Law enforcement


EU leaders have failed to tackle child sexual abuse crisis online

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The next EU Parliament needs to act quickly and decisively to end the crisis of child sexual abuse material found online, legislation for which has stalled, writes Sabine Saliba.  


Sweden wants to let police use facial recognition technology

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Sweden's government said Monday (3 June) that it wanted to give law enforcement the ability to use real-time facial recognition technology from cameras in public places, for example to identify people suspected of certain crimes.


Audio communications excluded in latest draft of child sexual abuse material law

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A new compromise text of the draft law on online child sexual abuse material (CSAM), dated 28 May and seen by Euractiv, excludes audio communications from the scope and tries to strike a new balance between encryption and fighting CSAM.


Tech file on online child abuse material remains incomplete, risks gridlock

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The draft law on detecting and reporting online child sexual abuse material (CSAM), sparking criticism and tension in the past, remains one of the important yet incomplete tech files of the EU, highlighting its significance as it risks being abandoned amid legislative gridlock.


Europol’s declaration against end-to-end encryption reignites debate, sparks privacy concerns

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Europol's recent joint declaration with European police chiefs urges action against end-to-end encryption, citing concerns of possible justice obstruction, amid an ongoing debate about balancing data privacy with combating crime.


Service providers in focus of new compromise text of online child sexual abuse draft law

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The Belgian EU Council Presidency's latest compromise text of the draft law on detecting and preventing online child sexual abuse material further clarifies risk categorisation thresholds and lays out service providers' obligation for data retention.


Online child sexual abuse: New compromise stresses risk assessment, detection, reporting

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A new compromise text by the Belgian Presidency of the European Council, seen by Euractiv, about the draft law to detect and remove online child sexual abuse material (CSAM), puts the focus on risk assessment, detection orders, and reporting.


Belgian EU presidency presents new risk assessment methodology for child sexual abuse law

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A new document written by the Belgian EU Council presidency and seen by Euractiv outlines key details for the risk assessment that will form the backbone of a draft law to detect and remove online child sexual abuse material (CSAM).


Child sexual abuse: New approach puts focus on Coordinating Authority’s roles

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A new approach by the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council to the draft law to detect and remove online child sexual abuse material puts focus on the Coordinating Authority's roles, such as risk categorisation or detection orders.


Political gridlock endangers children’s rights to protection from online sexual abuse

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Privacy has dominated the discussion over the regulation curbing child sexual abuse online - at the expense of children's rights, writes Liora Lazarus.


EU countries share case studies on fighting child sexual abuse material

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An EU Council document about case studies illustrating the implementation of the regulation aiming to prevent online child sexual abuse material gives examples of how reports of such material were handled by member states.


EU Ombudsman launches probe into Europol officials’ alleged conflict of interest

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The EU Ombudsman launched an investigation into the transfer of two former Europol officials to child protection organisation Thorn on Wednesday (4 January).


Commission highlights data shortfall in interim child sexual abuse regulation

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A European Commission report on the implementation of the interim regulation on online child sexual abuse material called for improved standardisation and reporting of data submitted by member states on their actions under the temporary rules.


EU countries want to extend temporary child sexual abuse regulation to 2027

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Member states want the interim regulation on online child sexual abuse material to be extended until 3 August 2027, according to a document shared with EU ambassadors, seen by Euractiv.

Cybersecurity 12-12-2023

How European countries are implementing new cybersecurity framework

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EU countries are implementing the updated Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2), in force since January, with varying degrees of progress. To provide an overview of the state of play, Euractiv interviewed Nicolas Sonder and Mailin von Knobelsdorff, PwC experts on cybersecurity.

Data protection 05-12-2023

EU court lowers requirements for imposing fines for data protection breaches

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The European Court of Justice issued a landmark ruling on Tuesday (5 December) that is set to facilitate the imposition of fines for infringements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Competition 30-11-2023

Consumer groups file complaint against Meta’s ‘pay-or-consent’ model

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The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) and 18 of its members filed a complaint to the European Commission on Thursday (30 November) against Meta's "unfair pay-or-consent" model under EU consumer law.


Spyware used against Serbian civil society ahead of snap parliamentary elections

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Advanced spyware, likely Pegasus, has been used against Serbian civil society just weeks before snap parliamentary elections, human rights organisation Amnesty International confirmed on Tuesday (28 November). "This is the first known case of spyware use in Serbia,” a spokesperson of …

Competition 16-11-2023

TikTok challenges EU’s tight Big Tech grip

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TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, is appealing the designation of its social media application as a gateway that would make the service subject to Europe’s strict regime of ex-ante antitrust rules.


EU Commission’s microtargeting ads on controversial law faces fresh complaint

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The European Center for Digital Rights, NOYB, launched a complaint on Thursday (16 November) against the EU Commission with the European Data Protection Supervisor for using microtargeting ads on X to promote its regulation on detecting child sexual abuse material online.

Data & Privacy 15-11-2023

French police accused of using facial recognition software illegally

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French national police have been illegally using the Israeli facial recognition software Briefcam since 2015, the French investigative media Disclose reported.

Platforms 09-11-2023

EU’s top court rules against Austria’s content moderation law

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The European Court of Justice sided on Thursday (9 November) with tech giants TikTok, Meta, and Alphabet’s Google against Austrian online content law regulating how platforms should deal with harmful and illegal content.

Industrial Strategy 08-11-2023

Europe lacks courage in pursuing digital sovereignty, cloud service CEO says

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EU policymakers should have the "courage and fair-mindedness" to pursue a sovereign cloud and regulate American cloud providers under the EU antitrust law on digital markets, Michel Paulin, CEO of the leading French provider OVHcloud, told Euractiv in an interview.


EU Commission’s nameless experts behind its child sexual abuse law

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The EU Ombudsman has found a case of maladministration in the European Commission's refusal to provide the list of experts, which it first denied existing, with whom they worked together in drafting the regulation to detect and remove online child sexual abuse material.