Inclusive budgets: giving everyone a seat at the table

Read this Special Report in Romanian or in Dutch.

Participatory budgeting, the co-decision tool on the city expenditure, can be a leverage for equality and inclusion, giving every citizen a say on the initiatives and projects that should be funded by their municipality.

But how can local governments ensure that everyone has a chance to get their seat at the table? And how can they make sure decisions taken improve everyone’s life?

Experts are increasingly calling on governments to include a gender perspective when allocating funds, to make sure decisions taken are not gender-blind. Meanwhile, more and more schools and municipalities have started experimenting with youth participatory budgeting giving a voice to the young generations.

However, obstacles to inclusive citizen engagement remain, especially among ethnic minorities and displaced communities, whose participation is often hindered by the lack of political will and language barriers.

EURACTIV takes a closer look in this special report.

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