Biosolutions – the hi-tech ecosystem accelerating Europe’s Green Deal


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Biosolutions represent the fusion of biology and technology, offering powerful tools to address climate change, enhance biodiversity preservation and environmental protection, and ensure food security.

Leveraging natural microorganisms and processes, like fermentation, to accelerate Europe’s Green Deal targets, biosolution innovation is catalysing a new economy and a vital generation of engineers.

In essence, biosolutions work by inputting a compound like an organic carbon (such as sugar) or biomass (from crops or waste); and then adding microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast, which process the input through fermentation.

There may be an enhancement such as genetic engineering which boosts the microorganisms’ capabilities for precision and output. Finally, an output is achieved resulting in valuable products like proteins (for human or animal consumption), ethanol (for energy), sustainable enzymes, new materials, and biodegradable sidestreams (used as feed or fertilizers) emerge.

This series looks at the innovators, the science and the economics behind the biosolution, biotech and biomanufacturing sector ecosystem.

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