Development 15-05-2024

Europeans overwhelmingly support investment in ‘international solidarity’, survey finds

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The vast majority of Europeans, and especially Italians, are in favour of their country investing in development aid outside of EU borders, according to a survey published by the French Development Agency (AFD) on Tuesday (14 May).

EU not renewing Mali military training mission

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The European Union decided Wednesday (8 May) to not renew the mandate of a military training mission in Mali, given the "evolving political and security situation", the commission said in a statement.


EU hits out at sidelining of Chad election observers

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The European Union on Tuesday (7 May) condemned Chad's failure to allow nearly 3,000 civil society members financed by the EU to observe the presidential election.


EU election mission in Senegal asks to meet detained candidate

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The EU mission deployed to observe Senegal's February 25 presidential election on Wednesday (31 January) said it wanted to meet detained opposition candidate Bassirou Diomaye Faye, stating it was "very important" that he be able to campaign.


EU’s carbon levy could cost Africa $25bn per year, says bank chief

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The EU’s new carbon imports levy could cost African states up to $25 billion per year, the President of the African Development Bank has warned, in a new critique of the new tax. 


Holdouts cast shadow over new EU pact with African, Caribbean and Pacific states

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The EU this week finally sealed an agreement on a new treaty that will govern relations with the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) community, but the refusal of 35 of the 79 ACP states to sign it has cast a shadow over its merits.

Clean cooking stoves for Africa: The IEA’s pitch to EU for COP28

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Fatih Birol, the chief of the International Energy Agency (IEA), is urging the European Union to back a clean cooking initiative for Africa at the upcoming COP28 climate summit in Dubai, telling Euractiv in an exclusive interview that this is “the number one issue” for the continent.

Development 08-10-2023

Kenya, a symbol for the EU Global Gateway’s impact and struggles

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MOMBASA, KENYA - The East African harbour is a gateway for the continent toward the rest of the world. Its strategic location attracts many investors. The European Union is one of them, next to Beijing.


EU chief seeks new approach to Africa to counter Russia

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The EU must engage more with African countries, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Wednesday (13 September) arguing the bloc would need a 'new strategic approach' to Africa as Russia makes diplomatic strides on the continent. "This is of …


EU mulls sanctions against Niger junta

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Following in the footsteps of the West African regional body ECOWAS, the EU aims to slap the same sanctions on the junta that seized power in Niger several weeks ago, EU's chief diplomat Josep Borrell confirmed in Toledo, Spain on Wednesday (30 August).


EU plans new Africa mission in Gulf of Guinea

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The EU plans to launch a new civil-military mission in the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa in autumn in order to contain the threat posed by jihadist groups, as the bloc seeks to stem the tide of growing instability in the region.


Situation in Gabon, West Africa ‘big issue for Europe’, says Borrell

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Toledo, Spain - EU defence ministers are expected to discuss the developing military situation in Gabon as well as the bloc's wider approach to the Sahel, the EU's chief diplomat Josep Borrell said on Wednesday (30 August) as the region …


EU to discuss Niger coup fallout, reassess Sahel region approach

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After the recent Niger coup, EU foreign and defence ministers this week are expected to discuss a strategy to deal with the situation and reassess the bloc's approach to the Sahel region, according to an internal memo seen by EURACTIV.


France grants full support to ECOWAS deployment of regional military force

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France “fully supports” the Economic Community of West African States’ (ECOWAS) decision to action a standby military force on the borders of Niger, the Foreign Affairs ministry announced late on Thursday (10 August).

Energy 05-08-2023

Niger coup is major threat for Italy’s energy ‘Mattei Plan’

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The coup in Niger is not good news for Italy, potentially putting its much-touted new 'Mattei plan', which seeks to reinforce energy partnerships with African partners, to a halt, and increasing immigration flows towards Southern Europe, writes Francesco Sassi.


Niger coup is ‘failure of Europe’, former French ambassador says

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The coup in Niger is mostly caused by the neocolonial relationship between France and the African continent, former French ambassador Gérard Araud told EURACTIV in an interview, slamming the EU’s lack of unity towards a clear Africa strategy.


Niger coup final nail in France’s Sahel military strategy coffin, experts warn

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The Niger coup marks the end of a largely-failed French military ‘Barkhane’ operation in the Sahel, broadly due to a lack of resources, and an underlying sense of neocolonialism, according to experts EURACTIV spoke with.


EU concludes Africa-Pacific treaty after Poland drops veto

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More than two years of delay to the ratification of the new EU treaty with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries ended on Thursday (20 July) after Poland confirmed its approval of the agreement. 

Global Europe 20-07-2023

Czechia urges outreach to third countries before further Russia sanctions

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Work on pressuring Russia to stop its war on Ukraine must continue, even at a national level when the EU cannot, Jan Marian deputy foreign minister of the Czech Republic, told EURACTIV in an interview on Monday (3 June).

Agrifood 18-07-2023

EU-Morocco fisheries deal stuck pending court decision on self-determination claim

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A millions-worth fisheries deal between the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco expired due to a dispute over its legality and the inclusion of Western Sahara's representatives in the negotiations pending a decision from the EU’s highest court.


EU must win ‘battle of narratives’ with Russia to retain African influence

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The EU needs to make a strong ‘offer’ to African states if it is to win a ‘battle of narratives’ with Russia and China, the bloc’s international partnerships commissioner told MEPs on Tuesday (11 July). 


Polish deadlock on EU-Africa treaty is holding relationship ‘hostage’

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More than two years after being finalised by negotiators, the treaty that governs relations between the European Union and the 89 members of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific community remains unratified.

Coal 28-06-2023

Germany’s Baerbock preaches coal exit to reluctant South Africa

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Berlin is fighting for South Africa to stay on track to phase out coal as agreed, despite domestic pushback against the planned mothballing of aged power plants amid an ongoing energy crisis.


It is time for Poland to lift their block on the post-Cotonou treaty

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Political and economic relations between the EU and the African, Caribbean and Pacific community have been held hostage by Hungary and now Poland. This must end, writes Carlos Zorrinho.