Elections 24-05-2024

The Brief – What about LGBTIQ+ rights, Ursula?

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After the second EU election debate, everyone talked about von der Leyen leaving the door wide open to Giorgia Meloni’s hard-right Fratelli d’Italia. But does the Commission president also tolerate the party’s questionable stance on LGBTIQ+? Her answer was decidedly ... evasive.


Anti-LGBTQ violence hits ‘new high’: EU report

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Violence and harassment against LGBTQ people in Europe have reached a "new high" in the past few years, according to a survey published Tuesday (14 May) by the European Union's rights agency.


Czech memorial finally honours Roma victims of Nazis

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A memorial to hundreds of Roma killed at a World War II concentration camp on Tuesday (23 April) opened in the Czech Republic at the site of the camp that became a pig farm during communist rule when the slaughter was nearly forgotten.


UK unveils new extremism definition amid rise in hate crimes against Jews, Muslims

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Britain unveiled a new definition of extremism on Thursday (14 March) in response to an eruption of hate crimes against Jews and Muslims since the 7 October Hamas attacks on Israel, although critics said the change risked infringing on freedom of speech.

Global Europe 08-03-2024

Invest in women: Ending the patriarchy requires money on the table

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The fight for women’s rights over the past fifty years is a story of progress. But that progress is under threat and full equality remains light years away, writes António Guterres.


Divided Greek government greenlights same-sex marriage with opposition votes

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The Greek government passed a bill on Thursday to legalise same-sex marriage and adoption thanks to the opposition progressive parties’ votes as 51 lawmakers from ruling conservative New Democracy party (EPP) opposed it.


Greek Orthodox Church asks for roll-call vote on same-sex marriage bill

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The Greek Orthodox Church asked lawmakers on Wednesday (14 February) to hold a roll-call vote on the same-sex marriage bill, a sensitive issue that has sparked an intense debate in the country and divided the ruling conservative New Democracy party.


EU agrees first law combatting violence against women

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EU member countries and lawmakers reached an agreement on Tuesday (6 February) on the bloc's first rules to tackle violence against women, the European Parliament and officials said.


Greece to legalise same-sex marriage, adoption

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Greece will legalise marriage and adoption by same-sex couples, the prime minister said on Wednesday (10 January), but gave no timeframe on the sensitive issue in the staunchly Christian Orthodox state.


Depardieu accusations expose divide in France over sexism

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An open letter penned by dozens of actresses and other artists in defense of Gerard Depardieu, the cinema giant accused of sexual harassment, has laid bare divisions in France over the #Metoo reckoning with sexism.


EU Commission boosts Jewish, Muslim protection amidst Israel-Hamas war

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The European Commission unveiled on Wednesday (6 December) a set of measures and recommendations across policy areas to tackle hate crimes across Europe, especially against Jewish and Muslim communities - but some say it may fall short. 

Europe's East 04-12-2023

Ukrainian reconstruction efforts lack commitment to accessibility

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The needs of people with disabilities have been largely neglected in Ukraine, even though their number has greatly increased during the Russian invasion, and efforts to reconstruct the country should address this, European disability rights activists told Euractiv.

Europe's East 01-12-2023

Inclusive reconstruction of Ukraine: What’s at stake?

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War destruction offers a ‘chance’ to rebuild Ukraine in a way that considers its changing identity -- and with special attention for people with disabilities such as soldiers-amputees, writes Anna Romandash.

Global Europe 29-11-2023

Draft bill seeks ‘loyalty agreement’ from foreigners entering Russia

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Russia's Internal Affairs ministry is preparing a bill that would oblige foreigners entering the country to sign a "loyalty agreement" that would bar them from discrediting official policies, the TASS state news agency reported early on Wednesday (29 November).


Government offices in EU can ban religious symbols: EU court

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Government offices in the EU can ban employees wearing religious symbols such as Islamic headscarves, even when they do not have contact with the public, the Court of Justice of the EU ruled Tuesday (28 November).


March against antisemitism draws 50,000 in London

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An estimated 50,000 demonstrators against antisemitism marched in London on Sunday (26 November) to protest against a rise in hate crimes against Jews since the attack by Hamas militants on Israel in October and Israel's subsequent bombardment of Gaza.

Economy 07-11-2023

EU lawmakers back recognition of parental rights across the EU

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Members of the European Parliament on Tuesday (7 November) agreed their position on a proposed EU regulation to ensure parental rights are recognised across the Union independently from how a child is born.


Hungary museum head fired for not enforcing LGBTQ law

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The head of the Hungarian National Museum was sacked on Monday (6 November) for "failing" to enforce a government order barring minors from an exhibition under a controversial law targeting LGBTQ content.


European Commission says ‘European Jews today are again living in fear’

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The European Commission on Sunday (5 November) condemned the jump in anti-Semitism across the EU since the outbreak of conflict in the Middle East, saying "European Jews today are again living in fear."


Open hatred of Jews surges globally, inflamed by Gaza war

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Incidents of antisemitism have surged globally since the attack by Hamas gunmen on southern Israel on 7 October and the subsequent war on the Islamist group launched by Israel in the Gaza Strip.


Anti-Black racism is rising in EU countries, led by Germany, study finds

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Racism towards Black people is growing in Europe, with Germany, Austria and Finland showing the highest rates of discrimination and harassment, a survey of first- and second-generation Black immigrants in 13 EU countries published on Wednesday (25 October) found.


Icelandic women strike against gender injustice

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Tens of thousands of Icelandic women, including the prime minister, held a strike from paid and unpaid jobs on Tuesday (23 October) in a protest against gender inequality, according to labour unions.


Italy PM Meloni leaves partner after sexist TV comments

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Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said on Friday (20 October) she had separated from her television journalist partner Andrea Giambruno, who has drawn criticism in recent weeks for sexist comments.


Mahsa Amini, women’s movement in Iran win EU’s Sakharov freedom prize

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The European Union parliament awarded its annual Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought to Iranian woman Mahsa Amini who died in police custody last year and the "Woman, Life, Freedom" movement in Iran, it said on Thursday (19 October).