Industrial Policy

Economy 26-04-2024

Macron pitches ‘made in Europe’ to guarantee prosperity in ‘Sorbonne II’ speech

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"Europe could die," French President Emmanuel Macron warned in a much-awaited speech on the future of the EU at Sorbonne University on Thursday (25 April), stressing the importance of an industry 'Made in Europe', particularly in sectors like energy and digital.

Economy 08-04-2024

France, Germany and Italy eye ‘omnibus’ law to cut regulatory burden

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Economy, finance and business ministers from France, Germany, and Italy are set to sketch out plans for a sweeping “omnibus” law to cut requirements for businesses on Monday (8 April), turbo-charging industrialists’ demand for a European Industrial deal.

Economy 19-03-2024

EIB ready to ‘stretch’ lending criteria as it prepares for EU Council’s call to arms

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The European Investment Bank (EIB) could move one step closer to loosening its lending criteria to unlock more direct investment into defence as soon as Thursday (21 March), when it expects to get the final signal it needs from the European Union's 27 member states, Euractiv understands.

Economy 04-03-2024

Europe’s industrial decarbonisation at risk amid sharp drop in CO2 price

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The sharp drop in the EU's CO2 price, caused by high energy prices and political uncertainty, risks the carbon market's credibility – and becomes an obstacle to the bloc's industrial decarbonisation.

Economy 29-02-2024

US money propping up France’s investment allure, but will it last?

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The number of confirmed foreign investments projects in France is on the up for the third year in a row, according to new government data released on Thursday (29 February) – almost a third of which comes from the US, despite growing concerns over labour costs and administrative complexity.

Economy 21-02-2024

The Brief – The industrialists are back

Est. 7min

History is a circle and the 90s are back: Look no further than the gatherings of Europe’s industrialists.

Economy 20-02-2024

State aid should be ‘stopped’, Danish industry minister warns

Est. 6min

The current loosening of EU state aid rules should not be prolonged further, Danish Industry Minister Morten Bødskov warned on Tuesday (20 February) while in Berlin to meet his German counterpart, Robert Habeck.

Economy 14-02-2024

EU Greens chief slams Belgian central banker’s claim climate fight will leave EU poorer

Est. 5min

The co-president of the Greens/EFA European parliamentary group, Philippe Lamberts, rebuked recent warnings by the head of Belgium's central bank that the green transition will make Europe poorer

Economy 13-02-2024

New EU fiscal reforms will impede critical investments, experts warn

Est. 6min

The much-delayed reform of the EU’s fiscal rules agreed between the European Parliament and Council over the weekend will hamper the bloc’s ability to make critical investments in green technology and Europe’s defence industry, experts interviewed by Euractiv said.

Competition 09-02-2024

Unions issue ‘urgent’ call for EU industrial policy to respect workers’ rights

Est. 5min

“When we give vast amounts of taxpayers’ money to private industry, we should be ensuring they are creating quality jobs that make this collective investment worthwhile."

EU closes deal on scaled-back clean tech ‘sovereignty fund’

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Legislators from the Council of EU member states and the European Parliament reached agreement on Wednesday (7 February) on a scaled-back version of what was initially pitched as an EU sovereignty fund to support green technologies.

Nuclear power officially labelled as ‘strategic’ for EU’s decarbonisation

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The Council of EU member states and the European Parliament agreed on Tuesday (6 February) to label nuclear power as a strategic technology for the EU's decarbonisation, following months of intense negotiations in Brussels over the Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA).

Economy 06-02-2024

Business leaders blame skills shortage for Europe’s industrial decline

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“We have to make sure that we work on reindustrialisation before our history has disappeared, and that is really why we have to act now."

Economy 06-02-2024

East German state premier blames US for solar industry malaise

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Saxony prime minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU/EPP) blamed the USA’s ‘protectionism’ against China for the current malaise of European solar manufacturers, arguing that it proves the necessity of an independent trade policy approach towards China. 

Economy 05-02-2024

Solar industry calls for ‘emergency measures’ as manufacturers prepare to leave Europe

Est. 6min

European solar panel manufacturers have warned they are “poised to shut down manufacturing lines” unless the EU takes emergency measures to save the sector, such as a buy-out of their inventories, which have piled up in recent years due to an influx of cheaper versions from China.

Elections 31-01-2024

France’s Attal pledges to ‘de-bureaucratise’ France in first major speech

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France’s freshly-appointed Gabriel Attal vowed to take down bureaucracy and regulatory weight in a large-scale speech on Tuesday (30 January), joining a growing call across the EU to cut back on red tape.

Economy 26-01-2024

The Brief – Technology can save the world, if we let it

Est. 6min

If you follow the EU’s, say, transport policy, there is one term you will hear over and over again: Technology neutrality.

Economy 24-01-2024

EU should ‘cut red tape’ to halt industrial slump, Belgian FM says

Est. 5min

Belgian finance minister Vincent Van Peteghem has said that developing an 'Industrial Deal' will be one of the key priorities of his country’s EU Council presidency, adding that “cutting red tape” and improving the bloc’s general investment climate are key to arresting the bloc’s industrial decline.

Economy 16-01-2024

‘Very worrying’: Trade unions alarmed by EU’s industrial collapse

Est. 5min

Europe’s major trade union organisations have expressed deep concern about the scale of the EU’s industrial decline, as structurally high energy prices continue to lay waste to a crucial pillar of the bloc’s economy.

Brussels clears French ‘green’ state aid worth over €8 billion in just one month

Est. 3min

In the space of just one month, the European Commission has approved more than €8 billion in French state aid to decarbonise industry and develop renewable energies, according to EU figures released this week.

Economy 08-01-2024

Battery production: Germany first EU country to match US subsidies

Est. 5min

Germany will provide €900 million to Swedish battery maker Northvolt, as the first country to make use of the European Commission’s new subsidy “matching” scheme that allows EU countries to counter foreign subsidies with their own offers.

Economy 25-12-2023

2023 in EU economic policy: The year Germany went French – and back

Est. 6min

Faced with the fear of deindustrialisation, Germany sought to adopt a French-style industrial policy in 2023, including massive subsidies and protectionist ‘Buy European’ clauses – but was caught up by its constraints sooner than expected.

Economy 21-12-2023

After Karlsruhe: Germany’s economic security agenda on the brink

Est. 5min

The ruling from the German constitutional court in Karlsruhe, declaring the transfer of 60 billion Euros in Covid-related debt to the Klima- und Transformationsfond (KTF) unlawful, has cast a shadow of uncertainty over Germany's economic security agenda, argues Tobias Gehrke.

Economy 13-12-2023

France ramps up debt rules fight as file enters last leg of negotiations

Est. 6min

French political heavyweights are raising their voices to warn against the risks of an unbalanced and counterproductive debt rules reform, as negotiations look to wrap up before year-end and austere German criteria appear to be here to stay.