Global Europe 29-05-2024

Germany, Czech Republic seek EU talks on fully quitting Russian energy

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Germany and the Czech Republic are pushing the European Union to hold talks on how to eliminate the remaining energy sources Europe imports from Russia, EU diplomats told Reuters on Tuesday (28 May).

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Biofuels 09-05-2024

Biofuels election promise, a renewed mandate for renewables

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Voters deeply concerned with living costs and climate change are being offered a voice by the European Biodiesel Board, it's calling for a balanced, inclusive, and affordable climate policy in line with the EU’s net zero by 2050 goal.

Energy 11-04-2024

EU ‘declaring war’ on energy sector methane emissions

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The European Parliament adopted a pioneering new law to reduce methane emissions in the energy sector on Wednesday (10 April), but the oil and gas sector quickly pointed to potential implementation problems.

US to praise India for making Russia oil price cap work

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The G7 price cap on Russian oil shipments is cutting the revenue that Moscow has available to support its invasion of Ukraine, and the mechanism's effectiveness is helped by the recent actions of Indian refiners, US officials will say.

Europe's East 27-03-2024

US secondary sanctions work: Russia struggles to collect oil payments

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Russian oil firms face delays of up to several months to be paid for crude and fuel as banks in China, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates become more wary of US secondary sanctions.

Big oil profits top €260bn since start of Ukraine war: report

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European and US oil majors have made record profits totalling more than €260 billion since the Russian invasion of Ukraine started in February 2022, according to NGO Global Witness.

Energy 08-02-2024

EU delays corporate transparency rules for mining, oil and gas firms

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The European Parliament and the Council of EU member states agreed on Wednesday evening (7 February) to grant a two-year delay for sector-specific standards under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), offering a break to mining and fossil fuel firms targeted by the upcoming transparency rules.

Climate change 08-02-2024

The US and Saudi Arabia are taking COP28 pledges seriously

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The US and Saudi Arabia have reduced investment in oil and gas supply, putting consuming countries in front of their responsibilities by forcing them to act and deliver on their COP28 pledges, writes Thierry Bros.

Transport 07-02-2024

Belgium postpones EU vote on truck emissions as Germany imperils majority

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Belgium has postponed a vote by EU ambassadors on new emission standards for trucks – initially planned for Wednesday (7 February) – to Friday, after Germany withdrew its previous support for the law, leaving the majority unclear.

Politics 07-02-2024

Polish government introduces changes in PiS-controlled petrol giant

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Prime Minister Donald Tusk's government began structural and personnel changes in the partially state-owned petrol giant, Orlen, which has been controlled by the former conservative PiS (ECR) cabinet until now.

Road transport 31-01-2024

Car emissions 14% higher than advertised by manufacturers, study finds

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The gap between official and real-world car emissions has grown by 80% in the past five years, despite advanced testing procedures in place to prevent such a discrepancy, a new study has found.

Aviation 30-01-2024

Green hydrogen is the only viable route for aviation and shipping

Est. 5min

Given its limited supply, green hydrogen must be reserved for hard-to-decarbonise sectors such as aviation and shipping, rather than directed towards sectors that can be electrified, writes Aoife O’Leary.

Biofuels 25-01-2024

BP pushes to extend definition of ‘advanced’ biofuels as green aviation targets loom

Est. 4min

Oil giant BP Europe is pushing for a revision of the EU’s rules for biofuels, fossil fuel alternatives made from crops, animal fats, and waste, to allow more crops into the EU’s definition of ‘advanced’ biofuels that can be used for aviation.

China 22-01-2024

China defies sanctions to make Russia its biggest oil supplier in 2023

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Russia leapfrogged Saudi Arabia to become China's top crude oil supplier in 2023, data showed on Saturday (20 January), as the world's biggest crude importer defied Western sanctions to purchase vast quantities of discounted oil for its processing plants.

Freight 18-01-2024

Deal reached to boost number of zero-emission trucks and buses on EU roads

Est. 5min

EU countries and the European Parliament reached an agreement on Thursday (18 January) on new rules tightening CO2 limits on heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs), paving the way for a significant increase in the number of clean trucks and buses across the bloc.

Energy 14-01-2024

A call from Kyiv to Davos: Curbing Russian oil and gas would bring peace in Ukraine

Est. 5min

As Davos deliberates on the world's economic future, the call from Kyiv is resolute: put an end to Russian oil and gas, and you will not only end the war in Ukraine but also slow the spread of autocracy and speed up the global energy transition, write Svitlana Romanko and Oleh Savytskyi.

Global Europe 30-12-2023

Europe-bound diesel, jet fuel cargoes divert from Red Sea

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At least four tankers transporting diesel and jet fuel from the Middle East and India to Europe are taking the longer route around Africa to avoid the Red Sea, ship tracking data show.

Agrifood 14-12-2023

EU is ‘driving without a map’ on biofuels policy, auditors find

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The EU’s complex policy approach to biofuels lacks a long-term outlook and risks undermining the bloc’s transport decarbonisation targets, an analysis by the European Court of Auditors has found.

Climate change 09-12-2023

Another oil state hosting climate summit? Azerbaijan clears hurdle

Est. 3min

Petro-state Azerbaijan has cleared a key hurdle to host next year's UN climate summit despite the controversy over COP28 taking place in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates.

One year on, Russian oil price cap partially delivers 

Est. 4min

A Western price cap imposed a year ago Tuesday (5 December) on Russia's oil has had limited success with Russia increasingly finding ways to deliver crude at prices above the $60 limit.

Politics 06-12-2023

Lukoil considers sale of Bulgarian refinery

Est. 4min

Russian oil company Lukoil is considering all possible options for the future of its Bulgarian business, including the sale of the Balkans’ largest refinery, Neftochim Burgas, and its vast network of petrol stations and oil depots in the country, the Russian company announced on Tuesday.

Climate change 05-12-2023

Record more than 2,000 fossil fuel lobbyists at COP28 talks: NGOs

Est. 3min

A record almost 2,500 fossil fuel lobbyists have been accredited for UN climate talks in Dubai, as negotiators wrestle with calls to end all new oil, gas and coal projects to curb global warming, campaign groups said Tuesday (5 December).

Biofuels 27-11-2023

EU Parliament support for renewable fuel-powered trucks prompts controversy

Est. 5min

Green campaigners have condemned the European Parliament’s proposed provisions for trucks running solely on renewable fuels, though the fuels industry insists the move is in line with Europe’s climate goals.

Maritime 17-11-2023

Shipowners challenge green fuels’ inclusion in truck CO2 standards

Est. 5min

Scarce e-fuels and sustainable biofuels should be reserved for hard-to-decarbonise transport modes such as shipping, rather than going to trucks and buses where electrification is a viable option, shipowners argue.