Our ocean is bearing the brunt of the climate crisis. Greater protection is urgently needed.

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Last month brought grim news: The Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral system in the world, is experiencing its fifth mass bleaching event in the past eight years. Unfortunately, it’s far from alone. Reef habitats in the Atlantic, Pacific, and potentially Indian Oceans are also likely to experience bleaching in the coming months.

Spanish pellet spill puts EU law on microplastic pollution in the spotlight

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A recent spill of plastic pellets on the Spanish coast has highlighted the need for regulation at EU level, with environmental groups pushing for a zero tolerance approach to plastic pollution.

UK backs suspension of deep-sea mining in environmental U-turn

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Britain has announced its backing for a moratorium on commercial deep-sea mining, after criticism from scientists, MPs and environmentalists of its previous stance in support of the emerging industry. Euractiv's media partner, The Guardian, reports.

Lawmakers call for ‘European Blue Deal’ to tackle water challenges

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A cross-party group of lawmakers in the European Parliament have issued a joint call for the establishment of an ambitious "European Blue Deal" to protect water resources from climate stress and promote ocean energies.

High seas treaty moves closer to reality with first signatures

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Nearly 70 countries at the United Nations on Wednesday (20 September) signed a first-ever treaty on protecting the international high seas, raising hopes that it will come into force soon and protect threatened ecosystems vital to the planet.

World nations debate future of deep-sea mining in Jamaica

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Nations opposed to deep sea mineral mining and those in favor of exploiting the oceans' depths butted heads in Jamaica on Wednesday (26 July), with both sides arguing their position would help protect the planet.

EU hails ‘historic moment’ as UN seals treaty to protect high seas

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The European Commission on Sunday (5 March) hailed a first international treaty to protect the high seas agreed by UN member states as a "historic moment".

US, EU pledge billions at international ocean conference

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A global conference to save the world's oceans kicked off Thursday (2 March) in Panama with urgent calls to adopt an international protection treaty, along with billions of dollars in US and EU pledges for research, monitoring and conservation.

UN to try anew to finish treaty protecting the high seas

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UN member states on Monday (20 February) open two weeks of negotiations aimed at finally reaching a treaty meant to protect and preserve vast areas of the world's oceans.

Biodiversity 30-01-2023

LEAK: EU biodiversity plan aims to ban bottom trawling in protected areas

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EU countries will be required to reduce the harmful impacts of fishing on sensitive species and their habitats, under a draft EU biodiversity plan seen by EURACTIV.

Macron opposes deep-sea mining amid growing interest

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French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his opposition to deep-sea mining permits but confirmed his support for exploration at the recent COP27 summit in Egypt, settling the matter of France's stance once and for all.

Brexit 01-09-2022

UK sewage dumping could be breach of Brexit pact, says EU Commission

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The UK’s increased dumping of raw sewage in the Channel could be a breach of its post-Brexit trade deal with the EU, the European Commission told MEPs on Thursday (1 September).

SCANS-IV survey : European scientists track cetaceans from the sky

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A campaign to examine the abundance and distribution of cetaceans in European Atlantic waters has been underway since 27 June and is scheduled to run until the end of August, with results potentially influencing European decision-making.

As UN Ocean Conference ends, environmental groups press world leaders

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Environmental groups on Friday (1 July) urged world leaders to keep promises they made at the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon this week, to do everything in their power to save the world's seas.

Macron says deep-sea mining must not go ahead

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French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday (30 June) a legal framework was needed to stop deep-sea mining from going ahead and urged countries to put their money on science to better understand and protect the world's oceans.

UN envoy calls for agreement to protect oceans

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When COVID-19 lockdowns shut down much of the world, images of animals roaming city streets and dipping air pollution levels led some to believe the pandemic might mark a turning point for global action on climate change.

UN secretary-general apologises for not protecting oceans

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While in Portugal for a youth conference, UN Secretary-General António Guterres apologised on Sunday for the lack of attention older generations and policy-makers give to the oceans, stressing that it is still a slow process to reverse the problem.

Blue carbon: The role of the ocean in the fight against climate emergency

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The ocean is our greatest ally in our fight against the climate emergency - and the EU now has a golden opportunity to protect people, wildlife and our planet by supporting it, write Alex Rogers and Steve Trent.

One Ocean Summit: States pledge €4 billion to fight plastic pollution at sea

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A total of €4 billion will be allocated to combat plastic pollution, according to the so-called "Brest Commitments" adopted at the end of the One Ocean Summit Friday (11 February), where they also agreed to create a global coalition to preserve high seas biodiversity. EURACTIV France reports.

Media Partnership: The Blue Economy in the Green Transition – European contributions to sustainable ocean management

In this webinar we will discuss European policies and initiatives for a sustainable blue economy and how these initiatives contribute to the global efforts for sustainable ocean management.

Agrifood 08-06-2021

Portuguese minister: We have one ocean, we need to look after it globally

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International cooperation to tackle global challenges facing marine resources is strongly needed as problems such as ocean warming cannot be solved by a bunch of countries only, Portugal's minister of the Sea Ricardo Serrão Santos said in an exclusive interview.

Energy 06-05-2021

Green transition impossible without ‘blue economy’, EU says

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The transition to a greener, more sustainable economy will be impossible without the support of industries based around the ocean and coasts – known as the blue economy – according to the European Commission.

Blue economy: the potential of our oceans to contribute to a green recovery

According to OECD projections, by 2030, the “Blue Economy” could outperform the growth of the global economy as a whole, both in terms of value added and employment. The EU is a global leader in offshore wind energy, one of the …

Energy 03-03-2021

What next for ocean energies in Europe?

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The European Commission’s offshore energy strategy, presented in November, set the bar high for tidal and wave power, aiming for a total installed capacity of 1 GW by 2030 and 40 GW by 2050. The industry is now rolling up its sleeves to try and deliver on that promise.