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Health 04-06-2024

Progress on Alzheimer’s Disease stagnating, warns federation chief

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Progress on Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia is stagnating, Alzheimer Disease International CEO Paola Barbarino has warned, yet it’s the most common form of dementia in Europe's elderly.


Macron defends strict conditions of ‘French-style’ model for assisted dying

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A 'French-style' bill on assisted dying will be presented to France's Council of Ministers in April, President Emmanuel Macron confirmed in an interview on Sunday (10 March), underlining that it will function differently to similar laws in other EU countries.


Italy delays €15 million ‘dementia fund’ while disease costs billions

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Italy invests as little as it can in dementia even though the disease costs billions to the country’s economy, experts in the filed told EURACTIV Italy.


Early detection of Alzheimer’s a wish, not yet a reality in Slovenia

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Early detection of Alzheimer's disease is a stated objective of health policy in Slovenia, but it remains largely unattained.


Pandemic could have far reaching effects on bone health, expert warns

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The COVID pandemic may have far-reaching consequences on bone health, due to a combination of lack of physical activity and late diagnosis, according to Jane Barratt, secretary general of the international federation of ageing.

Agrifood 24-01-2020

EU urged not to overlook blind people in new food labelling rules

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Laura Ferrara, an Italian MEP from the anti-system Five Star Movement, urged the European Commission to improve access to food information for blind and visually impaired people when it reviews the bloc's food labelling rules in the coming months.


Two-thirds of deaths of under 75-year-olds could have been prevented

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In 2016, the deaths of 1.2 million Europeans under 75 were considered premature and could have been prevented, according to a report by Eurostat. EURACTIV's partner Ouest-France reports.

Health 30-11-2017

COPD is on the European Commission’s agenda, EU health chief says

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Diagnosis tools like spirometry should be promoted in order to monitor lung systems and prevent the spreading of illness like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the second cause of death worldwide, the EU's Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis told

Health 19-06-2017

Regulating consumers?

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Over the years, sales and marketing restrictions have piled up on food, drinks and alcohol products. Some are now beginning to worry about a “slippery slope” where tobacco-style regulations – and taxation – are being applied to a whole range of consumer products in the name of public health objectives.


Report finds human rights abuses in Europe’s nursing homes

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Ahead of the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day tomorrow (15 June), a new report heats up the discussion about the conditions of the elderly in Europe’s nursing homes.

Health 07-11-2016

Study: Dementia healthcare services need to be redesigned

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People with dementia remain under-diagnosed and lack comprehensive and continuing health care, a report has found, urging policy-makers to focus on primary care services. reports from Copenhagen.

Health 03-11-2016

Alzheimer Europe chief: Holistic approach needed to tackle dementia

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Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia remain underdiagnosed in most European countries, Jean Georges told EURACTIV.

Health 02-11-2016

Rising dementia numbers in EU causes alarm

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The European Union is stepping up efforts to combat dementia, but is being urged to do more, as 18.7 million EU citizens are expected to suffer from the illness by 2050.

Health 02-11-2016

Is Europe ready for Alzheimer’s?

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The European Union has launched a series of initiatives to support people living with Alzheimer's disease, a mental deterioration typically associated with old age that impairs memory, thinking and behaviour. EurActitv brings you the latest from the 26th Alzheimer Europe Conference in Copenhagen.

Health 21-10-2016

Malta tops EU obesity rankings, Romania thinnest

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Malta has the highest proportion of obese adults in Europe, according to EU figures released yesterday (20 October), while Romania is the least obese.

Europe must keep its promises to older people under the SDGs

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Today, 928 million people are aged 60 and over – by 2050 that number will grow to 2 billion. An ageing worldwide demographic presents new challenges requiring our attention both close to home and further afield, writes Mairead McGuinness.

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Demographic change & increased diversity – an opportunity for European health systems?
Health 20-06-2016
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Hearing Awareness: Professional Hearing Care Makes You Smarter and Healthier

Hearing awareness: professional hearing care makes you smarter and healthier

Around 16% of adult Europeans experience hearing loss severe enough to have a negative impact on their daily lives.

Health 14-05-2014

Tackling age-related diseases through better prevention

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In an attempt to address the challenges of ageing and demographic change in Europe, a group of MEPs has agreed to work together to bring disease prevention to the top of the European agenda on active and healthy ageing both at EU and national level.

Reframing the longevity and ageing

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The problem of an ever ageing population is not unsolvable, especially if retirement is not an obligation. What may prove tricky is what measures to take to keep older people active, ambitions and hungry for achievement, writes Žiga Turk.

How to escape the intergenerational injustice trap in Europe’s aging societies

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Politicians are likely to be influenced by the electorate’s demographic power structures. With European societies aging rapidly, how are policy makers going to overcome this bias? Invest tax revenues in intergenerational measures and allow parents to cast proxy votes for their children, says Daniel Schraad-Tischler.

Health 24-10-2012

Blind Europeans divided by living standards, united by obstacles

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SPECIAL REPORT / Research shows that living standards for the blind vary considerably across the European Union, but a uniformly ageing demographic and the challenges of modern technology afflict all people with visual impairments in the same way.

Brexit 23-10-2012

Blind rights activist: ‘In the UK, 66% of visually impaired are unemployed’

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There are huge variations in employment conditions for visually impaired Europeans, but those countries offering more modern solutions do not always provide the best chances, says Fred Reid.

Sharp contrast in jobless levels for Europe’s blind

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SPECIAL REPORT/Unemployment rates amongst the visually impaired in Europe are highest in Romania, at 90%, and lowest in Sweden, where it dips below 60%, findings of an ongoing EU-backed research project show.