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Health 05-06-2024

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease causing profound clinical, psychosocial, socioeconomic impacts

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Cardiovascular disease related to diabetes is wrecking Europe’s public health budgets at an astonishing rate. Patients with diabetes are three times more likely to develop CVD, while one in three will experience some form of vision loss.

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Health 04-06-2024

Progress on Alzheimer’s Disease stagnating, warns federation chief

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Progress on Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia is stagnating, Alzheimer Disease International CEO Paola Barbarino has warned, yet it’s the most common form of dementia in Europe's elderly.

Inadequate living and working environments can trigger a wide range of  different health issues: from respiratory and skin problems, headaches and allergies, to serious mental health concerns and life-threatening heat or cold indoor temperatures.
Energy 24-04-2024

Putting people first: why healthy buildings matter

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As member states prepare to ramp up the building renovation rate, there is an unprecedented opportunity to hardwire health aspects into the built environment. The brand-new edition of the Healthy Buildings Barometer maps why and how health, energy and climate …

Health 17-04-2024

Human rights NGOs tackle France’s inaction towards rights of disabled people

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Human rights NGOs denounced on Wednesday (17 April) the French government's failure to ensure that the rights of people with disabilities are respected, one year after the Council of Europe issued its reprimands. 

Health 11-04-2024

MEPs want to include abortion in EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

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The European Parliament voted in favour of enshrining the right to abortion in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU on Thursday, but its chances of succeeding are slim as it would require green light from all member states.

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Health 10-04-2024

Pet ownership is harder, costs are rising, says vet federation VP

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The rising costs of pet food and pet healthcare are making pet ownership harder, says Ann Criel, VP of the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations. Euractiv spoke in-depth with Criel at the EU Companion Animals Stakeholder Summit.

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Health 27-03-2024

Europe’s human-animal bond, a special report on EU companion animals

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A Human-Animal Bond Report was launched at the EU Companion Animals Stakeholder Summit on 20 March in Brussels, advocating advancements in companion animal policy to improve human and animal health and wellbeing.

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Health 27-03-2024

Yes, to pet-friendly EU policies, but do we need a commissioner for animals? asks Kaljurand

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MEP Marina Kaljurand (S&D) has questioned whether the European Commission should include a commissioner dedicated to animals, despite the proven benefits of pet ownership.

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Health 27-02-2024

New rare diseases action plan on horizon, Europe at turning point

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Rare Disease Day, 29 February, marks a moment in which Europe is facing a generational opportunity to scale up programmes capable of improving millions of lives. A new data-led, 360-comprehensive strategy is called for by rare disease experts.

Law enforcement 01-09-2023

Stakeholders divided on fairness, practicality of Parisian e-scooter ban

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As the Parisian ban on self-service scooters enters into force on 1 September, the city hall calls the move revolutionary amid an urban jungle, while stakeholders remain divided on the pros and cons.

EU Commission to backtrack on harmful chemicals ban

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The EU executive is about to cut back its plans of banning toxic chemicals as first promised in the chemicals strategy after industry pressure, a leaked document seen by EURACTIV suggests. 

Health 16-12-2022

WHO: French youth smoke, drink less since pandemic

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Tobacco, alcohol and cannabis are being consumed much less by French adolescents since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, though lockdowns are not the only reason for this downward trend, according to a recent study.

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Health 10-10-2022

The importance of healthy animals for the wellbeing of pet owners

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The human-animal bond between pets and their owners is a mutually reinforcing relationship that promotes the health and wellbeing of animals and people.

Health 17-11-2021

Complementary therapy stakeholders say their treatments help cancer patients

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The EU's ambitious plans to beat cancer would be complemented by taking greater account of how complementary therapies can improve quality of life alongside medical treatment, panellists argued at a EURACTIV event on ‘Integrative oncology’.

Health 27-10-2021

EU’s Kyriakides promises to reinstate grants for health NGOs in EU4Health programme

Est. 3min

The European Commission will reinstate operating grants for health NGOs in the EU4Health programme, the EU's Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides has promised after European health NGOs joined forces in an online campaign this week.

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Large glazed surfaces deliver more than we think

By providing access to natural daylight and a visual connection with the external environment, glass ensures health and well-being in all type of buildings.

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Health 02-09-2021

Kidney health and climate change: Shedding light on a long-neglected relationship

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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is often described as the invisible killer, mostly because patients have few or no symptoms until it is too late. On the practical level, this means that the disease, although devastating for both the individual and …

Health 14-07-2021

MEPs are calling for complete elimination of cancer-causing asbestos

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The European Parliament has called for the creation of a strategy to completely eliminate cancer-causing asbestos in a bid to strengthen workers' protection and reduce exposure to this common chemical.

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Health 17-06-2021

Good Off-Label Use Practice of Medicines

Before a drug makes it onto the market it is vigorously tested and needs to be authorized, either by a national competent authority or EMA, the European Medicines Agency. All the information on when a medicinal product can and cannot be …

Active ageing 25-01-2021

Pandemic could have far reaching effects on bone health, expert warns

Est. 4min

The COVID pandemic may have far-reaching consequences on bone health, due to a combination of lack of physical activity and late diagnosis, according to Jane Barratt, secretary general of the international federation of ageing.

Health 20-01-2021

Reducing air pollution could save 50,000 deaths a year, says new Lancet report

Est. 4min

Reducing air pollution to World Health Organisation recommended levels would prevent more than 50,000 deaths a year across European cities, according to a new study published in The Lancet Planetary Health journal.

Health 11-12-2020

Without prioritising walking and cycling, EU mobility strategy is a lost opportunity

Est. 5min

An EU strategy boosting walking and cycling would have been key to clean up the air in our cities, achieve the EU’s climate goals and prevent disease, argues Anne Stauffer.

Health 25-11-2020

Scotland first in the world to make sanitary products free

Est. 2min

Scotland on Tuesday (24 November) made sanitary products free to all women, becoming the first nation in the world to take such a step against "period poverty." The measure makes tampons and sanitary pads available at designated public places such as …

Health 16-11-2020

Further guidance required for assessment of gene drive technology, says EFSA

Est. 3min

Existing guidelines are adequate for evaluating risks associated with gene-drive modified insects, but further guidance is needed for some areas, most notably for environmental risk assessments, according to an opinion of the EU's food safety agency (EFSA).