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Law enforcement 04-06-2024

Sweden wants to let police use facial recognition technology

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Sweden's government said Monday (3 June) that it wanted to give law enforcement the ability to use real-time facial recognition technology from cameras in public places, for example to identify people suspected of certain crimes.


Commission’s DG for technology restructures to realise AI Office

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DG CNECT is reorganising one if its units to handle the implementation of the AI Act, with Lucilla Sioli leading the department.


European Court of Auditors: Commission failed to effectively coordinate boost in AI investment

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EU policy failed to increase investments in artificial intelligence (AI) on par with global leaders, between 2018 and 2022, said the European Court of Auditors in a report published on Wednesday (29 May).


The AI Act compliance deadline: harnessing evaluations for innovation and accountability

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Much of the EU AI Act’s treatment for general purpose AI with systemic risk hinges on evaluations of the models' capabilities. But how to properly evaluate these models is still under discussion.


Staffing questions swirl around Commision’s AI Office

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The Commission said the office is progressing rapidly, but stakeholders are concerned about the timeline and lack of leadership.


A vision for the AI Office: Rethinking digital governance in the EU

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Spearheading the implementation of the world's first comprehensive legislation on Artificial Intelligence (AI), the AI Office requires robust leadership and an innovative structure that mirrors the dynamism of AI, write Philipp Hacker, Sebastian Hallensleben, and Kai Zenner.


General Purpose AI Models can’t ignore copyright in the EU

Artificial intelligence has posed serious challenges to our understanding of copyright. General-purpose models are trained on massive amounts of text and images in order to produce tools that can answer to a vast array of prompts.

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European AI Roundtable on Copyright

In 27 March 2024, the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA Europe) hosted the inaugural edition of the European AI Roundtable in Brussels.

Global Europe 22-04-2024

Deepfakes of Bollywood stars spark worries of AI meddling in India election

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In fake videos that have gone viral online, two of India's A-lister Bollywood actors are seen criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and asking people to vote for the opposition Congress party in the country's ongoing general election.


Viral deepfake videos of Le Pen family reminder that content moderation is still not up to par ahead of EU elections

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Deepfakes of young women allegedly members of the Le Pen family promoting French far-right parties went viral online, escalating the debate around the effectiveness of content moderation ahead of the EU elections in June.

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The Huawei Global Talent Summit at MWC

At this year's MWC in Barcelona, Huawei showcased its latest 5G and upcoming 5.5G technologies, emphasizing their transformative potential for both users and businesses.


Can a robot compete with a human in the field of wealth management?

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Advanced technologies, especially the development of AI, are significantly modernising wealth management services, write Max Koretskiy and Illia Kyslytskyi.

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AI Act’s global effects might be overstated, experts say

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The policymakers behind the EU's AI Act, passed by the European Parliament with a large majority on 13 March, aimed to set a new global standard for regulating the technology, but not everyone agrees the impact will be as vast as promised.

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AI won’t replace quality journalism, but sector needs safeguarding, says socialist think tank head

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Despite the rapid rise in Artificial Intelligence and large social media platforms, the President of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) Maria João Rodrigues believes that quality journalism still has a clear role in Europe.


EU’s much-heralded AI Act agreed by EU Parliament – but serious human rights holes in law remain

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The AI Act has been a long time coming. Whilst it’s a landmark piece of legislation, unfortunately, it fails to meet the bar on human rights protections, writes Laura Lazaro Cabrera.

Co-rapporteur Dragoş Tudorache after the vote on the AI Act at the E.U. Parliament on March 13. [European Parliament/screenshot]

Europe’s landmark AI Act passes Parliament vote

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The EU's AI Act, three years in the making, finally passed. The road to implementation will be complex.


YouTube’s algorithm promoted right-wing content in the 2024 Finnish elections

Est. 3min

Amid this week's flurry of talks on AI regulation in Strasbourg, a new study found YouTube to have boosted the far right in Finland's national elections.


Deepfakes and the possible risks for the EU elections

Artificial intelligence, deepfakes, social media, and misinformation have become integral parts of our daily lives, and their influence on political elections, possibly including the upcoming EU elections in June, is significant.


French MPs voice sovereignty, competition concerns after Microsoft-Mistral AI deal

Est. 5min

After Mistral AI and Microsoft announced their strategic partnership on Monday (26 February), sparking an outcry from lawmakers in the European Parliament, French MPs have voiced concern over the partnership's impact on competition and sovereignty in the cloud sector.


The AI Act vs. deepfakes: A step forward, but is it enough?

Est. 6min

Effective enforcement mechanisms to combat deepfakes are vital, considering the transnational nature of deepfakes and the potential for circumventing regulations, writes Cristina Vanberghen.

Competition 20-02-2024

Ensuring competition in AI will also preserve democracy, experts say

Est. 5min

With artificial intelligence, focus on enforcing competition laws is vital and goes hand in hand with the preservation of democracy, industry experts said at a panel discussion in the European Parliament.


EU countries give crucial nod to first-of-a-kind Artificial Intelligence law

Est. 6min

The ambassadors of the 27 countries of the European Union unanimously adopted the world’s first comprehensive rulebook for Artificial Intelligence, rubber-stamping the political agreement that was reached in December.


Tug of war continues on international AI treaty as text gets softened further

Est. 6min

The negotiations on the world’s first treaty on Artificial Intelligence failed to solve the thorny issue of whether private companies should be covered. At the same time, the latest draft, seen by Euractiv, further watered down an already weakened text.


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