European Green Deal

Climate change 04-06-2024

EU Commission strengthens Europe’s crisis response abilities

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In response to a growing number of emergencies - particularly climate-related disasters - the European Commission is looking for better coordination and new tools to strengthen the bloc's crisis-response abilities.

In an interview with Euractiv, MEP Pascal Canfin calls for German Greens to be "realistic and pragmatic" and to "stop clinging to the battles of the past" on nuclear energy

Pascal Canfin on the Green Deal: ‘Job done’

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Just a few days to go before the elections on 6 and 9 June, the centre-left electorate has not yet made up its mind, according to Renaissance MEP Pascal Canfin. Designated as the 'green joker' or the 'green deposit' of Macron, Canfin defends his own record. Interview.

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Is the EU Green Deal ignoring the potential of local action?

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Ahead of the EU elections this week, grassroots local campaigners are putting pressure on lawmakers to change the top-down way they’re organising climate policy.

“The automotive industry ... generates over 7% of EU’s GDP and around 13.8 million people work in it, creating important multiplier effects in supplier industries” explained Emil Boc, chair of the CoR's commission for Territorial Cohesion policy and EU Budget, and mayor of the Romanian region of Cluj-Napoc.
Electric vehicles 27-05-2024

While politicians talk green jobs, carmaking regions seek to limit the damage

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Europe's car-producing regions know that decarbonisation will hit the traditional car industry hard and result in thousands of job losses. For them, the name of the game now is how to limit the damage, and how the EU can help.

EU election results threaten Green Deal, sustainability experts say

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The June EU election results will jeopardise the implementation of the Green Deal, according to a majority of experts questioned by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP).

Elections 13-05-2024

The Brief – The EU election punching bag

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Regards from Sofia, where the author of this Brief has witnessed the first days of the European election campaign and concluded the following: The number one election punching bag is the European Green Deal, and it's no different in many other EU countries.

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Biofuels 09-05-2024

Biofuels election promise, a renewed mandate for renewables

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Voters deeply concerned with living costs and climate change are being offered a voice by the European Biodiesel Board, it's calling for a balanced, inclusive, and affordable climate policy in line with the EU’s net zero by 2050 goal.

Politics 07-05-2024

Czech far-right leader ready to back von der Leyen, lists conditions

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Petr Mach, leader of the Czech far-right coalition for the upcoming European elections, is ready to support Ursula von der Leyen for a second term as European Commission president - but at certain conditions.

One false claim widely shared in Romanian said Brussels would soon introduce "carbon passports" to measure the carbon emissions of each individual and restrict their travel if they exceeded a predefined limit.

EU’s Green Deal target of disinfo ahead of June vote

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The EU's Green Deal has been the target of virulent online disinformation ahead of European parliament elections in June, such as fabricated claims that Brussels plans to introduce a "carbon passport" or ban repairs of cars older than 15 years.

EU elections: Alignment on climate shows that door remains open for EPP-ECR coalition

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While van der Leyen has not closed the door on a future coalition with the radical right, the political programmes of the right-wing groups are unanimous in criticising the Green Deal and how to decarbonise Europe.

Climate change 26-04-2024

Energy taxation directive: No progress expected before EU elections

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Despite the presentation of a new compromise text to national governments on Thursday (April 25), no serious progress is expected on the revision of the energy taxation directive before the next term of the EU Parliament and Commission.

Macron at Sorbonne: Energy key to French president’s ‘new European paradigm’

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French President Emmanuel Macron set out his vision for the future of Europe, placing energy, including nuclear, at the core of his approach, in a speech at Sorbonne University on Thursday (April 25).

EU lawmakers debate the future of the Green Deal ahead of elections

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European lawmakers clashed over the future of the Green Deal in a Parliament debate on Wednesday (24 April) while keeping one eye firmly on the EU elections in June.

The Brief – How Ursula von der Leyen’s pet project fell flat

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The New European Bauhaus, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s pet project, has failed spectacularly, and it is mostly her own fault.

Elections 22-04-2024

Greens challenge socialists on commitment to climate action

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With European elections looming from 6 to 9 June, the centre-left Socialists and Democrats (S&D) and the Greens have two main goals: win votes from the right and be clearly distinguishable from their traditional allies.

the co-operation of Poland, France, and Germany has recently gained renewed momentum with a more progressive government in Poland, a new French Foreign Minister who auspiciously added „European Affairs“ to his title, and a German Federal Government that enshrined trilateral cooperation in its coalition treaty
Central Europe 22-04-2024

Germany, Poland and France: Recasting a Green Weimar Triangle

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The current geopolitical context is pushing the Weimar Triangle of France, Germany and Poland to prioritise defence and security. On the occasion of the EU Foreign Affairs Council on 22 April, NGOs, think tanks, and businesses argue that a 'Green …

Enrico Letta's pending report is expected to identify the single energy market as "Europe’s best asset to ensure its success in a novel global order” [File photo]
Electricity 18-04-2024

The Letta report: What’s in the box for Europe’s energy sector

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Former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta is set to present his report on the future of Europe’s single market to EU leaders on Thursday 18 April. A deepening of Europe’s Energy Union is a key priority, along with several targeted recommendations on how to transform Europe’s energy sector.

Green Deal 2.0: Spain’s Ribera lays down vision for next Commission

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Doubling down on climate action and social justice, the restored trust in European democracy, and a proud Europe on the international stage: This is the vision set out by Spanish Vice-President and Ecological Transition Minister Teresa Ribera, the frontrunner to become Spain's next commissioner in Brussels.

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Commission alarmed by lack of critical substances, but what makes a raw material ‘critical’?

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The European Commission has raised the alarm about Europe’s lack of self-sufficiency for substances critical to the green and digital transitions. But what makes these materials so critical?

Biodiversity 22-03-2024

As the political biodiversity push falters, legal enforcement continues

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On Wednesday 13 March, the European Commission published the latest list of infringement proceedings against Member States. Most of the alleged failures to implement EU environmental law concern the bloc’s biodiversity rules.

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EU biofuel policy, stable after two decades of fluctuation?

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As businesses and investors digest the volumes of climate legislation adopted in the 2019-2024 term, can they bank on predictability, or are there more changes to come?

Climate change 11-03-2024

Europe must do more to adapt to climate change, says EU environment agency

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Europe needs to take immediate action to address the rapidly increasing climate challenges, the EU's environment agency said in its first European Climate Risk Assessment (EUCRA), published on Monday (11 March), which identified 36 major risks.

Politics 04-03-2024

Poland negotiates exemption from Green Deal provisions

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The Polish government is negotiating with Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for the country to be exempted from some provisions of the European Green Deal, a minister has confirmed to the media.

Record year for wind farms raises hope for EU green energy goals

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Europe's wind firms have faced a bleak period of supply chain setbacks, inflation and equipment problems - although Danish turbine manufacturer Vestas (VWS.CO) returned to profit in the fourth quarter of 2023.