reduction plan and may adopt an EU measurement indicator to measure a molecule toxicity factor despite criticism from NGOs.

Agrifood 13-02-2024

EFSA chief shares inconvenient truths about sustainable food, Green Deal

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Topics such as the changing of food habits and who bears the cost for the transition are politically sensitive and are not addressed in the debate on sustainable food systems, said EFSA director Bernhard Url, who is expected to leave in May after 10 years at the helm of the Authority.

Agrifood 12-02-2024

EU Commission moves to ban Bisphenol A in food packaging

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The European Commission launched a consultation on a draft proposal to phase out the use of the controversial chemical bisphenol A in food contact materials, including plastic boxes, protective coatings for cans, and food processing equipment. 

Agrifood 24-01-2024

Commission convinced on ability to stringently assess risks, safety of lab-grown meat

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Responding to the concerns of a majority of member states on the potential impacts of the technology, Commissioner Stella Kyriakides said that the EU is on “very solid ground” when it comes to risk assessment and labelling.

Agrifood 19-01-2024

Austria, France and Italy lead charge against lab-grown meat

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Vienna, Paris and Rome, along with nine other EU countries, are set to argue that meat grown in a laboratory is a threat to "genuine food production methods", a claim a diplomatic source told Euractiv is "exaggerated and premature".

Agrifood 17-01-2024

MEPs reject Commission proposal to allow higher pesticide level in imported foods

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The European Parliament objected to raising the limit of the maximum quantity of residues of the insecticide thiacloprid, banned in the EU from 2020, on more than 30 products coming from third countries.

Agrifood 28-09-2022

Political leaders unprepared for rising inflation, French supermarket mogul says

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Political leaders were ill-prepared to deal with rising prices while combatting opportunistic inflation should be a priority in the months ahead, Michel-Edouard Leclerc, president of the E. Leclerc cooperative, one of the largest supermarket chains in France, said in an interview with EURACTIV.

Belgium pulls more Haagen-Dazs ice-creams from sale

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Belgium on Tuesday (9 August) extended an order to recall certain Haagen-Dazs ice-creams from sale after the discovery of traces of a chemical linked to cancer, such as lymphoma and leukemia.

Agrifood 07-08-2022

Tonnes of fruit stranded in EU, South Africa battle of oranges

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Millions of boxes of oranges are spoiling in containers stranded at European ports as South Africa and the European Union lock horns in a dispute over import rules, citrus growers have said.

Agrifood 08-07-2022

Brussels looks at phytosanitary loophole at Bulgarian-Turkish border

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Experts from the European Commission arrived on Thursday (7 July) at a problematic border crossing between Bulgaria and Turkey in an attempt to sort out long-running phytosanitary problems that are creating domestic and international problems for Bulgaria. EURACTIV Bulgaria reports. The …

Agrifood 29-06-2022

G7 countries pledge extra billions to fight global food crisis

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The G7 countries want to mobilise an additional €4.3 billion to counter the global food crisis exacerbated by Russia's war in Ukraine, they said in a statement issued at the end of a summit in Germany on Tuesday (28 June).

Agrifood 10-06-2022

Grain now a ‘means of war’, says German official

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While grain has become a "means of war" and solidarity with Ukraine is a top priority right now, pressing the pause button on environmental and climate protection would be fatal because "climate crisis will not pause either", a senior official at the German agriculture ministry told EURACTIV.

Agrifood 20-05-2022

German development minister understands India’s wheat export ban

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India restricting its wheat exports amid the tense global market situation is understandable due to the prevailing drought in the country, German Economic Cooperation and Development Minister Svenja Schulze said. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Agrifood 27-04-2022

How has the Ukraine war impacted the EU’s food security?

Between soaring food prices and feed shortages, the war in Ukraine has rocked the EU’s agri-food sector and thrown an age-old issue back into the limelight: food security.

Agrifood 13-04-2022

Germany must send aid, change diet amid global food crisis, says official

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To help solve the food price crisis, Germany must quickly send aid to import-dependent countries but also change its diet and consume less meat, Niels Annen, parliamentary state secretary at Germany's economic cooperation and development ministry told EURACTIV Germany in an interview.

Agrifood 08-12-2021

Safety vs. sovereignty: Stakeholders split over increasing imports of ‘cleaner’ phosphates

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Stakeholders are calling on the European Commission to stop prioritising home-grown phosphates high in cancer-causing cadmium over imports of cleaner products from non-EU countries, but others warn that this risks sacrificing EU autonomy.

Agrifood 12-10-2021

Member states back ban on unsafe food colourant linked with cancer risk

Est. 4min

EU countries have backed the European Commission's proposal to ban the use of the common food additive titanium dioxide after the European food safety agency deemed it to be unsafe, paving the way for a potential ban in 2022.

Agrifood 19-08-2021

EU tightens limits on cancer-causing cadmium, lead levels in food

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The European Commission has set new maximum levels for two cancer-causing food contaminants, cadmium and lead, in a range of food products, due to enter into force at the end of the month.

Agrifood 21-05-2021

Harmful ‘forever’ chemicals widespread in EU fast food packaging, warns new report

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The use of persistent and health-harming PFAS chemicals in disposable food packaging remains widespread across Europe, according to a new report, which highlights the role of regulation in reducing exposure to these chemicals.

Agrifood 07-05-2021

Commission to propose ban on ‘unsafe’ food additive linked with cancer risk

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The European Commission will propose to member states the withdrawal of the common food additive, Titanium Dioxide (E171), from the union list of food additives after it was deemed unsafe by the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA).

Agrifood 06-05-2021

EU U-turns on ‘unsafe’ common food additive linked with cancer risk

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The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) has deemed titanium dioxide, a widely used food additive, to be unsafe in its latest study, contradicting an earlier conclusion and paving the way for an EU-wide ban after a decade of debate.

Agrifood 15-04-2021

Pesticide with EU-banned substance still widely used in Bulgarian agriculture

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EURACTIV Bulgaria’s investigative journalist Valia Ahchieva depicts in her latest production on YouTube a sad reality: a plant protection product called Mocap containing an EU-banned active ingredient is not only being used but also subsidised by Bulgaria's ministry of agriculture.