The EU’s economic destiny, according to the Letta report

In today's episode of Today in the EU, we decrypt the 147-page long report by former Italian prime minister Enrico Letta that all EU institutions have been waiting for. Letta's analysis of the EU's single market was commissioned by the European Council a year ago.


Unions issue ‘urgent’ call for EU industrial policy to respect workers’ rights

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“When we give vast amounts of taxpayers’ money to private industry, we should be ensuring they are creating quality jobs that make this collective investment worthwhile."


EU raids target top tyre firms over suspected cartel

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The European Commission said on Tuesday (30 January) it had launched surprise inspections of tyre companies in several EU countries after suspicions of price collusion.

Agrifood 26-01-2024

Germany’s Habeck wants market power of food industry scrutinised

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As nationwide farmers' protests continue, the German government wants to have the market power of supermarkets and the food industry scrutinised, blaming their price-setting power for the poor economic situation of many farms.


EU Commission seeks feedback over Apple Pay’s commitments

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The European Commission shared commitments by Apple to allow third-party payments on Friday (19 January) and invited comments on them due to competition concerns over restricted access to the technology used for contactless payments on mobile devices.

Brussels clears French ‘green’ state aid worth over €8 billion in just one month

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In the space of just one month, the European Commission has approved more than €8 billion in French state aid to decarbonise industry and develop renewable energies, according to EU figures released this week.

Agrifood 11-01-2024

Farmers’ protests: German Greens put blame on supermarket chains

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As farmers continue to stage huge traffic-blocking protests across Germany, a growing number of voices within the ruling Greens are blaming major supermarket chains' pricing policies for many farms' currently dire economic situation.

EU Commission allows state aid for pan-European cloud project

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The EU executive gave the green light to public spending up to €1.2 billion by seven member states for their common research interest project on interoperable cloud and edge computing for multi-providers.


MEPs call to ramp up Big Tech enforcement in competition review

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The European Parliament’s Economic Affairs Committee adopted the annual competition policy report with a broad majority on Monday (4 December), suggesting expanding the reach of the EU’s Big Tech law to the cloud and Artificial Intelligence sectors. The Digital Markets Act …

Economy 26-10-2023

‘We have a real problem’: European industry fears decline

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The EU has fallen behind the US and China in terms of economic growth and innovation, the European Round Table for Industry (ERT) warns in its latest paper, calling for a deeper integration of the EU's single market, a capital markets union, and better incentives to invest in Europe.

Economy 24-10-2023

Germany’s Habeck calls for ‘Zeitenwende’ on industrial subsidies

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In a plea to coalition partners and the European Commission, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) called for more subsidies to secure industrial production and jobs.

Technology 12-10-2023

Digital Networks Act: Breton lays out vision for EU telecom operators

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Thierry Breton, the EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, unveiled the core proposals of a highly awaited EU telecom legislation, the Digital Networks Act (DNA), where he supported the concentration of telecom operators and the creation of EU telecom "champions".

Law enforcement 25-09-2023

‘Easy access to illegal content’ likely to be curbed in France

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France wants to make it harder to access and punish illegal behaviour online, according to a text on securing and regulating the digital environment that lawmakers agreed in committee.

Economy 14-09-2023

French electric car battery start-up secures historic €2 bln financing

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French electric battery maker Verkor announced on Thursday (14 September) it had secured €2 billion in financing, the largest amount an early-stage start-up ever received in France, in a sign of strength for the European battery industry in its race against Chinese competitors.

Economy 13-09-2023

How will the EU’s investigation into Chinese electric vehicle subsidies work?

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday (13 September) announced an investigation into Chinese subsidies for electrical vehicles (EVs), a move that could lead to countervailing duties on EVs from China within nine months. 

Technology 08-09-2023

EU connectivity law: The business model of tower companies

This week's Euractiv’s Tech Brief Podcast looks at the specific business model of tower companies and their potential regulation under a new EU legislation: the Gigabit Infrastructure Act.

Law enforcement 06-09-2023

Digital competition law: EU Commission unveils its ‘gatekeepers’ list

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The European Commission unveiled on Wednesday (6 September) its list of online services designated as "gatekeepers", which will now have six months to adapt to strict antitrust practices or face up to 20% global annual turnover fines.


Small mergers face scrutiny as EU Commission takes tougher stance

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The European Commission announced it would use a novel competition tool to assess two mergers that do not have an EU dimension under the EU's competition regulation, but nevertheless threaten competition in the single market.


French antitrust watchdog strikes Apple’s app tracking system

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France's Competition Authority suspects Apple of abusing a dominant market position and being non-transparent in how it tracks iOS users, according to a statement of objections sent to the company on Tuesday (25 July). In 2020, French trade associations representing the …


US economist steps back from top EU job offer after political controversy

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US economist Fiona Scott Morton has withdrawn from a top EU job, after much controversy over her non-European nationality and possible conflicts of interest since she was appointed.


EU’s Vestager defends appointment of American economist to top job

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EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager backed on Tuesday (18 July) American Fiona Scott Morton as the most qualified candidate to be the chief economist of the Directorate-General for Competition, after her appointment stirred controversy and drew criticism, especially from France.

EU Institutions 13-07-2023

French slam choice of US economist for top EU job

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The European Commission's appointment of an American economist to a top job in its competition department has prompted a backlash from French politicians, with the digital minister "inviting the Commission to re-examine the matter".


Germany brings market investigation tool back on EU competition policy agenda

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The proposed reform of Germany's competition law, which expands the scope and powers of its national competition authority, could become a model for the EU, economy state secretary Sven Giegold (Greens) said.

Elections 21-06-2023

EU antitrust chief Vestager in running for EIB top job

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EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager, known for her crackdown and hefty fines meted out to Big Tech for anti-competitive practices, is in the running for the top job at the European Investment Bank (EIB), she said on Tuesday (20 June).