Global Europe 11-06-2024

Poland, US launch group against Russian disinformation on Ukraine

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The United States and Poland on Monday (10 June) launched a multinational group based in Warsaw to counter Russian disinformation on the war in neighbouring Ukraine, the US State Department said.


Facebook and TikTok kill fake news story in Italy

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A fake news story claiming that Italy might leave the EU if there was low turnout at this weekend's elections shared on Italian social media was taken down by big tech platforms this week.


Commission shrugs off MEPs calls to address social media disinformation risk ahead of elections

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While MEPs urgently called for measures to address disinformation risks and foreign influence attempts before the EU elections, according to a letter dated 9 April and seen by Euractiv, the European Commission responded just two days before the vote, stating the responsibility lies with tech platforms.

Elections 05-06-2024

France, Germany, Poland facing ‘permanent’ Russian disinformation attacks: EU

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France, Germany and Poland have become "permanent" targets for Russian disinformation attacks in the run-up to European Parliament elections this week, a senior EU official said Tuesday (4 June).

Elections 04-06-2024

TikTok fails ‘disinformation test’ before EU vote, study shows

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Wildly popular social network TikTok approved adverts containing political disinformation ahead of European polls, a report showed Tuesday (4 June), flouting its own guidelines and raising questions about its ability to detect election falsehoods.

Elections 04-06-2024

EU’s Stratcom struggles to counter Russian election disinformation

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The European Union's disinformation-busting team last month debunked a Russian-language video on YouTube that said citizens were fleeing dictatorship in EU member Poland and seeking refuge in Belarus, a close ally of Moscow.

Europe's East 27-05-2024

In a ‘battle for minds’, Ukrainians fight the daily disinformation storm

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Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, dozens of projects have emerged in Ukraine to combat disinformation. This is a daily challenge for Ukrainians and, given the high level of media literacy in society, they have been able to resist. 

Data & Privacy 23-05-2024

New Caledonia weighs heavy as French Senate approves bill on foreign influence

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The ongoing tensions in France's overseas territory of New Caledonia weighed heavily in a debate at the French Senate, where Senators strengthened and approved a bill on foreign interference.

Platforms 30-04-2024

Meta faces EU investigation for potential digital rulebook violations and disinformation risks

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The European Commission is investigating whether Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, might have violated the DSA in its handling of misinformation.


Europe ministers say more resources needed to combat Russian disinformation online

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Ministers from France, Germany, and Poland revealed on Monday (29 April) that the Russian disinformation network "Portal Kombat" has continued growing, with new websites targeting 19 member states and the Western Balkans, and called for more resources to tackle online disinformation ahead of June's EU elections.

Global Europe 22-04-2024

Deepfakes of Bollywood stars spark worries of AI meddling in India election

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In fake videos that have gone viral online, two of India's A-lister Bollywood actors are seen criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and asking people to vote for the opposition Congress party in the country's ongoing general election.

Global Europe 16-04-2024

Pro-Russian Voice of Europe back online from Kazakhstan

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The outlet Voice of Europe, allegedly involved in a pro-Russian propaganda network, has restarted operations, hosted in Kazakhstan after it was sanctioned by the Czech Republic last month, Euractiv’s data shows. 

Global Europe 28-03-2024

Czechs sanction Medvedchuk, website over pro-Russian EU political influence

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The Czech government on Wednesday (27 March) sanctioned two people including pro-Russian Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk and the news website voiceofeurope.com for leading a pro-Russian influence operation in Europe, the Czech Foreign Ministry said.

Platforms 27-03-2024

Deal on major digital bill: French lawmakers give in to EU Commission demands

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French lawmakers reached a compromise on Tuesday (26 March) on a hard-fought all-encompassing digital bill, agreeing to water down provisions that would otherwise conflict with EU legislation, white putting sovereign cloud requirements into law.


Disinformation campaigns likely to undermine EU elections, experts say

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Attempts to delegitimise the upcoming EU elections in June and discourage the public from voting are expected “to be very much prevalent”, the European Parliament and experts have warned.

Technology 15-02-2024

EU probe finds most influencers skirting Internal Market rules

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Watching a favourite influencer chow down on the latest fast food fad or cocktail may feel like entertainment, but those posts are likely adverts in disguise, the EU said Wednesday (14 February).

China 08-02-2024

Chinese firm behind ‘news’ websites pushes pro-Beijing content globally

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More than 100 websites disguised as local news outlets in Europe, Asia and Latin America are pushing pro-China content in a widespread influence campaign linked to a Beijing public relations firm, digital watchdog Citizen Lab has found.

Elections 26-01-2024

Germany uncovers Russian disinformation campaign on X

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Germany has uncovered a major "pro-Russian disinformation campaign" using thousands of fake accounts on X to
try and stir anger at Berlin's support for Ukraine, a media report said on Friday (26 January).

Global Europe 24-01-2024

Election year 2024 ‘prime target’ for disinformation and foreign interference – Borrell

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Elections across the globe this year will be a "prime target" for countries looking to spread disinformation and undermine democracy, such as Russia, EU chief diplomat Josep Borrell warned on Tuesday (23 January).


US warns of Russian effort to tilt 2024 elections in Europe against Ukraine

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The United States believes Russia will conduct "information operations" aimed at turning opinion in Europe against Ukraine as countries across the continent go to the polls this year, the head of the State Department's office for disinformation said on Thursday (18 January).

Davos: Tech leaders ponder solution to election tampering online

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To maintain online integrity in an election-heavy year around the world, tech leaders gathered in Davos debated on Tuesday evening (16 January) the recent rise of AI and its implications for misleading campaigns and deceptive content in the run-up to polls.


Macron vows to ‘take back control’ of youth screen use to fight disinformation

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During a conference with journalists at the Élysée Palace, Emmanuel Macron hammered down that "order and progress" go hand in hand, promising new rules for taking back control of youth screen use.


Pro-Russian disinformation in Bulgaria achieves its goals, experts say

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Euractiv Bulgaria interviewed Ralitsa Kovacheva (Factcheck.bg), Marina Tsekova (Bulgarian national radio) and Rosen Bosev (AFP factcheck), who stressed that disinformation in the country is so widespread that it easily influences national politics.

Generative AI puts trust in the news media to the test

The spread of fake news and disinformation has steadily risen in past years, with audiences increasingly getting their news online, where false information - sometimes generated by AI - spreads faster, threatening audiences' trust in media.