Metaverse sees first applications to reimagine reality


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Innovators, stakeholders, and practitioners are looking at the first fields of application of Metaverse technology, ranging from making education more accessible to supporting medical professionals in their work.

During Meta’s ‘Immersive Education Symposium’ in Brussels on 30 November, speakers discussed virtual reality (VR) and extended reality (XR) and how they could be incorporated into future classrooms.

Several use cases and innovative solutions emerged when applying immersive technologies in various sectors. For example, in education, students could see historical sites and events, making it more memorable, and more accessible to those who could not make a real-life field trip.

Such technologies could help medical professionals, too. For example, surgeons could see the human body and what they will see on the operating table in 3D. It could also help doctors collaborate on a patient’s case and be able to see more than CT or MRI results.

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