Water and health

Chemicals 24-02-2023

Belgium has highest levels of PFAS chemical pollution in Europe, study reveals

Est. 8min

Major mapping project reveals PFAS have been found at high levels at thousands of sites across Europe. EURACTIV's media partner, The Guardian, reports.

Health 08-02-2023

EU agency to start evaluation on ‘forever chemicals’ ban

Est. 5min

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) published its much-awaited proposal aimed at restricting 10,000 synthetic substances hazardous to human health, with the evaluation process set to start in March.

Health 21-11-2022

Commission: New wastewater rules will not jeopardise access to medicines

Est. 5min

The EU Commission rejected a warning from pharmaceutical companies that extended producer responsibility (EPR) under the proposed revision of the wastewater directive could jeopardise access to medicines.

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Health 17-11-2022

Study identifies primary source of community-acquired legionnaires’ disease risk

Est. 6min

Despite being one of the most prevalent types of Legionnaires' disease, tracking the source of cases of community-acquired Legionnaires' disease (CALD) is notoriously difficult. An in-depth study in Berlin over three years found that the presence of a virulent type of Legionella pneumophila in household water was a significantly greater predictor for CALD than the overall concentration of all Legionella species.

Health 07-06-2022

Report: Legionella found in over half of tourist facilities evaluated in Balearic Islands

Est. 4min

Surveillance of Legionella in tourist facilities of a major European holiday destination found the pneumonia-causing bacteria present in over half of the evaluated areas.

Health 13-04-2022

Forthcoming study to cast light on methods to detect pneumonia-causing bacteria

Est. 5min

An upcoming scientific study expected before May is assessing the available detection methods for pneumonia-causing Legionella bacteria in the light of the new monitoring requirements included in the recently revised EU's tap water rules.

Health 21-03-2022

Wastewater reveals the secrets of Europeans’ drug use in 2021

Est. 3min

Findings from a recent wastewater analysis reveal the rise in drug use amongst Europeans as the Commission wants to ban two increasingly used substances.

Health 13-01-2022

Prevention, monitoring favored decrease of legionellosis cases: French agency

Est. 5min

Cases of Legionnaires' disease reported to the French health agency Santé Publique France decreased in 2020, confirming a downward trend evident over previous years.

Health 15-12-2021

Dutch consider ‘hybrid’ approach to Legionella monitoring

Est. 5min

A new recommendation to the Dutch government suggests a hybrid risk approach on Legionella bacteria monitoring in implementing the new EU's tap water rules at member state levels.

Health 09-11-2021

European Parliament president knocked down by Legionnaires’ disease

Est. 5min

What is legionellosis, the disease that took European Parliament's President David Sassoli out of the parliamentary game for more than two months? And how has the EU improved legislation to tackle the spread of the pneumonia-causing bacteria?

Health 28-09-2021

Raised SARS-CoV-2 co-infection risk suggests other pathogens should not be overlooked

Est. 5min

The increasing number of immunocompromised people exposed to COVID-disease combined with the raised risk of co-infections of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and respiratory pathogens creates a double whammy that cannot be overlooked.

Health 30-07-2021

In Spain, dozens of villages struggle for drinking water

Est. 4min

Across the country, nitrates and arsenic have made the water undrinkable for village's residents, who number 350 in winter and nearly 1,000 in summer. Groundwater resources are at risk from agricultural pollution, a lack of water quality controls and drought.

Health 25-06-2021

Reopening hotels comes with risk if water systems are not being checked

Est. 5min

As the hospitality sector is ready to reopen its doors and welcome back customers, some public health risks may arise if water systems in hotels have not been properly managed during the lockdown, a health expert warned.

Health 04-05-2021

EU to rely on wastewater surveillance to track COVID-19 variants

Est. 4min

Wastewater surveillance can be used to track the spread of new variants of the coronavirus among Europe's population, the EU's Environment Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius told EURACTIV.

Health 01-04-2021

Expert: Portugal’s new anti-Legionella regime fits with EU tap water rules

Est. 5min

The new Portuguese framework for the prevention and control of Legionnaires’ diseases is compatible with the flexibility allowed under the European Union’s overhauled tap water rules, a Portuguese health expert has told EURACTIV.com.

Health 22-03-2021

Water is life, and at the heart of our agenda

Est. 6min

Water is a critical global security matter and Slovenia intends to put it at the core of its EU presidency, which starts on 1 July, writes Dr Stanislav Raščan.

Health 17-12-2020

Parliament seals historic first citizen-led EU law on tap water

Est. 4min

The European Parliament gave the final go-ahead to revised rules on Tuesday (15 December) that seek to update water quality parameters, in a bid to restore citizens’ trust in what comes out of the tap.

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Health 30-10-2020

Wastewater coronavirus testing shows promise as a means to detect outbreaks

Est. 5min

In the quest to control the pandemic, our best defense might be flowing underground. According to Science magazine, researchers in Paris spent several weeks this year sampling sewage for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. In Germany, 

Health 14-10-2020

EU’s new drinking water law is in line with latest science, health expert says

Est. 5min

An EU agreement to monitor tap water for the presence of potentially lethal Legionella bacteria takes into consideration the emergence of newer, more effective testing methods, a national public health expert told EURACTIV.

Health 09-09-2020

New tap water rules already flowing ahead of EU rubber stamp

Est. 5min

While waiting for the go-ahead to the overhauled Drinking Water Directive (DWD), some EU member states, as well as the UK, have already started implementing methods for microbiological analysis of water quality suggested in the new rules.

Health 12-02-2020

Sinkevicius: Dealing with PFAS chemicals in revised tap water rules was a ‘great move’

The inclusion of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) into the EU's Drinking Water Directive was a step forward that showed the EU's commitment to address these chemicals, Environment Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius told EURACTIV.

Health 17-12-2019

Information is key to promote tap water use, health expert says

Est. 5min

Providing tap water with the same level of information and transparency as bottled water will restore citizens trust and help fulfil one of the main objectives of the Drinking Water Directive (DWD), says Philippe Hartemann.

Health 28-10-2019

Scientists and Commission clash over detecting Legionella risk

Est. 5min

Some researchers and scientists firmly criticised the European Commission's approach on assessing the risk of Pneumonia-causing bacteria in the Drinking Water Directive (DWD) during an event organised at the European Parliament by EURACTIV.

Health 15-10-2019

Tap water in the EU: Environmental and health considerations

Finland’s EU presidency and MEPs in the new European Parliament will have to address all relevant health concerns when it comes to drinking water rules if they want to pass the historic first citizen-led EU legislation in the next term.