Medical cannabis

Health 22-03-2024

Germany legalises cannabis federally but local opposition anticipated

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After numerous delays, the planned legalisation of cannabis consumption in Germany has passed its last major obstacle - the Bundesrat (Federal Council) and while future growers remain relaxed, they do anticipate further resistance on the local level.

Health 16-08-2023

German goverment adopts watered-down cannabis legalisation bill

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The German government adopted a watered-down plan to legalise cannabis on Wednesday (16 August), moving one step closer to the substance's controlled distribution, though critiques from judicial, medical and law enforcement associations persist.

Health 23-06-2023

Cannabis: Study backs risk-led approach, France still pushing criminalisation

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As a new European report pushes for greater communication of cannabis use risks, France is banking on a policy of prohibition, the effectiveness of which remains to be proven. 

Agrifood 08-06-2022

EU agency ‘stops the clock’ on safety assessment of hemp-derived oil as food

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The EU marketing authorisation of cannabidiol oil (CBD) as novel food has been put on hold by the EU's food safety agency (EFSA) as more data on the effect of this lighter chemical compound extracted from hemp plants on human health is needed.

Health 24-06-2021

Ireland’s green light for medical cannabis and calls to ban AI face recognition

This week our podcast focuses on a milestone move by Ireland: approving medical cannabis prescriptions and giving patients the right to have access to medical cannabis and be reimbursed for it. To hear more on that story, we spoke with EURACTIV’s Agrifood and health reporter, Natasha Foote.

Health 18-06-2021

Research on medical cannabis still has funding problems

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Research on cannabis-based medicine is still lagging behind in Germany, despite the country has one of the most developed regulatory frameworks for medical marijuana in the European Union.

Health 17-06-2021

Ireland gives green light to medical cannabis prescriptions in ‘milestone’ move

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Patients in Ireland will now for the first time be able to get medical cannabis via prescription, in what has been described as a “milestone” move expected to bring hope to many families, although barriers to access medical cannabis still remain.

Health 21-05-2021

Cross-party parliamentary group to end EU’s medical cannabis ‘taboo’

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The main objective of a newly set-up European Parliament's intergroup is to tackle the stigmatization that patients now suffer in accessing cannabis-based medicines and treatments, according to the socialist MEP Alex Agius Saliba.

Health 03-12-2020

MEPs: Cannabis reclassification to unlock potential for its medical use

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European lawmakers have welcomed the recent United Nations (UN) decision to stop including cannabis among the most dangerous substances, saying it would be a driving force for innovative research and a new regulatory framework in the field of medicinal cannabis.

Health 20-11-2020

CBD is not a narcotic under EU law, highest court rules

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Prohibiting the marketing of cannabidiol oil (CBD) imported from other member states is contrary to EU law since there is no scientific evidence that hemp-based products have psychotropic effects, Europe’s highest court has found.

Health 19-11-2020

French pilot project may cast new light on access to medical cannabis

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A landmark experimentation recently authorised in France can foster patient access to medicinal cannabis in the country and become a role model for Europe.

Health 02-10-2020

Medical cannabis weeded out from short-term EU policy agenda

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There is no European plan to address in the short-term the regulatory barriers for the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, the Council presidency of the EU and the European Commission have confirmed to EURACTIV.

Health 01-07-2020

EU market for medical cannabis still far from full bloom

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A temporary shortage of Dutch hemp flowers intended for export to Germany has put the spotlight on a lack of diversified supply sources and uniform quality standards in the growing European market for medical cannabis.

Health 20-05-2020

EU court advises against hemp-derived oil imports ban

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Prohibiting imports of cannabidiol oil (CBD) from other member states is contrary to EU law since there is no scientific evidence that hemp-based products have psychotropic effects, according to a non-binding opinion from the advocate general of the EU's top court.

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Health 12-12-2019

The European Medical Cannabis Association – the Brussels-based industry body – calls for harmonised EU regulatory framework to create equal access for patients

The European Medicinal Cannabis Association (EUMCA), the newly formed Brussels-based industry body, represents the interests of ethical companies working in the supply and manufacturer of medicinal cannabis.

Health 29-11-2019

EU should adopt German standards on medical cannabis, campaigners say

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Germany's regulatory approach to medical cannabis is good practice and should be replicated across Europe, according to newly-born European Medicinal Cannabis Association (EUMCA).

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Health 28-11-2019

Governments are legalizing medical cannabis. Why is it so hard for patients to access?

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Patients deserve faster access to safe medical cannabis. Legalization is not enough – governments and businesses need to work together to reduce barriers and lessen patients’ reliance on the illicit market.

Health 25-11-2019

MEP: EU framework on medical cannabis to give ‘peace of mind’ to patients

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A strong EU regulatory framework on medical cannabis is needed to provide investors with stability but also to give peace of mind to patients struggling with fragmented legislation among member states, socialist MEP Miriam Dalli said.

Health 25-11-2019

Shedding light on medical cannabis

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The medical cannabis industry is growing rapidly in Europe and thousands of patients are already prescribed with cannabis-based drugs. This created a new demand that now runs the risk of being unsatisfied if the legislation remains fragmented amongst EU countries.

Health 10-05-2019

Salvini declares war on cannabis, threatens to bring down government

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Italy's hardline Interior Minister Matteo Salvini announced his intention to close every legal cannabis shop in Italy "one by one", saying he would even consider toppling the government if his coalition ally, the Five Star Movement, refuses to back him.

Energy 08-05-2019

In the US, Marijuana growers turn to energy efficiency

Est. 3min

To face the collapse of cannabis prices, American producers are turning to energy efficiency as a way of cutting down costs and remaining competitive. EURACTIV’s partner le Journal de l’environnement reports.

Elections 02-11-2017

German coalition talks: Between old-age poverty and cannabis legalisation

Est. 5min

The first round of the German coalition talks on social policy was a meeting to get an initial feeling for where the parties stand. However, some common things are emerging: in the fight against old-age poverty, shortage of nurses and long-term unemployment. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Enlargement 21-06-2017

Albania grapples with cannabis, a hurdle to EU accession

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As Albania gears up for elections, one huge challenge facing the Balkan country has been low on the campaign agendas: the scourge of its cannabis fields, which threatens to hinder EU accession.

Enlargement 05-04-2017

Albanian opposition threatens to boycott elections

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Albania's opposition warned yesterday (4 April) it might boycott June legislative elections if their demands for fair elections and for Prime Minister Edi Rama to resign are not met.