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An interface built for advocacy.

With the Euractiv Intelligence custom navigation system, exploring opportunities in the EU political agenda has never been easier.


Euractiv Intelligence is your policy radar combining expert policy coverage from Euractiv with thousands of policy documents from EU institutions. Get the full picture with agendas, voting lists, legislation, press releases and thought leaders.


Euractiv Intelligence offers excellent value for money. Our focus lies on effectively building bridges between you, and those who shape European policy. Enjoy all the tools you need to deepen your expertise, engage with influencers & optimise knowledge streams, at minimal cost.


At Euractiv, we strongly believe in democratising access to EU policy content. With your subscription to Euractiv Intelligence, you have unlimited access to the tools that help you discover new opportunities to shape policy.

Intelligence that makes work easy



in need of unlimited search across various policy ideas.

Small organisations

with very focused area of interest and limited resources.


and NGOs looking for sentiment analyses.


individuals doing the research or staying on top of policy files.

What our clients say about us

“Thanks to Euractiv’s Intelligence tool, our team is on top of all the dossiers we work on, and we are able to quickly identify policymakers’ activities and events covering the issues that affect our industry”

Álvaro de la Cruz,
Head of Communications


“Euractiv Intelligence helps speed up the process of finding relevant policy documents and is particularly useful in alerting us to when our topic is mentioned by policymakers. The easy to understand and intuitive system helps simplify my day-to-day policy monitoring”

Kate Lancaster
Project Manager – Engagement • Policy & Partnerships

“This powerful tool effortlessly gathers and analyses vast amounts of data, providing comprehensive and real-time insights on policies and regulations. With its intuitive interface, customization options, and analytics capabilities, it simplifies the complex regulatory landscape, saving me time and enabling informed decision-making”

Ioan Bucuras
Manager Member & External Relations
International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Our community

Have questions? We’ve got answers! Explore our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section below for helpful information on Euractiv Intelligence. If you require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us in the form below.

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    Euractiv Intelligence is made in partnership with Policy-Insider.AI, a European start-up established in 2019 to revolutionize public policy monitoring. Policy-Insider.AI provides AI-powered policy monitoring and analytics on a global level, enabling users to access public policy documents and political profiles in real-time. It originated from a cooperation between the European RPP Group and the team at in 2017, in response to the need for easier, unbiased, and transparent access to policy developments.

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