Agrifood 18-04-2024

Stopping banned pesticides in the EU to be exported to 3rd countries would have little economic impact, NGOs report says

Est. 4min

A report published on Thursday (18 April) by several European NGOs shows that stopping the export of banned pesticides to Europe would have minimal economic effects, and calls on the EU to put a stop to it.

Agrifood 13-02-2024

NGOs slam France’s plans to adopt EU method for measuring pesticides risk

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France will put on hold the rollout of its national plant protection reduction plan and may adopt an EU measurement indicator to measure a molecule toxicity factor despite criticism from NGOs.

Agrifood 13-02-2024

EFSA chief shares inconvenient truths about sustainable food, Green Deal

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Topics such as the changing of food habits and who bears the cost for the transition are politically sensitive and are not addressed in the debate on sustainable food systems, said EFSA director Bernhard Url, who is expected to leave in May after 10 years at the helm of the Authority.

Agrifood 06-02-2024

EU Commission chief to withdraw the contested pesticide regulation

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In a major blow to the EU's Green Deal and Farm to Fork framework, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Tuesday (6 February) that she will withdraw the Sustainable Use Regulation (SUR), which sought to halve pesticide use by 2030.

Agrifood 25-01-2024

NGOs take legal action against Commission over reauthorisation of glyphosate

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Six European NGOs and five in France announced on Thursday they had filed two separate requests to the European Commission for an “internal review”, the first step of a legal challenge, over the recent reapproval of the contentious but widely used weedkiller glyphosate.

Agrifood 17-01-2024

MEPs reject Commission proposal to allow higher pesticide level in imported foods

Est. 3min

The European Parliament objected to raising the limit of the maximum quantity of residues of the insecticide thiacloprid, banned in the EU from 2020, on more than 30 products coming from third countries.

Agrifood 12-12-2023

EU ministers determined to advance pesticide law despite uncertainty

Est. 5min

Most EU agriculture ministers have voiced their resolve to continue work on the EU’s contentious pesticide regulation, despite the European Parliament voting against the file and further negotiations on it.

Agrifood 07-11-2023

New genomic techniques: A panacea for reducing pesticide use?

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New genomic techniques are unavoidable and could considerably reduce the use of pesticides without affecting food production, some European agricultural players have argued, though NGOs and environmental groups have been sceptical.

Agrifood 20-10-2023

MEPs push for a new target on sales of low-risk, biological pesticides

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European Parliament's political groups envisage a more active role for the EU executive in favouring the uptake of low-risk alternatives to chemical pesticides, according to a preparatory document seen by Euractiv.

Agrifood 13-10-2023

Glyphosate’s fate still hanging after inconclusive EU vote

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EU countries did not meet the required qualified majority to approve the European Commission's proposed 10-year extension for the use of the contentious herbicide glyphosate, with the next crucial vote to be held in the first half of November.

Agrifood 05-10-2023

Glyphosate approval proposal will not be turned upside down, EU Commissioner says

Est. 5min

Food Safety Commissioner Stella Kyriakides defended the key points of the EU executive’s proposal to re-approve the contentious herbicide glyphosate, signalling that the expected tweaks to the text at this point are likely to be relatively minor.

Agrifood 25-09-2023

Vienna to vote against EU glyphosate re-approval

Est. 3min

Austria will vote against the European Commission’s proposal to renew the approval of glyphosate, the country’s agriculture ministry confirmed on Monday (25 September).

Agrifood 20-09-2023

Berlin vows to put up fight against glyphosate re-approval

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German Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir said he is against extending the approval of glyphosate as proposed by the European Commission and is lobbying other countries to join his resistance.

Agrifood 20-09-2023

EU Commission proposes to re-approve glyphosate for 10 years

Est. 5min

The European Commission has proposed to renew the approval of glyphosate - a common and contentious herbicide - for a period of 10 years, with a number of restrictions.

Agrifood 25-07-2023

Germany, Spain diverge over EU body’s glyphosate verdict

Est. 3min

The agriculture ministers of Spain and Germany have opposite views on what the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) recent verdict on glyphosate should mean for the decision on re-approving the contentious herbicide.

Agrifood 17-07-2023

EU pesticide law further behind schedule as committee vote delayed

Est. 3min

The vote on the EU’s proposed pesticides regulation in the European Parliament’s agriculture committee has been pushed back to October, further narrowing the window to reach an agreement ahead of next year’s EU elections.

Agrifood 07-07-2023

Commission pushes out new data in bid to break stalemate on pesticide cuts plan

Est. 6min

The European Commission's impact assessment and update on the EU's pesticide cuts plan sparked mixed reactions among stakeholders and lawmakers, sparking calls to stop stalling the reform and caveats about consequences for European agriculture.

Agrifood 06-07-2023

Glyphosate no cause for ‘critical concern’, EU agency says

Est. 4min

In its long-awaited verdict on the risk posed by the divisive herbicide glyphosate, EU food safety authority EFSA has found 'no critical areas of concern,' although it said data gaps did not allow conclusions on certain aspects.

Agrifood 15-06-2023

LEAK: Commission dismissive of food security fears in new pesticide study

Est. 6min

The EU plan to cut pesticide use and risk in half by 2030 will have its largest impact on crops having 'little or no impact on food security', the European Commission predicted in its additional impact assessment requested by EU ministers.

Agrifood 02-06-2023

Leading MEP wants to quiz pesticide firms on withheld toxicity studies

Est. 3min

Head of the European Parliament Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI), Pascal Canfin,  wants to hold a hearing with agrochemical giants Bayer and Syngenta after researchers accused them of withholding information on the brain toxicity risk of pesticides. 

Agrifood 26-05-2023

EU farmers’ network: Pesticides can be reduced without impacting profits

Est. 5min

It is possible to reduce pesticide use with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods while ensuring farms remain economically profitable, a network of European farmers told MEPs in the European Parliament's agriculture committee.

Agrifood 04-05-2023

Berlin’s promised glyphosate ban plans could face hurdles at EU level

Est. 4min

The German government is sticking by its campaign promise to take the controversial herbicide glyphosate off the market by the end of the year. But if Brussels renews the substance's approval, a German national ban may become difficult to uphold.

Agrifood 05-04-2023

Commission turns down petition for more pesticide cuts, sticks to its plans

Est. 5min

The European Commission has ruled out tweaking its reform of the EU's plant protection products framework after a citizens' initiative demanded more ambitious targets in curbing synthetic pesticide use.

Agrifood 23-03-2023

EU Commission agrees to provide ‘additional input’ on pesticide cut plans

Est. 3min

The Commission has approved a request from EU agriculture ministers for a further impact assessment on plans to slash the use and risk of pesticides in half by 2030, but warns it does not have much more information to offer.