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Health 31-05-2024

French tobacconists against raising price of cigarettes

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The Confédération des buralistes, which represents the interests of tobacco retailers in France, has come out against a Senate report that recommends raising the price of a pack of cigarettes to €25 by 2040.

Health 31-05-2024

World No Tobacco Day: NGOs vent frustration at EU’s failure to act

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On World No Tobacco Day (31 May), several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have joined to call for a swift EU action on tobacco control.

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Health 02-04-2024

What lies ahead for new nicotine products?

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March was a tough month for the vaping sector. An avalanche of political decisions cascaded through public discourse against the background of the European Commission’s evaluation of the EU framework for tobacco control. So, what lies ahead for nicotine products?

Health 21-03-2024

After Belgium, France seeks Commission’s green light to ban disposable e-cigarettes

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The French, parliament reached an agreement on Thursday (21 March) to ban so-called 'puffs', single-use electronic cigarettes. The prohibition will be expected to come into force, at the end of September, according to Green MP Francesca Pasquini.

Health 19-03-2024

EU Commission gives green light to ban disposable e-cigarettes in Belgium

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In a decision made public on Tuesday (19 March), the European Commission announced its support for the Belgian bill aimed at banning the sale of disposable electronic cigarettes in the country.

Health 14-02-2024

Next Commission will make ‘political’ decisions on tobacco directive, EU official says

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Political decisions about the future of novel tobacco and nicotine products in Europe will be made by the next European Commission, EU spokesperson Stefan de Keersmaecker told Euractiv, punting tobacco firmly beyond June's elections.

Health 01-02-2024

Does Sweden’s snus have a European future?

Snus is a moist oral tobacco product with roots dating back to the 18th century. It is considered one of the first novel tobacco products as it took several centuries for other products, such as heated tobacco, electronic cigarettes or nicotine pouches, to emerge on the market as alternatives to cigarettes.

Health 06-12-2023

Could a ban on outdoor smoking work in Europe?

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Countries across the world, from Mexico to Russia and Japan, have completely banned smoking in outdoor places in an effort to halt tobacco-related deaths. But in Europe, experts suggest such a measure would not be effective.

Health 20-11-2023

Can Japan inspire EU in tackling smoking?

*Content-Type: Underwritten / Supported Compared to Europe, Japan has stricter smoking restrictions - in outdoor public spaces and then indoor environments too. The high population density and the traditional Japanese principle of respecting their fellow citizens explain why the smell of a …

Health 23-10-2023

Sweden’s snus EU future still uncertain amid tobacco directive evaluation

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Read this article in Croatian or in Romanian. The future of Sweden’s snus, a moist oral tobacco product currently banned in the EU, will be decided based on the ongoing evaluation of the tobacco directive, …

Health 01-09-2023

French anti-smoking lobby: Plans for €12 per pack lack ambition

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The French government is considering raising the price of cigarette packets in the 2024-2027 period as part of discussions on how to finance the social security budget, while a leading anti-tobacco alliance and some parliamentarians criticised the measure as too lenient.

Politics 17-03-2023

Novel products: The unconvinced smokers and vulnerable youth

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The use of novel tobacco and nicotine products should only be recommended to those heavy smokers who tried everything else and still smoke traditional cigarettes, Professor Andrzej Fal told in an interview.

Health 24-02-2023

MEP: E-cigarette ads legislation should be set at national, not EU level

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National legislation concerning the promotion of electronic cigarettes would be more effective than an EU-wide framework, Swedish conservative EU lawmaker Johan Nissinen told EURACTIV in an interview.

Health 16-12-2022

WHO: French youth smoke, drink less since pandemic

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Tobacco, alcohol and cannabis are being consumed much less by French adolescents since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, though lockdowns are not the only reason for this downward trend, according to a recent study.

Health 29-11-2022

EU tobacco taxation: The fine line between killing smoking and illicit trade

Est. 7min

The European Union’s plans to further increase tobacco taxation and reduce already declining smoking rates across the bloc have pleased public health advocates. At the same time, however, the industry warns that tax revenues may be disrupted by the rise of illicit markets that flourish when taxes are high.

Health 16-11-2022

Vaping advertising in the EU

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Advertisement of e-cigarettes is expected to receive an increased attention by policymakers in the much-awaited revision of the EU’s tobacco products framework.

Health 16-11-2022

Responsible marketing can prevent young people from vaping, says industry

Est. 5min

Ahead of the European Commission’s revision of the European tobacco framework, the vaping industry has set itself new rules to better regulate advertising around the e-cigarette and reduce the attractiveness of these products to minors.

Health 02-11-2022

Health Brief: Targeting loopholes in EU tobacco directives

Est. 15min

The EU is reviewing its regulatory instruments on tobacco as planned in the EU beating cancer plan. Experts and stakeholders are hoping that the revisions will target the loopholes that exist in directives. 

Health 28-10-2022

Debate heats up over novel tobacco and nicotine products’ harmfulness

Est. 7min

Italian MEP Alessandra Moretti said scientists "know for sure” that novel alternative tobacco and nicotine products are harmful. However, some still question whether applying this approach of 'precautionary principle' is good for heavy smokers who cannot quit.

Health 12-10-2022

EU-wide excise tax on novel tobacco products: A tough equation to solve

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The European Commission’s intention to impose an EU-wide minimum excise tax on novel products, such as electronic cigarettes, heated tobacco and nicotine pouches, has divided relevant stakeholders over whether it could bring the desired results.

Health 29-09-2022

Stakeholders clash on need for EU plan on tobacco harm reduction

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Public health stakeholders are divided over whether the EU needs a strategy to reduce harm from smoking, which according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) costs Europe nearly 700,000 deaths annually.

Health 24-08-2022

Calls to lower use of tobacco increase, as Commission registers new citizens’ initiative

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After beginning to take steps towards decreasing tobacco use in the EU as part of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, the Commission registered a new European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) on the theme on Wednesday (24 August).

Health 27-07-2021

Parliament draft report pushes for tax hike on all tobacco products

Est. 5min

A draft of a new report from the European Parliament's beating cancer committee does not distinguish between cigarettes and novel tobacco products on key points, signalling a tighter position on tobacco control, but some EU lawmakers are already mobilising to challenge this.

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Health 11-06-2021

Tobacco is a threat to a just and sustainable development

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The EU is preparing a due diligence law by June 2021 to hold companies accountable for their impact on people and the planet. There is an urgent need to address the human rights violations, child labour, environmental impact, and disinformation of the tobacco industry, write Helen Stjerna, Farida Akhter, and Sonja von Eichborn.