Rule of Law

Politics 06-06-2024

The Brief – Remembering D-Day and its legacy to Europe

Est. 6min

Today’s 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings is an opportunity to remember a great military victory against the Nazis but also - on the day European elections start - an important reminder to voters of the values that were fought for, which become the basis of the EU.

Why the EU benchmarking on the rule of law needs to be revised

Est. 6min

The European Union needs to create clearer benchmarks for the rule of law and judicial reform in Ukraine, which could then be replicated for other reform areas, write Snizhana Diachenko, Liubov Akulenko, and Viktoriia Melnyk.

Politics 30-04-2024

EU ministers, candidate countries kickstart rule of law reform talks

Est. 5min

European affairs ministers and their counterparts from EU candidate countries started talks on Tuesday (30 April) on how to strengthen the rule of law both within the bloc and in countries seeking to join it.

Gig economy 23-04-2024

Emails reveal how Bolt tried to shape Estonia’s opposition to gig work directive

Est. 11min

In October 2023, mobility company Bolt, headquartered in Estonia, offered to draft a letter on behalf of the Estonian government to push back against the platform work directive — liaising directly with a government official who is a former Bolt employee.

EU Institutions 16-04-2024

Von der Leyen bows to pressure as Pieper drops SME envoy job

Est. 3min

SME Envoy post will be filled after the elections, the Commission President announced, as German politician Markus Pieper renounced the post on the eve of his first day, and pressure mounted against the Commission President for the appointment deemed "unfair".

Politics 30-01-2024

Hungary’s foreign influence office ‘makes Moscow look meek’

Est. 4min

A new government agency to "protect Hungary's sovereignty" which starts work Thursday (1 February) will have a "chilling effect" on the country's democracy, critics warn.

Politics 05-12-2023

Cyprus says US experts to help probe Russia sanction busters

Est. 3min

Experts from the United States have arrived in Cyprus to help police investigate cases where Russian oligarchs were allegedly enabled to bypass sanctions, a Cypriot official said Monday (4 November).

Politics 01-12-2023

Hungary to receive €920 million EU recovery funds: What’s next?

This week, the Beyond the Byline podcast delves into the European Commission's recent decision to approve the release of 920 million euros as part of Hungary's recovery and resilience plan. The decision raises concerns over incomplete achievements in areas such as …

Politics 22-11-2023

Hungary still short on criteria to receive EU funds, say Commissioners

Est. 4min

The stand-off between Brussels and Budapest will continue after two EU Commissioners told MEPs that the EU executive is still not ready to unlock billions of euros in recovery funds for Hungary. 

Justice 20-11-2023

Let’s debate amnesty: Constitution or politics?

Est. 5min

We must see the amnesty law as a unique opportunity to counter the rejection that Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont incites in public opinion, writes Juan Fernando López Aguilar.

Data & Privacy 15-11-2023

French police accused of using facial recognition software illegally

Est. 4min

French national police have been illegally using the Israeli facial recognition software Briefcam since 2015, the French investigative media Disclose reported.

Economy 07-11-2023

EU Commission: Release of frozen EU funds for Hungary not negotiable

Est. 4min

The European Commission is not negotiating the release of EU funds for Hungary but is assessing the rule of law compliance, European Commissioner Johannes Hahn told EU lawmakers on Tuesday (7 November), responding to concerns that Budapest could use its …

Politics 25-10-2023

The Brief – Bulgaria tops global rule of law progress? Must be a joke

Est. 6min

Can global rule of law reports, even those from prestigious organisations, be trusted? Today, my clear answer is no, after seeing the news that my native Bulgaria tops the Rule of Law Index 2023 in terms of progress made, published by the US-based World Justice Project.

Politics 25-10-2023

Tusk flies economy to Brussels for big ticket talks

Est. 7min

Polish opposition leader and potential future prime minister Donald Tusk arrived in Brussels on Wednesday to discuss the chance to launch the nation’s recovery money, frozen due to the rule of law concerns in Poland. Piotr Maciej Kaczyński and Dariusz Dybka explain the stakes.

Politics 04-10-2023

French government dissolves far-right Catholic association

Est. 3min

The French government dissolved the fundamentalist Catholic association Civitas on Wednesday (October 4), stating that the group seeks to "wage war against the Republic" by spreading anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, homophobic and conspiracy theories.

Politics 15-09-2023

Bulgaria and Romania off the hook for judicial deficiencies

Est. 3min

The European Commission's monitoring of Bulgaria and Romania under the so-called “Cooperation and Verification Mechanism” (CVM) officially ended after 16-and-a-half years on Friday (15 September), with much of the work in the meantime taken over by the annual Rule of Law cycle covering all member states.

Politics 28-07-2023

French left demands resignations over police response to riots

Est. 4min

French opposition leaders have called for the resignation of the Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin and police chief Frédéric Veaux in a row over the police's heavy-handed response to the riots that have swept across French cities in recent weeks.

Law enforcement 28-07-2023

EU looks the other way as Greek spyware mess heralds more trouble

Est. 6min

Greek government ministers have been under spyware surveillance, including when communicating with their European peers, according to the latest findings. But EU institutions insist on considering the matter a national affair.

Economy 17-05-2023

Hungary’s blocked EU funds: MEPs concerned over ongoing rule of law issues

Est. 3min

Hungary needs to fulfil all conditions required to unblock EU funds as soon as possible to ensure they reach citizens and businesses, EU lawmakers from the budgetary control committee said, as rule of law problems persist.

Politics 04-05-2023

Hungary must go further to access EU funds, says Commission

Est. 3min

The impasse between the EU and Hungary over access to the bloc’s post-pandemic recovery funds remains, despite moves by Hungarian lawmakers this week to adopt new laws to address EU rule of law concerns. 

Elections 25-04-2023

The Brief — The ‘dream team’ of Greek MEPs

Est. 8min

Since the 2019 EU elections, political debate in Athens has, for the first time, been more focused on Brussels than domestic politics. One might think that Greek public opinion has taken on a fresh passion for EU affairs, but unfortunately, …

Politics 25-04-2023

‘Don’t grant EU funds to Hungary’, MEPs tell Commission

Est. 3min

Political group leaders representing over 70% of the European Parliament have urged the European Commission to deny Hungary’s request to any more EU recovery funds in the latest front in the battle between EU lawmakers and Viktor Orbán’s government. 

Politics 20-04-2023

Spain’s housing problem used as political tool ahead of elections

Est. 3min

Spain’s two main parties, the ruling centre-left PSOE (S&D) and the centre-right Popular Party (PP/EPP) are both using the housing crisis as a way to gain votes ahead of elections set for later this year. The first to start the conversation …

Politics 19-04-2023

MEPs accused of missed opportunity after blocking Qatargate reform

Est. 4min

The European Parliament decided against introducing mandatory registration of meetings between interest groups and MEPs on Wednesday (19 April) in a move criticised by pro-transparency campaigners.