Crisis Management


The shadow play of legitimacy in Sudan’s civil war

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European policymakers need to short-circuit Sudan’s warring parties’ attempts to manipulate aid to legitimate them as the government in waiting, writes Theodore Murphy.


Finland pitches ‘Preparedness Union’ to prop-up Europe against future crises

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Finland wants the EU and its member states to ramp up their crisis management capacities to avoid getting blind-sided by future upheavals, emergency talks and potential cracks in the bloc's unity, according to a non-paper seen by Euractiv.

Global Europe 06-02-2024

One year on, Turkish quake survivors face uncertainty as government struggles with reconstruction

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Turkey's government is scrambling to prove it has fulfilled promises to re-home victims of a devastating earthquake from February 2023. But a year on, survivors are still in temporary housing, facing the prospect of having to buy their potential new homes.

Economy 02-02-2024

EU equips single market for crisis management

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The European Council and Parliament reached a provisional agreement on Thursday (1 February) on legislation aimed at ensuring the smooth functioning of the single market during crises.

EU-Africa 29-08-2023

EU to discuss Niger coup fallout, reassess Sahel region approach

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After the recent Niger coup, EU foreign and defence ministers this week are expected to discuss a strategy to deal with the situation and reassess the bloc's approach to the Sahel region, according to an internal memo seen by EURACTIV.

Global Europe 20-07-2023

Cyprus ready to trade Turkey’s EU accession process in favour of settlement talks

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Nicosia is lobbying to appoint a special envoy for Cyprus in the hope of restarting talks with Turkey and moving toward a settlement on the divided island, using the EU accession process as an incentive, EURACTIV has learnt.

EU expected to top up war fund with additional €3.5bn

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EU foreign ministers on Monday (26 June) will endorse the already politically approved €3.5 billion second top-up of the European Peace Facility (EPF) after months of negotiations.

Ireland starts reflection on how to define its neutrality

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Dublin is set to launch a four-day-long public consultation to review the neutral's country posture on the international scene on Thursday (22 June), after Russia's war in Ukraine has reshuffled Europe's security architecture.


European Commission wants independent firefighter plane fleet

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The European Commission is doubling the number of its firefighting planes ahead of this year's wildfire season, with plans to build its own EU-budget-funded fleet in the next few years.

Global Europe 11-05-2023

OSCE ponders ways to circumvent Russian vetoes

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Russia's refusal to cooperate within the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is pushing its remaining members to adapt their way of working.

Global Europe 27-04-2023

Denouncing EU-NATO declaration, Turkey sets hurdle for cooperation

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Geopolitical interests raised by Turkey over the divided island of Cyprus are threatening to become an issue for efforts to forge closer EU-NATO ties, a declared goal of both organisations.

Europe's East 24-04-2023

EU agrees to deploy Moldova mission to counter foreign interference

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EU foreign ministers approved on Monday the launch of a new civilian mission to be deployed in Moldova to help Chișinău face foreign interference and hybrid threats.

European Parliament pushes for more ambition with EU crisis response force

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Members of the European Parliament spelt out an ambitious target on Wednesday (19 April) for the EU's future 5,000-strong crisis response force set to be operational next year, requesting a higher number of troops under a single EU command.

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The Role of Aviation Support to Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief Operations

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Transport aircraft have evolved significantly since the first biplanes began delivering mail and freight more than a century ago. Since then, the demands and level of performance of these aircraft have increased, but the fundamental role remains broadly similar.

Europe's East 25-11-2022

NATO, EU to step up non-lethal aid to Ukraine over winter woes

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As Russian missile strikes on Ukraine’s power, heating, and water supplies risk leaving a majority of the country vulnerable during winter, Europeans have started looking into how to provide Kyiv with more emergency equipment.

Development 21-11-2022

Famine in Somalia ‘foreseeable’, says EU official

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The combination of drought, climate change and donor fatigue have resulted in a 'foreseeable' food crisis in Eastern Africa that has left millions at risk of famine, panellists told an event organised by EURACTIV last week. 

EU vows to draw up plans to protect critical infrastructure

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Suspected Russian sabotage of Europe’s gas pipelines has left the EU scrambling to come up with a protection plan for the bloc's critical infrastructure.

Climate change 02-09-2022

Collaboration key to disaster prevention, says EU civil protection expert

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For Captain Laurent Alfonso, expert in European civil protection, global warming requires us to be "ready to intervene everywhere, all the time and for all kinds of disasters."

Health 23-04-2022

Severe challenges persist with access to healthcare and aid in Ukraine

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As the war in Ukraine nears the end of its second month, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported continued challenges in accessing healthcare and delivering emergency aid to some of the hardest-hit areas of the conflict, issues that were also discussed by MEPs this week.

Development 13-04-2022

COVID vaccines account for bulk of aid increase

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While foreign aid from countries of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) reached historic highs in 2021, data analysis shows this was primarily fuelled by donating COVID-19 vaccines, many of which were out of date or unusable.

Health 07-04-2022

WHO: We are seeing the worst case scenario in Ukraine

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The WHO warned that people in Ukraine "are going to start dying from common causes", due to the lack of access to medical care and humanitarian aid, adding that they are now preparing healthcare workers for treating chemical attacks.

Europe's East 04-04-2022

Greek foreign minister leads aid mission to Odesa, reopens consulate

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Greece's Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias arrived in Odesa on Sunday (3 April) at the head of a humanitarian aid mission into the southern port city of Ukraine, the foreign ministry said.

Politics 31-03-2022

Ukrainian mayors ask where NGO aid has gone, call for organisation

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The Mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi, asked where money donated to NGOs has gone during an address to the working group on Ukraine of the European Committee of Regions (CoR) on Wednesday (30 March).

Health 30-03-2022

Red Cross humanitarian aid cannot reach Ukrainian cities where hostilities continue

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Reaching those in need remains the biggest challenge for the Ukrainian Red Cross, especially in frontline places like Mariupol, where dozens of attempts have failed to bring in humanitarian aid.