Europeans drink less every day but health experts warn of rise in binge drinking

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Alcohol consumption trends have shifted in recent years, with daily consumption declining but occasional binge drinking continues to rise, according to a study published on Tuesday (23 January) by the French health agency SPF, which reflects a similar trend across Europe.


European think tank calls for mandatory EU alcohol health labelling

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Health warnings on alcohol should be made mandatory across the European Union, according to a recent report by the Centres for European Policy Network, a think tank that praised the European Commission for giving the green light to Ireland's plans in this direction.

Politics 12-09-2023

France cancels anti-alcohol campaign at Rugby World Cup

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The French government decided at the last minute not to broadcast a campaign on alcohol consumption during the Rugby World Cup following pressure from the French wine lobby, according to NGOs, an investigation by Radio France revealed on Monday. During the …


Patients’ associations criticise France’s decision not to raise taxes on alcohol

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The French government on Wednesday (23 August) shelved the idea of increasing tax on alcohol, tabled at the beginning of summer, in a move that pours water on the hopes of French anti-addiction associations. 

Agrifood 01-08-2023

Germany develops taste for alcohol-free beer

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The production of non-alcoholic beer in Germany almost doubled over the last decade, according to new data published on the occasion of this week’s world beer day, while alcoholic beer consumption has seen a slight downward trend.

Agrifood 19-04-2023

‘Champagne of beers’ falls foul of French protections

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Belgian customs have destroyed almost 2,400 cans of US-brewed beer bearing the slogan "The Champagne of Beers", France's Champagne Committee said Tuesday (18 April), in the latest episode around the bubbly's fiercely-protected designation.


Ireland ‘surprised’ to receive EU green light on alcohol health label

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The Irish government is "grateful and somewhat surprised" that the European Commission did not reject their draft regulation for health warning labels on alcohol, despite renewed attempts by other member states to block the proposal. 

Agrifood 27-01-2023

Italy seeks dialogue with Ireland in wine label row

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Italians have not given up on opposing Ireland’s plan to introduce cancer warnings on wine bottles, hoping to switch the Irish government representatives to milder positions by approaching them in Brussels.

Health 16-12-2022

WHO: French youth smoke, drink less since pandemic

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Tobacco, alcohol and cannabis are being consumed much less by French adolescents since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, though lockdowns are not the only reason for this downward trend, according to a recent study.


Loophole can undermine countries’ stricter laws for alcohol marketing

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A loophole in the EU’s Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) could undermine EU countries' efforts to impose stricter rules on alcohol advertising, threatening a key objective of the EU's Beating Cancer Plan. 


Researchers call for political action to reduce alcohol consumption

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A study by Lancet Oncology has found that 4% of all newly diagnosed cancers in 2020 may be associated with drinking alcohol, with the highest proportion, or some 6%, in Central and Eastern Europe.

Global Europe 18-06-2021

Scotch but no bourbon: UK-US trade truce gives dram of hope to drinks industry

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The drinks industry welcomed a trade truce between Britain and United States that saw tariffs removed on Scotch whisky and most other spirits, although they called for further efforts to remove the last export duties on American whiskey.

Global Europe 30-12-2020

Russia to revive sobering-up stations in 2021

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Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on Tuesday (29 December) that will revive sobering-up stations previously used to allow severely intoxicated people to recover from their inebriation.


EU beer market sales fell 20% so far this year due to COVID-19

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The EU beer market estimates that its sales have dropped by 20% so far this year, a figure which could rise to 25% by the end of the year, the secretary-general of the Brewers of Europe, told EURACTIV in an interview.

Economy 01-07-2020

Europe’s hospitality sector makes last appeal ‘before it’s too late’

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Hit hard by the pandemic, Europe’s hospitality sector is struggling to find a way out of the current chaos. Speaking to EURACTIV, its representatives have painted a bleak picture and called on governments to take immediate action to help the sector revive rapidly before it’s too late.

Economy 25-06-2020

Pubs ask for VAT cut on alcohol to face post-COVID reality

Europe’s hospitality sector has been hit hard by the lockdown measures enforced across the continent to contain the spread of COVID-19. In Belgium, pubs and restaurants were forced to shut down on 13 March. The Belgian government provided one-off payments and supported …

Economy 18-06-2020

MEP: Commission could issue recommendations to revive EU hospitality sector

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The European Commission could recommend that EU member states take measures such as tax and red tape reductions to help the struggling hospitality sector recover from the economic losses incurred by the pandemic-induced lockdown, MEP Ivan Štefanec has said.

Agrifood 15-06-2020

MEPs call for ad hoc panel to restore trust between lawmakers and wine sector

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The European Parliament's agriculture committee (COMAGRI) has made the creation of a high-level group to discuss the post-COVID-19 wine sector one of the conditions for lifting its veto on the Commission's aid package for fruit and vegetable producers.

Economy 15-06-2020

Beer boss: Lowering VAT on alcohol would help hospitality sector revive quickly

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Lowering VAT rates on alcohol across Europe would tremendously help the hospitality sector's efforts to turn the business around quickly and eventually recover from the disastrous economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Brewers of Europe.

Coronavirus 09-06-2020

Reopened Brussels bars ‘invaded’ by thirsty beerdrinkers

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As some Brussels cafes reopened after almost three months of lockdown, thirsty Belgian drinkers were more than ready.


A million pre-paid beers await drinkers as Europe’s bars reopen

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As bars across Europe gradually reopen, up to a million free or pre-paid beers are waiting to lure back wary consumers.

Agrifood 29-04-2020

From Prosecco to Chianti, coronavirus sours Italy’s wine sales

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With Italy's restaurants and bars closed for another month and global trade snuffed out by the coronavirus, the world's top wine producing country is experiencing an existential crisis.

Global Europe 21-04-2020

EU sees wine consumption, exports dry up as consumers stay home

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Wine consumption in the European Union is expected to fall this season due to the decision to close bars and restaurants to contain the coronavirus, with exports hit by extra US tariffs, the EU's executive said on Monday (20 April).

Agrifood 25-03-2020

How biofuels enter the race against the coronavirus pandemic

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For 2020, hand sanitisers and disinfectants are what new iPhones and electric vehicles were for 2019. So, who are the Apples and Teslas of ethyl alcohol, asks Zoltán Szabó and explains how a climate solution is being turned into health assistance.