Circular materials

Batteries 06-06-2024

French players see EV battery recycling opportunities but face regulatory hurdles

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As electric vehicle continue their rollout, Euractiv spoke with several French industry players looking at battery recycling to capture and re-use critical raw materials.

Economy 14-05-2024

EU’s promising critical raw materials plans risk being undermined by lack of commitment 

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While the high-road approach of the CRMA factors in the social and environmental conditions in which raw materials are extracted and processed, for this strategy to be viable, the EU must follow through and secure meaningful trade agreements with partner-countries that embed these considerations

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Certifying the circular economy, verification required after new deal

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The EU’s new requirements for circularity, renewables and the bioeconomy will require verification if they are to work, after EU legislators came to a hard-fought agreement on revising the union’s legislation covering packaging and packaging waste.

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Commission alarmed by lack of critical substances, but what makes a raw material ‘critical’?

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The European Commission has raised the alarm about Europe’s lack of self-sufficiency for substances critical to the green and digital transitions. But what makes these materials so critical?

Circular economy 26-03-2024

Europe finalises rules for more recycling, less waste exports

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On Monday, the Council of the EU unanimously voted to adopt the revised Waste Shipment Regulation. This text, which now becomes EU law, aims to encourage more local waste management and greater recycling of raw materials, while exports of waste to non-EU countries will be reduced. 

Circular economy 04-03-2024

Level up EU circular economy: Unlock the power of mixed waste sorting

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As the European Union undergoes a crucial revision of its Waste Framework Directive, there is a pressing need for bold and innovative strategies to address the crisis of waste incineration and landfilling, write Alex Darut and Janek Vahk.



Recycling market in Europe faces ‘collapse’ after EU waste export ban

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The European Union’s decision to ban exports of plastic waste in and outside Europe is threatening to collapse the market for the collection and recycling of plastic packaging, Belgian industry association Valipac has warned.


Deal on EU trash export ban hailed as end of ‘waste colonialism’

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Environmental groups have applauded a landmark political agreement reached at EU level last month to ban the export of waste for disposal both inside and outside of Europe, saying it puts an end to “waste colonialism” from rich nations.


Recyclers concerned over EU plans to give free carbon credits to steel plants

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European recyclers have raised concerns over plans to hand out free CO2 allowances to steelmakers, saying the methodology considered by Brussels puts recycled steel scrap at a disadvantage compared to primary steel made from iron ore, which is more polluting.


EU readies new recycling goals for permanent magnets in white goods, wind turbines

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The EU is moving forward with new legislation to boost the recycling of rare earths contained in permanent magnets, used in everything from wind turbines to electric vehicles as well as home appliances like washing machines and microwave ovens.


EU urged to restrict export of ‘black mass’ from used electric vehicles

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The European recycling industry, backed by environmental groups, has called on Brussels to ban the export of metals recovered from used electric car batteries in a bid to promote recycling in Europe and reduce the bloc’s dependence on imported raw materials.


Recyclers applaud EU’s new plastic recycling goal for cars, automakers wary

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The European Commission’s proposed mandatory target to incorporate at least 25% of recycled plastics into new cars was met with praise from recyclers and scepticism from carmakers and the plastics industry.

UN plastic treaty talks end with mandate for first draft

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After a rocky start to a week of negotiations, around 170 countries agreed to develop a first draft by November of what could become the first global treaty to curb plastic pollution by the end of next year.


Manufacturers brace for EU ‘product passports’ to improve recycling

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European consumers suspect businesses are purposefully making products to break down quickly and be unrepairable. A new EU-wide “product passport” aims to extend their lifetime and improve recyclability, but there are big questions on how it will work.


EU countries prepare for textile recycling big bang

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Recycling textiles is no easy feat, with industrial processes still in their early years. Yet, recyclers say a looming obligation for EU countries to collect and sort used textiles will help the nascent industry get off the ground.


Burning or recycling? EU weighs options on used tyres

Est. 6min

Draft EU rules could see millions of tyres shipped outside of Europe for dumping or incineration, recyclers warn.

Economy 30-09-2022

France and Germany outline priorities for upcoming EU Raw Materials Act

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Germany and France have outlined their priorities for the EU's upcoming Critical Raw Materials Act in a position paper that aims at boosting the resilience of supply chains and decreasing Europe's dependence on foreign suppliers like China. 

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European recycling at risk under the EU’s waste shipment proposals

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Waste shipments are vital to preserve the competitiveness of the European recycling industry. While strict rules must be put in place and more importantly enforced to combat illegal waste shipments which harm the environment and human health and the recycling industry, export restrictions applicable to recycled material


New restrictions on waste exports risk hindering recycling in Europe, industry warns

Est. 7min

European Commission plans to overhaul of the EU's waste shipment regulation could hit the recycling industry by creating a captive market in Europe with artificially low prices that will depress investments in recycling, the industry has warned. 


EU recycling chief: product policy should embrace circular economy

Est. 10min

With the European Commission due to present its Sustainable Products Action Plan on 30 March, Emmanuel Katrakis takes stock of the EU's push for a more circular economy in an interview with EURACTIV France.

Circular economy 18-02-2022

France should start mining lithium at home, minister says

Est. 2min

France should start exploiting its own lithium resources to meet increased demand stemming from a shift away from fossil fuels, Barbara Pompili, the country's environment minister, said in a video interview published on Thursday (17 February) by business daily Les Echos.

Circular economy 16-02-2022

High recycling rate of PET bottles questioned in new study

Est. 4min

PET bottles used as packaging for soft drinks and mineral waters are often touted as the greenest type of plastic, with one of the highest recycling rates in the industry. But those claims are new being challenged by new research.

Circular economy 08-02-2022

EU tests blockchain certification scheme for rare earths, EV batteries

Est. 3min

An EU-funded certification scheme using blockchain is being developed for rare earths as automakers demand proof that materials used to make magnets for electric vehicles (EVs) are not linked to toxic pollution. The system will set global standards and give confidence …

Circular economy 02-02-2022

EU to tackle ‘green claims’ with unified product lifecycle methodology

Est. 7min

The European Commission is preparing to table a proposal on 30 March that will force companies to substantiate their environmental claims, using an EU-wide methodology that has been in the making for nearly ten years.


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