Creating true connectivity for Europe’s Digital Age in an election year  


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Europe needs a telecoms market fit for the Digital Age [Shutterstock / Suwin66]

Europe’s telecoms industry wants a fully functioning Single Market in the Digital Decade. In an increasingly complex geopolitical world, the EU has prioritised resilience and autonomy, this special report series looks at how Europe can become the best place to live in the Digital Age.

Despite efforts on the part of policymakers, Europe’s telecoms sector remains noticeably fragmented, particularly compared to the US where significant consolidation has taken place.

Former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta’s landmark report for the European Commission on the Future of the Single Market is expected to include a new single framework to manage the EU’s 27 different regulations and tax rules.

Letta will also call for the creation of a “5th freedom” of movement focused on knowledge and innovation to nurture pan-European knowledge sharing.

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