Why engagement with Indo-Pacific region is important for OECD, Europe’s future

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Sixty years after its accession to the OECD, Japan sees an active role for the organisation in Southeast Asia, where bolstering sustainable growth standards will benefit the economies and resilience of Europe, Southeast Asia and beyond, writes Yoko Kamikawa.


We must say no to China’s salami-slice style of unilateral change to Taiwan’s ‘status quo’

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In Europe and around the world, opposition to China's unilateral changes to the status quo in the Taiwan Strait has become a general consensus. It is a critical element in maintaining peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific and beyond, writes Roy Lee.


What’s at stake for Europe as Taiwan goes to the polls?

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As Taiwan goes to the polls on Saturday (13 January) to elect a new president and parliament amid increasing tensions between the self-governing island and China, Europeans mull over how to navigate ties with Taipei.


Japan quake: Rescuers rush to reach survivors

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Rescue teams in Japan on Tuesday (2 January) struggled to reach isolated areas hit by a powerful earthquake on New Year's Day, with reports of more than 20 people dead in a disaster that toppled buildings and knocked out power to tens of thousands of homes.


Massive earthquake jolts Japan, residents rush to evacuate coast

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A powerful earthquake struck central Japan on Monday (1 January), triggering warnings for residents to evacuate some coastal areas, knocking out power to thousands of homes and disrupting flights and rail services to the affected region.

China 06-09-2023

China warns against ‘new Cold War’ at ASEAN summit

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Chinese Premier Li Qiang said on Wednesday (6 September) it is important to avoid a "new Cold War" when dealing with conflicts between countries as world leaders gathered in Indonesia amid sharpening geopolitical rivalries across the Indo-Pacific region.

Technology 13-07-2023

Technological independence key focus in Germany’s China strategy

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Germany's first-ever China strategy puts technology at the heart of its efforts to lessen dependence on Beijing in areas from raw materials supplies, critical infrastructure protection, and cybersecurity, to counter-espionage and fighting disinformation.


There is opportunity for a stronger Japan-EU cooperation

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Ukraine today may be the East Asia of tomorrow – the Japan-EU partnership has strategic significance in the unprecedented and severe security situations we face, writes Fumio Kishida.

China’s interference is ‘increasingly aggressive’, French parliamentary report finds

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A parliamentary report on foreign interference in France, prepared upon demand of  Marine Le Pen's far-right party and published on Thursday (June 8), highlighted China's growing interference, pointing to its methods that are becoming increasingly aggressive.

EU to press South Korea to provide Ukraine with ammunition

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The EU is expected to add more pressure on Seoul to send ammunition directly to Ukraine during a visit by European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen later this month, EURACTIV has learnt.


Why Malaysia is vital for the EU’s Asia strategy

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The EU needs Malaysia, and ASEAN, more than ever before to support its common foreign, security and defence policy, as new geopolitical fault lines have emerged, writes Thomas Matussek.

Global Europe 30-01-2023

NATO’s chief urges South Korea to step up military support for Ukraine

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NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg urged South Korea on Monday (30 January) to increase military support to Ukraine, citing other countries that have changed their policy of not providing weapons to countries in conflict after Russia's invasion.

Energy 19-01-2023

Sakhalin exception: the Russian energy Japan can’t quit

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This year's Group of Seven president Japan has joined the bloc's condemnation of Russia's Ukraine invasion, imposing sanctions and agreeing on an oil price cap, with one exception: Moscow's Sakhalin energy projects.

Global Europe 16-01-2023

Europe cannot sleepwalk into another crisis

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Russia’s success in selling a façade of reliability as an energy partner to Europe played a substantial role in the EU’s economic hardships that followed the Kremlin’s decision to invade Ukraine - the continent must prepare contingencies for further crises, such as a conflict between China and Taiwan, writes Patrik Szicherle.

Global Europe 16-01-2023

Gunmen shoot dead ‘fearless’ Afghan woman ex-lawmaker

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Gunmen shot dead an Afghan former lawmaker and one of her bodyguards in the capital Kabul in a night-time attack at her home, police said on Sunday (15 January).

Malaysia says it could stop palm oil exports to EU after new curbs

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Malaysia said on Thursday (12 January) it could stop exporting palm oil to the European Union in response to a new EU law aimed at protecting forests by strictly regulating sale of the product.

Europe leads the pack on hydrogen technology innovation

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The EU and Japan have registered the largest amounts of hydrogen-related patents in the past decade, although the US is not far behind, a new analysis by the European patent office shows.

Global Europe 09-01-2023

Russia makes punishable maps in breach of ‘new territorial realities’

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Russia's government extended support to a legislative amendment that would classify maps that dispute the country's official "territorial integrity" as punishable extremist materials, the state-owned TASS news agency reported on Sunday (8 January).

China 06-01-2023

US warship sails through sensitive Taiwan Strait; China angered

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A US warship sailed through the sensitive Taiwan Strait on Thursday (5 January), part of what the US military calls routine activity but which has riled China.

Global Europe 05-01-2023

Ukraine gets armoured vehicles but presses for tanks to fight Russia

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Western allies moved toward supplying armoured battle vehicles to Ukraine but not the heavier tanks it has requested to fight Russia, while Washington predicted intense combat would continue for months on the eastern frontline.

Global Europe 27-12-2022

Forecast 2023: Putin’s Russia will look more like North Korea

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The shut-off of the Russian economy will accelerate in 2023, as Moscow moves closer to the North Korean economic model. And Putin can complete his task of devising a regime where nobody can replace him, with oil it can’t sell and roubles it can’t use.

China 26-12-2022

Taiwan reports China’s largest incursion yet to air defence zone

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Seventy-one Chinese air force aircraft including fighter jets and drones entered Taiwan's air defence identification zone in the past 24 hours, the island's government said on Monday (26 December), the largest reported incursion to date.

Global Europe 23-12-2022

Russia says US Patriot missiles in Ukraine won’t stand in its way

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Russia said that Ukraine acquiring Patriot missiles from the United States, announced during President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's visit to Washington, would not help settle the conflict or prevent Moscow from achieving its goals.

Global Europe 22-12-2022

EU, US and partners condemn Taliban decision to ban women from universities

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The United States, the European Union and 11 foreign ministers condemned the Taliban's decision to ban women from universities in Afghanistan, according to a joint statement issued on Wednesday (21 December).