Agrifood 10-04-2024

EU Commission defends proposal on gene-edited plants against French food safety agency

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The European Commission vindicated the scientific robustness of the new legislation on new genetic techniques bred-plants at a hearing before the European Parliament's Environment Committee on Tuesday (9 April), countering the critical remarks of French food agency Anses.

Agrifood 07-03-2024

French health agency report challenges proposed EU rules on gene-edited plants

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France's national health and food safety agency published a report on Wednesday (6 March) recommending that gene-edited plants be assessed "on a case-by-case basis", calling into question a legal text currently being negotiated in the EU institutions.

Agrifood 22-08-2023

Europe Patent Office: Gene-edited plants will be patented under GMO rules

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The recent European Commission proposal to boost the marketing uptake of gene-edited crops will not affect how patents for these innovative technologies are granted, according to the organisation protecting inventions across Europe.

Agrifood 10-07-2023

Gene edited food: Greens bemoan Commission’s empty promises

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The European Commission's proposal on new genetic techniques was broadly welcomed by the European Parliament - apart from the Greens, who slammed it for being full of empty promises, going against EU law and being more political than science-based.

Agrifood 09-05-2023

Berlin split on gene editing ahead of Commission proposal

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One month before the European Commission is expected to propose a deregulation of certain gene editing techniques, the German governing coalition remains unable to find common ground and might be forced to abstain.

Agrifood 08-02-2023

EU citizens rally against gene editing deregulation ahead of EU proposal

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A coalition of organisations, bolstered by green and socialist MEPs, have presented a petition to the European Commission urging it not to loosen rules on gene editing techniques ahead of the EU executive's upcoming proposal on the matter.

Agrifood 17-01-2023

German Green ministers not aligned on EU gene editing deregulation

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With the Greens leading both the German agriculture and environment ministries, many expect the country to stand against the Commission’s expected push to deregulate new genomic techniques (NGTs). But agriculture minister Cem Özdemir has so far refused to take sides.

Agrifood 05-10-2022

Commission stands by gene editing survey slammed by NGOs

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A coalition of NGOs has joined forces to lambast the European Commission’s consultation process on its upcoming policy initiative on gene editing technologies - but the EU executive insists that a broad range of voices have already been heard on the contentious issue.

Agrifood 19-09-2022

EU agri ministers renew push on genetic techniques to bolster sector

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EU agriculture ministers are pushing the European Commission to relax rules on new genomic techniques (NGTs), arguing this is needed to bolster the sector in the face of increasing droughts, climate change and yield losses.

Agrifood 08-11-2021

Industry, NGOs clash over role of genetics in agricultural transition

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While the French seed industry, the government, and the European Commission agree on the need to develop crop varieties further, NGOs have warned of risks linked with deregulating new genomic techniques.

Agrifood 02-09-2021

First gene edited ‘cancer-cutting’ wheat trials get the go ahead in UK

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The UK government has granted permission for a series of field trials of gene edited wheat for the first time in Europe, marking a move away from the EU’s stance on the matter.

Agrifood 22-06-2021

EC study on new genomic techniques – What’s next?

The use of gene-editing technologies in plants has come under increased scrutiny in the EU over the past few years, following the 2018 European Court of Justice ruling that gene-edited organisms should fall, in principle, under the EU’s GMO directive. This …

Agrifood 29-04-2021

GM food can and must be labelled

Est. 6min

As the European Commission is considering how to regulate genetically modified (GM) products created with new GM technology, Eleonora Evi argues that the EU must continue to label all GM food as such, regardless of the technology used to produce it.

Agrifood 07-04-2021

Report: majority of consumers want compulsory labelling on all genetically modified food

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A majority of European consumers want to see compulsory labelling on food products containing genetically modified crops, according to a recent Ipsos report, but industry players insist that this is impossible to implement.

EU lawmakers raise concerns about UK ‘regression’ on pesticides

Est. 4min

Lawmakers in the European Parliament raised concerns about possible UK regression on pesticides and gene editing at a meeting on the new EU-UK trade agreement on Thursday (14 January).

Agrifood 15-01-2021

Commission at odds with Parliament over GM crop authorisations

Est. 4min

The EU executive looks set to press ahead with a "new approach" to genetically modified (GM) crop authorisations in the wake of persistent lack of political support for the technology in the European Parliament.

Agrifood 08-01-2021

UK launches consultation on gene editing, signals divergence from EU

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In one of its first post-Brexit moves, the UK has launched a consultation on gene editing in a bid to unlock “substantial benefits” for the sector and the environment, but the move could put the country at odds with the EU on the matter. 

Agrifood 25-11-2020

Existing guidance appropriate for gene editing assessment, says EFSA

Est. 3min

Genome editing does not pose any additional hazards compared to conventional breeding or other genetic modification methods, meaning that existing guidance is adequate for their assessment, the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) has concluded.

Health 16-11-2020

Further guidance required for assessment of gene drive technology, says EFSA

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Existing guidelines are adequate for evaluating risks associated with gene-drive modified insects, but further guidance is needed for some areas, most notably for environmental risk assessments, according to an opinion of the EU's food safety agency (EFSA).

Agrifood 01-10-2020

Genetically modified soybean gains EU Commission approval

Est. 3min

The European Commission authorised a genetically modified soybean for food and feed, but not cultivation, on Monday (28 September), paving the way for a full launch of the variety in the US and Canada in 2021.

Agrifood 15-09-2020

France unlocks €100 million to develop its plant-based protein production

Est. 6min

The French government intends to allocate €100 million to develop the country's plant-based protein production. The decision, however, is based more on commercial rather than environmental concerns. EURACTIV France reports.

Agrifood 29-07-2020

UK gene editing amendment withdrawn, but government commits to consultation

Est. 4min

An amendment tabled in the new UK agriculture bill, designed to allow access to new gene-editing technology, has been withdrawn but the government has pledged to conduct a public consultation on the issue, amid indications that it could eventually be in favour.

Agrifood 07-07-2020

Green party insists no U-turn on gene-editing despite recent dissent

Est. 4min

Following a paper in which a group of German Green MPs and one MEP unexpectedly backed the use of gene-editing technologies, EURACTIV spoke to MEP Martin Häusling, agriculture spokesman for the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament, who stressed that nothing has changed for the party, which has historically been vocally opposed to the technology.

Agrifood 18-06-2020

UK Environment secretary offers support for gene editing, diverges from EU stance

Est. 5min

In an environmental audit meeting on Thursday (18 June), UK Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, George Eustice offered his support for gene editing after Brexit, saying that the UK government disagrees with the EU stance on …