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Politics 03-05-2024

Bulgarian court stops largest EU-funded environmental project, citing health risks

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On Thursday Bulgaria's Supreme Administrative Court stopped the controversial project to build a refuse-derived fuel (RDF) waste incinerator in the centre of Sofia, which would have used EU funding to turn the capital's waste into heat and electricity.

EU Parliament approves new rules to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging

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The European Parliament has adopted by a large majority a new directive on packaging and packaging waste. The text includes measures to prevent the production of waste, but also to promote the reuse and recycling of certain types of packaging.

Eucalyptus: Portugal’s sustainability dilemma

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Portuguese eucalyptus forests are helping to replace plastics, but as the country's climate warms up, this highly flammable tree is a growing threat to people and biodiversity.

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New packaging rules set to become law despite Commission objections

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EU national governments agreed on Friday (15 March) to a new regime of packaging waste rules, following a dramatic few weeks during which the European Commission threatened to veto an agreement reached between governments and the European Parliament.

EU Parliament approves proposal to reduce textile and food waste

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The European Parliament on Wednesday (13 March) backed targets for the prevention and reduction of food and textile waste across the bloc. However, environmental NGOs have criticised the proposal's lack of ambition. 

Circular economy 04-03-2024

Level up EU circular economy: Unlock the power of mixed waste sorting

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As the European Union undergoes a crucial revision of its Waste Framework Directive, there is a pressing need for bold and innovative strategies to address the crisis of waste incineration and landfilling, write Alex Darut and Janek Vahk.


Is Europe set to become China’s recycling bin?

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The EU is considering defining post-consumer plastic waste as "plastic waste placed on the market of a Member State or a third country" - a definition which could threaten the entire recycling industry in Europe, write Lauriane Veillard and Joan Marc Simon.

Circular economy 15-02-2024

Lawmakers back EU law to cut food and textile waste

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The European Parliament's environment committee voted on Wednesday (14 February) in favour of EU targets to reduce food waste as well as an obligation on the textile industry to pay for the trash it generates.

Agrifood 12-02-2024

EU Commission moves to ban Bisphenol A in food packaging

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The European Commission launched a consultation on a draft proposal to phase out the use of the controversial chemical bisphenol A in food contact materials, including plastic boxes, protective coatings for cans, and food processing equipment. 

Circular economy 31-01-2024

Packaging waste regulation offers a final test of Europe’s commitment to the Green Deal

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In the face of an escalating packaging waste crisis, European citizens and circular businesses are still eagerly waiting for the EU institutions to finally deliver credible rules to stop the growth of throwaway packing, writes Marco Musso.

Beer makers lament Council’s wine, spirits exemption from EU packaging rules

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Wine and spirits should be exempt from future EU repackaging rules, EU environment ministers decided on Monday (18 December), angering beer producers who will have to comply with the new rules which include a new deposit system.

Climate change 23-11-2023

The draft regulation on packaging waste stokes fears about impact on forests

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In the run-up to this week's vote in the European Parliament on the draft packaging waste regulation, a Euractiv event looked at the impact of packaging on Europe's forests. Here are the key points.

Parliament votes to water down EU’s packaging waste law

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The European Parliament adopted its position Wednesday (22 November) on legislation to reduce packaging waste, after a tense debate on the role of reuse, recycling and bans.

Circular economy 23-10-2023

Italian lawmakers weigh on EU’s green packaging law ahead of key vote

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Lawmakers in the European Parliament’s environment committee will vote on their approach to new rules tackling packaging waste on Tuesday (24 October) amid warnings from environmental groups that the law risks being watered down due to a concerted pushback from Italian MEPs.

Future of reuse systems at stake in key packaging waste law vote

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Europe needs to shift towards reusable packaging to help bring it back within planetary boundaries. This requires structural change, underpinned by an ambitious packaging waste law, and lawmakers in the European Parliament need to back this, writes Aline Maigret.

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PPWR must seek a balance between recycling and reuse for the benefit of the environment and society

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Interacting with corrugated cardboard is a near daily occurrence in most people’s lives. It protects essential goods of all types as they travel around the globe and eventually end up in stores nearby or on our front doorsteps. Eleni Despotou …

Circular economy 06-09-2023

Study: Reusable packaging lowers emissions compared to single-use

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Reusable packaging options could produce less emissions than single-use for some types of takeaway packaging, as long as collection, return and washing systems are efficient, according to a study published on Tuesday (5 September).

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Challenging Packaging Practices: Recyclable Cardboard vs Reusable Crates

Replacing recyclable cardboard with reusable crates would increase the environmental impact of packaging and go against the spirit of the EU Green Deal. FEFCO prepared a video to dive deep into this issue and explore the many unintended consequences of reuse.

Circular economy 04-07-2023

‘Room for fine tuning’ on EU’s packaging waste regulation, official says

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The EU's proposed packaging waste regulation can be fine-tuned to suit business needs but should not allow for too many exemptions, a senior EU official has said.

Circular economy 27-06-2023

Glass deposit scheme makes a comeback in France

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France will see the comeback of the glass bottle return scheme by 2025, according to a recent government announcement, which has already been welcomed by NGOs who now expect new initiatives to meet EU plastic waste reduction targets.

Can a global treaty stop plastic pollution?

This week on the 100th episode of the Beyond the Byline podcast, we dive into the negotiations on a potentially groundbreaking global treaty to end plastic pollution. Eirik Lindebjerg, Global Plastics Policy Lead at World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Willemijn Peeters, …

Fridges and dishwashers packed in reusable plastic? Bad idea, industry says

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Large household appliances will have to be transported almost entirely using reuseable packaging by 2030, according to the European Commission’s proposed packaging waste law, a move widely questioned by players in the supply chain.

Parliament split over how to tackle EU’s packaging waste problem

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Lawmakers in the European Parliament are split over the best way to tackle Europe’s growing packaging waste problem, with reuse versus recycling at the heart of the debate.

Lead EU lawmaker cuts takeaway reuse targets from draft packaging waste law

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Targets to boost the reuse of packaging in the restaurant sector have been deleted by the European Parliament lawmaker in charge of negotiating a new law on packaging waste, according to a set of amendments seen by EURACTIV.