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Resurgent ALDE moves to retake Liberal lead from defeated French

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France’s influence within the liberal Renew Europe group is crumbling following a poor showing in the European elections and Macron's decision to call elections. Is it time for ALDE to seize leadership?

Elections 10-06-2024

How the EU top job horse-trading will game out this week

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With votes cast in the European elections, EU leaders are expected to start already on Monday (10 June) with informal deliberations on how to distribute the four European top jobs. Here's a run-down of what to expect over the next week.

Disinformation 07-06-2024

Facebook and TikTok kill fake news story in Italy

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A fake news story claiming that Italy might leave the EU if there was low turnout at this weekend's elections shared on Italian social media was taken down by big tech platforms this week.

EU enlargement is a geostrategic imperative

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Enlargement to the East, and to the Western Balkans, is a geostrategic imperative and will require reforms on both sides, writes Paulo Rangel.


European Commission should be less political and more impartial, Michel says

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The EU's treaties explicitly provide for the European Commission to be 'impartial', something that the current EU executive has not followed, European Council President Charles Michel told several European media, including Euractiv.

EU Reforms 24-05-2024

Franco-German relation faces familiar challenge ahead of Macron’s Germany trip

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Approaching the first official state visit of a French president to Germany in 24 years, the Franco-German engine is again struggling to design a framework for the EU of the future, but upcoming national elections add unprecedented urgency to their task.


Who will be your country’s next EU Commissioner?

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With the EU elections approaching fast, member states have started to game out who they will send as their national Commissioner to Brussels, Euractiv takes a closer look at the rumour mill around the candidates, and the portfolio wishes across …

Global Europe 20-05-2024

It’s high time for a Space Commissioner!

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As the competition to secure the economic and strategic benefits of space intensifies, Europe cannot afford to be sidelined. With the reshuffle of the European Union’s top jobs later this year, appointing a Space Commissioner would be a powerful signal, writes Arthur de Liedekerke.


Brussels protests Eurovision ban on EU flag

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The European Union on Monday (13 May) sent an official complaint to the broadcaster of the Eurovision song contest over its refusal to let participants wave the bloc's flag at this year's final.


ECR will not give von der Leyen “blank cheque” ahead of elections, says Czech MEP

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European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) do not intend to promise support for Ursula von der Leyen to continue as head of the European Commission, Czech MEP Alexandr Vondra told Euractiv Czechia in an exclusive interview.


European Commission sells off 23 Brussels buildings

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The European Commission said Monday (29 April) it would raise an estimated €900 million by selling some of its buildings as it seeks to shrink its office space by a quarter.

EU Parliament opens Western Balkan office for enlargement oversight boost

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The Parliament plans to open a new office in the Western Balkans, as a strategy to enhance its oversight over the enlargement process the European Parliament's administrative body plans in a document seen by Euractiv.


Centre-right EPP fails to topple EU ethics body against tight majority

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The centre-right European People’s Party’s attempt to block the adoption of an agreement to create an ethics body overseeing all of the EU institutions failed on Monday (22 April), despite concerns about the initiative becoming a “dangerous precedent.”

Elections 18-04-2024

Moscow’s influence ‘active’ in all EU political groups, Morawiecki claims

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All political groups in the European Parliament are at risk or have already been penetrated by Russia, including the Conservatives, as Russians are “masters of propaganda,” former Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki warned in an interview with Euractiv.


The Brief – The fallacy of EU Parliament’s budget discharges

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The European Parliament will vote on the EU Council’s 2022 financial discharge during the last plenary session of this term, starting next week. Is the Council holding its breath? Not at all.


EU auditors say rogue lobbyists can easily slip under bloc’s radar

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Lobbyists can easily bypass EU transparency rules to influence policy, the 27-nation bloc's auditors said on Wednesday (17 April).


Von der Leyen bows to pressure as Pieper drops SME envoy job

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SME Envoy post will be filled after the elections, the Commission President announced, as German politician Markus Pieper renounced the post on the eve of his first day, and pressure mounted against the Commission President for the appointment deemed "unfair".

Justice 12-04-2024

Belgium probes EU lawmakers allegedly bribed by Moscow

Est. 4min

Belgium's federal prosecutor has launched an investigation against members of the European Parliament allegedly paid by Moscow, and Prime Minister Alexander De Croo will bring the issue of Russian interference to the top of next week's leaders' summit.


Gagging the European Parliament?

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The parliamentary questions system operated by the European Parliament is a pale imitation of the traditional PQ system, is extraordinarily bureaucratic, operates at a snail’s pace, and produces responses that would not be tolerated in other parliaments, writes Dick Roche.


EU Parliament once again raises ethics reform as Russia’s cash-for-influence scandal unfolds

Est. 4min

With two months until June’s EU election, the Parliament has gone into alert mode as pressure piles up to respond to a new cash-for-influence scandal rocking the institution, with new reforms back on the table. 


European Parliament demands action over Russian interference allegations, worry about election fallout

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Political groups in the European Parliament on Friday (29 March) said they will demand swift action over Russian interference allegations and are planning to hold a debate on the issue, fearing the scandal’s effect on the upcoming June’s EU elections. 


The Brief – A more French EU around the corner?

Est. 5min

Editorialists can sometimes feel bad if they read columns they wrote a couple of years ago or even a couple of months ago. I start today's Brief with this disclaimer.

Europe's East 18-03-2024

Ukraine’s EU accession will have more benefit than cost, says PM Shmyhal

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Ukraine's future accession to the bloc will bring more benefits than costs, and EU member states should approve the next formal steps later this week, the country's Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal told Euractiv. "We are waiting and wishing to have approval …


EU Parliament continues sidelining Irish Gaelic and Maltese languages

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The European Parliament voted on Tuesday (12 March) to extend a rule that leaves the door open to keep sidelining Irish Gaelic and Maltese from the institution’s translation and interpretation services until the end of the next mandate