Opinion: Criteria, structure and examples of external contributions

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Definition and criteria for inclusion

  • An opinion piece (OpEd) is an external contribution which looks at a particular European policy issue from a general interest perspective.
  • OpEds often come from think tanks or researchers, but also from leading opinion makers, EU institutions, national ministers or members of parliament. They may also originate from civil society, including non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and private interest groups. Authors should clearly indicate in a transparent way the interests and organisations they represent.
  • To qualify for publication, OpEd articles need to take a stance on EU policy, often making recommendations on a particular issue. Lobbying pieces which self-promote an organisation will not be published as an OpEd.
  • An editor’s approval is always needed before publication.

Structure and publication

  • OpEds should be grammatically well-written and ideally be 700-800 words in length. Pieces containing language mistakes or exceeding 1,000 words will not be processed.
  • Euractiv may rarely edit OpEds, but does not commit to doing so.
  • OpEds are preferably original pieces published in extenso, with the author’s explicit approval. When republishing from external sources, Euractiv provides a hyperlink to the original website (e.g.: Project Syndicate, think-tanks and NGOs such as Euractiv’s content partners, etc.)
  • The title and opening paragraph of OpEds reflect Euractiv’s choice in underlining the relevance of the piece submitted. The title is kept the same as the original if it does fit Euractiv’s criteria, i.e: short, easy to understand and snappy. The opening paragraph should be provided as part of the submission and is a summary in maximum 30 words, connecting the piece with current EU policy debates.
  • Submitted pieces feature a topical picture that illustrates the contents addressed in the piece, not that of its author. Selected by the editor, suggestions of potential pictures (with full indication of rights holders) can be made to opinions@euractiv.com.

Examples and languages


  • Whenever needed, the liaison contact is opinions@euractiv.com.
  • If you are submitting on behalf of a paying client, this request needs to go to euaffairs@euractiv.com.
  • For OpEds with a suggested publication date, do send us a copy of your (near) final text at least 2 working days in advance.
  • Euractiv does not need to justify its choices, but will usually reply within 3 working days.

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