Elections 02-06-2024

Germany’s Christian Democratic party hit by ‘serious’ cyberattack

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Germany's Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the country's leading opposition party, has been hit by a major cyberattack and has taken parts of its IT-infrastructure off the grid as a precautionary measure, authorities said on Saturday (1 June).

Elections 01-06-2024

Poland sees ‘Russian cyberattack’ behind fake military draft report

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The Polish government said Friday (31 May) that a false story stating that Poles would be mobilised to fight in Ukraine that appeared on the state news agency was likely a Russian cyberattack.


Passports, criminal records leaked in EU Parliament data breach

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Identity cards, passports, excerpts of criminal records, and work experience documents were among the personal data of European Parliament employees compromised in a data breach, according to an internal email sent on Wednesday and seen by Euractiv.


European Parliament’s recruitment application compromised in data breach

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The European Parliament sent on Monday (6 May) an internal notification to its staff, seen by Euractiv, about a data breach in the application PEOPLE, used for the recruitment of the institution's non-permanent staff.

EU, NATO condemn cyberattacks against Germany, Czechia, blame Russia as perpetrator

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The EU and NATO on Friday (3 May) condemned "malicious cyber activities" against Germany and Czechia, which they say were likely carried out by a Russian cyber espionage group.

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Bulgarian project develops integrated biometric AI access control system for mass events

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A Bulgarian research team is developing a high-end biometric access system powered by artificial intelligence for public events. The product, still under development, will soon replace the current access control systems for mass events.

Elections 26-04-2024

Von der Leyen to avoid TikTok in very ‘personal’ campaign

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will not be using TikTok in her campaign for June's EU elections, "in view of security concerns," her campaign chief spokesperson said, despite her aim to reach citizens with an innovative and personal touch.


EU Space Law: Commission official reveals details on cybersecurity aspects

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A Commission official revealed key details of the content and shape of the upcoming EU Space Law, in particular its cybersecurity aspects at an event in Paris.

Global Europe 12-04-2024

US cyber agency says Russian hackers used Microsoft access to steal government emails

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The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said Russian government-backed hackers have used their access to Microsoft's email system to steal correspondence between officials and the tech giant, an emergency directive by the US watchdog released on Thursday (11 April) showed.

Industrial Strategy 09-04-2024

Thierry Breton says European Space Law might be presented after the summer

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Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton told Members of the European Parliament that the Commission will need "extra time" to present the European Space Law legislative proposal, possibly after June's EU elections.


The EU’s proposed cloud sovereignty bears risks for Europe and the world

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It is critical that the European Union Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Cloud Services (EUCS) remains technology-neutral, risk-based, and focused on concrete cybersecurity outcomes, writes Pascal Kerneis.


Top EU court finds widely employed consent system violates EU privacy regulation

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The European Court of Justice on Thursday (7 March) found the Belgian association IAB Europe's consent system for auctioning personal data in breach of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation.


Security challenges loom as EU Parliament prepares TikTok campaign for elections

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The European Parliament's plan to use TikTok in campaigning for the June EU elections, despite prior cybersecurity bans, raises questions about its secure implementation as specifics regarding the Parliament's approach remain undisclosed.


Munich Security Report: Perceived threat of cyberattacks reaches all-time high

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Ahead of the Munich Security Conference, the Munich Security Report 2024 was published on Monday (12 February) revealing that for G7 countries cyberattacks on their country are considered the second most important risk, following extreme weather and forest fires.


Chinese spies hacked Dutch defence network last year – intelligence agencies

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Chinese state-backed cyber spies gained access to a Dutch military network last year, Dutch intelligence agencies said on Tuesday (6 February), calling it part of a trend of Chinese political espionage against the Netherlands and its allies.


EU adopts first cybersecurity scheme to certify ICT products

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The European Commission adopted the European cybersecurity certification scheme on Wednesday (31 January), the EU’s first cyber scheme to certify ICT products, in line with the aims of the EU's Cybersecurity Act.

Politics 18-01-2024

Poland to probe previous government’s spyware use

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Poland's parliament on Wednesday (17 January) said it would create a committee of inquiry into alleged use of the Israeli spyware Pegasus by the previous populist government as well as police and secret services.

Europe's East 04-01-2024

Russian hackers were inside Ukraine telecoms giant for months – cyber spy chief

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Russian hackers were inside Ukrainian telecoms giant Kyivstar's system from at least May last year in a cyberattack that should serve as a "big warning" to the West, Ukraine's cyber spy chief told Reuters.


UN Cybercrime Convention calls EU values into question, civil society warns

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With the last negotiating session approaching next month, the private sector and civil society are increasingly questioning the compatibility of the UN Cybercrime Convention draft text with EU values and human rights standards.


How European countries are implementing new cybersecurity framework

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EU countries are implementing the updated Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2), in force since January, with varying degrees of progress. To provide an overview of the state of play, Euractiv interviewed Nicolas Sonder and Mailin von Knobelsdorff, PwC experts on cybersecurity.


Cyber Solidarity Act moves ahead in EU Parliament with key committee vote

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The European Parliament's Committee on Industry, Research and Energy adopted on Thursday (7 December) the draft report of the Cyber Solidarity Act, while the file keeps languishing in the EU Council of Ministers.


EU’s digital quest: Cybersecurity governance and sovereignty at a stake?

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In its digital quest, the EU stands at a crossroads, employing the European Cybersecurity Certification Scheme (EUCS) to balance cybersecurity, autonomy, and global aspirations while probing the efficiency of governance and sovereignty, writes Francesco Cappelletti.


EU institutions finalise agreement on cybersecurity law for connected products

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European Union policymakers reached a political deal on the Cyber Resilience Act on Thursday evening (30 November), bridging their differences on the last outstanding issues. The Cyber Resilience Act is a legislative proposal to introduce security requirements for connected devices, from …


Google opens new cybersecurity centre in Spain

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Google opened the doors of its third Cybersecurity Centre in Europe on Wednesday (29 November), pledging $10 million for cyber skills training.