Politics 12-06-2024

Will German far right AfD drop scandal-plagued leader in bid to rejoin ID?

Despite a series of recent scandals, Germany's far-right AfD party achieved its best national result in history in the European elections on Sunday (9 June). But its internal situation is not so rosy.

Politics 11-06-2024

Navigating Through France’s Political Storm

On Sunday night, Emmanuel Macron called for snap elections. Can the president's sudden move halt the far right's rising success?

Politics 10-06-2024

All that changed on election night

More than 360 million European citizens had the right to vote in this weekend's European Parliament elections. Across Europe, the overall turnout was around 51%, and the results had knock-on effects on individual countries.

Politics 09-06-2024

How national concerns drive European elections in Slovakia, Czechia, Latvia and Malta

In this episode, journalists Aneta Zachova, Liene Lusite and Alice Taylor explain turnout trends, projections and what drives the electoral campaign in the latest countries to close their polls.

Politics 08-06-2024

Ireland heads to the polls and achieves a relatively high turnout

On the second day of the European elections, the Irish and the Czech went to the polls to decide who they want to represent them in the upcoming European Parliament.

Technology 07-06-2024

How consumer protections can be enhanced in e-commerce

This week, together with Marco Scialdone, a lawyer and adjunct professor of law and management of digital content and services at the European University of Rome, we delve into the impact of the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA).

Politics 07-06-2024

The Netherlands kicks off the European elections

The European elections have officially started. Yesterday, around 44 percent of Dutch citizens went to the ballot to cast their vote. We’re here with the latest polls, projected seats, and all the highlights from last night.

Politics 06-06-2024

EU elections: Final projections before the vote

Today is the first day of the European elections, with citizens heading to the polls to determine who will sit in the new European Parliament, first in the Netherlands today and then in the other EU countries on 7-9 June. 

Politics 05-06-2024

The challenges each party faces ahead of the EU elections

Continuing our election coverage, today we’re focusing on the EU parties, the big political families behind our national ones, and their challenges. Who are these parties exactly and what are the obstacles they face?

Politics 04-06-2024

Breaking down the obscure jargon of EU institutions

If 'Bad English' has become the unofficial language of the European Union, it is in large part because its building blocks are acronyms, abbreviations, and insider references that have turned communication among politicians, analysts, and lobbyists in Brussels into an obscure and dense vernacular.

Politics 03-06-2024

The EU Commissioners guessing game

With the EU elections just days away, speculations about the EU Commissioners are growing louder.

Technology 31-05-2024

The Commission’s coordination failures in AI investment

The European Commission kicked off plans to boost investments in its AI sector back in 2018. But they were neither clearly defined, nor well coordinated, argued the European Court of Auditors (ECA) in a report released this week.

Global Europe 31-05-2024

How close is Ukraine to joining the EU?

Diplomats are racing against time to open negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union before Hungary takes over the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU on 1 July.

Politics 30-05-2024

On the campaign trail with socialist frontrunner Nicolas Schmit

The current EU Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Luxembourg's Nicolas Schmit, is touring EU member states to rally support for national socialist parties and strengthen his party's standing ahead of June's EU elections.

Politics 29-05-2024

The future of the far right in Europe, viewed from France

In the face of a deeply divided left, the French National Rally's grab for power is easier than many might expect. How is the party reshaping the influence of the far-right at the European level?

Agrifood 28-05-2024

Twitter Space: Upcoming EU mandate, what are the new agrifood priorities?

2024 marks the year of another significant change in the EU’s political composition. Every five years, EU leaders collectively determine the EU's political priorities, a process occurring in conjunction with the European Parliament elections and preceding the appointment of each European Commission. Kicked off by the European elections in early June, the shifts in political groups and coalitions within the EU will shape its policy agenda and future legislation.

Listen to this recent Euractiv Twitter Space to gather new information and opinions on the upcoming EU legislation and its possible priorities for the European agricultural sector.

Greens position themselves as alternative to far-right, focus on security and defence

As the European Parliament elections approach, the Greens are broadening their focus beyond environmental policies to address issues like security, defence and housing, which resonate more with the general electorate.

Politics 27-05-2024

Why authoritarian leaders are on the rise, according to the latest UN report

Around the globe, the number of citizens who show unwavering support for democracy is on the rise but there are also more and more of those voting for leaders who may undermine democracy.

Technology 24-05-2024

The AI Convention on Human Rights: Worth the hype?

The Council of Europe, the bloc's human rights body, adopted its first framework convention on artificial intelligence (AI, democracy and the rule of law on 17 May.

Politics 24-05-2024

Will the new Dutch coalition fight the EU or seek solutions?

Four Dutch parties, including Geert Wilders’ far-right Party for Freedom, have agreed on a government programme emphasising nationalism and a tougher stance on Europe.

Economy 23-05-2024

EU elections candidates clash over what’s best for European economy

Candidates across the political spectrum are meeting twice this week to confront their adversaries and share their vision for Europe. What did they have to say about the state of the EU economy?

Politics 22-05-2024

How Fico’s assassination attempt sparked debate on political violence

Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot five times in an assassination attempt that shocked Europe.

Global Europe 21-05-2024

Which European states stand with Palestine?

As Israel widens the scope of its invasion of Gaza to the southern city of Rafah, four EU countries have today decided to officially recognise the state of Palestine, in line with the long-touted proposal for a 'two-state solution' to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Technology 17-05-2024

The Pertsev case: A tornado for decentralized and open-source software in the Netherlands?

Tornado Cash co-founder Alexey Pertsev was sentenced to a little over five months in jail this week by a Dutch court, for helping to create a tool that obfuscates the trail of cryptocurrencies. The tool, built and run on Ethereum blockchain, was used by hackers to launder their illicitly obtained funds.