Solar PV industry caught up in China forced-labour controversy

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Political momentum is swaying in favour of European solar panel manufacturers, as work progresses on a new EU law banning forced labour practices that would effectively block Chinese imports.

EU Commission cautions against trade measures to support solar industry

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The European Union needs to take into account its ambitious targets for solar power deployment before it considers any measures to curb imports of photovoltaic panels, wafers and other components, a senior EU official said on Monday (5 February).

Economy 06-02-2024

East German state premier blames US for solar industry malaise

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Saxony prime minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU/EPP) blamed the USA’s ‘protectionism’ against China for the current malaise of European solar manufacturers, arguing that it proves the necessity of an independent trade policy approach towards China. 

Economy 05-02-2024

Solar industry calls for ‘emergency measures’ as manufacturers prepare to leave Europe

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European solar panel manufacturers have warned they are “poised to shut down manufacturing lines” unless the EU takes emergency measures to save the sector, such as a buy-out of their inventories, which have piled up in recent years due to an influx of cheaper versions from China.

Renewables roll-out in France too slow to meet EU targets – report

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France is lagging behind its initial renewable energy targets for 2023, although it is set to pick up the pace by 2030, but not enough to meet EU targets, the latest figures from the French Renewable Energy Observatory published on Thursday (25 January) show.

Germany’s last solar panel producer prepares to close shop

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Meyer Burger, the biggest producer of solar modules in Germany, has announced plans to close down and relocate to the US, fuelling political debates on whether the industry deserves long-term state support to ensure its survival.

IEA renewables report 2023: Europe’s growth becoming solar success story

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The International Energy Agency (IEA) is forecasting a 61% share for renewable electricity in Europe by 2028, partly due to an unprecedented surge of previously unforeseen solar panel installations.

Support for renewable energy lowest in France, Germany

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Nearly every second citizen in Germany and France is either negative towards renewable energies or does not have an opinion on them, according to a recent survey conducted across 26 European countries.

Politics 04-12-2023

Romania announces bid to boost photovoltaics by 2030

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Romania aims to have over eight gigawatts (GW) in photovoltaic renewable energy production units installed by 2030, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai over the weekend following his country’s accession to the International Solar Alliance.

Climate change 02-12-2023

Global coalition pledges to triple renewables, double energy efficiency improvements

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118 countries – China and India not included – have signed up to a pledge to triple their renewable energy capacity and double their rate of energy efficiency improvements by 2030.

Economy 20-11-2023

EU Parliament set to back exclusion of Chinese renewables’ manufacturers

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With the Net Zero Industry Act due to be voted in the European Parliament on Tuesday (21 November), the EU could exclude Chinese products from public tenders for large renewable energy projects.

Politics 17-10-2023

Bulgarian Constitutional Court to hear case against agrophotovoltaic use

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Building agrophotovoltaics on arable land – which is when the same area of land is used to obtain both solar energy and agricultural products – could lead to the transformation of agricultural areas into energy production plants, President Rumen Radev said before the Constitutional Court on Monday.

Consumers sharing cheap renewable electricity? It’s possible, if EU really wants to

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Energy sharing under the EU’s proposed electricity market design reform is under threat from opposition in the European Parliament, which could allow EU countries to limit it to neighbourhood-level only. This cannot be allowed to happen, writes Monique Goyens.

Politics 04-10-2023

Romania’s photovoltaic boom could backfire because of old power grid

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Romania’s old power grid may not be able to cope with the unprecedented surge in the use of photovoltaic systems which so far has resulted in a volume of 1.063 MW of energy generation.

Europe’s solar industry warns against tariffs on imports

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Europe's solar power industry has warned policymakers not to impose tariffs on imports, amid fears that disrupting supplies of products from China would seriously damage Europe's ability to rapidly install clean energy.

Politics 21-09-2023

France must triple renewable power capacities by 2035, says grid operator

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To meet its EU targets, France will need to triple its use of renewable power and reduce its energy consumption by a third by 2035, France’s electricity grid operator RTE said in its 2030-2035 energy outlook.

EU lawmakers pass bill hiking renewable energy targets

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The European Parliament gave its final approval on Tuesday (12 September) to legally binding targets to expand renewable energy faster this decade, a central part of Europe's plans to curb climate change and shift away from fossil fuels.

Politics 07-07-2023

Slovakia’s solar panels may not all be eligible for EU funds

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Fewer solar panels and heat pumps are expected to be funded through EU funds in Slovakia in the future as the environmental ‘do no significant harm’ principle will be among the criteria to apply for state funding from July. The change …

Politics 05-07-2023

Ireland announces enhanced support for solar power projects

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The Irish government improved its support for companies switching to solar power on Tuesday, opening up an ongoing scheme providing grants for solar photovoltaic installations to a broader range of businesses. Story updated to correct unit of measurement and statistic The approved changes …

Electricity 27-06-2023

Germany outlines plan to expand, digitalise power grids

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The digitalisation of distribution grids is one of the main priorities of the German Federal Network Agency, which presented ambitious plans on Monday (26 June) for the expansion of the country's electricity grid.

Renewable energy directive: Three key measures to speed up deployment

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The EU’s updated renewable energy directive includes numerous measures to fast-track projects. Meeting the EU’s updated 2030 target for renewables will now require swift implementation by EU Member States, write Marian Bons and Agustin Roth. Marian Bons and Agustin Roth are …

Eastern EU countries will make or break the bloc’s 2030 renewables goal

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The EU’s renewable energy target for 2030 is at risk due to low ambition in Central and Eastern European countries. The upcoming revision of National Energy and Climate Plans is a crucial opportunity to remedy this, write Pawel Czyzak and Rebekka Popp.

Emirates, global renewables agency want to triple green energy by 2030

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The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the United Arab Emirates' clean energy company Masdar have joined forces to create a path to tripling the world's renewable energy capacity by 2030, ahead of the UN's next annual climate conference, COP28.

Politics 25-04-2023

Historic solar park to be built in Albania amid low confidence in hydropower

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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is giving €29 million to a special purpose vehicle owned by France's Voltalia, to develop the 140 MW Karavasta solar plant in ​​southwest Albania, at a time communities continue to oppose hydropower, the country’s current number one energy source.