Europe strengthens rules on urban wastewater treatment

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In a final vote, the European Parliament has just adopted a new law updating the rules on the collection, treatment and discharge of urban wastewater. Europe's local authorities fear an explosion for the costs of its implementation.


French National Assembly, impatient with EU, pushes for ‘forever chemical’ ban

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On Thursday (4 April), the French opposition party Les Écologistes pushed a proposal to reduce the use of the so-called "forever chemicals" through the National Assembly, but the government favours a European solution to this environmental and health problem.


Von der Leyen heads to Antwerp for closed-door meeting with chemicals industry

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With an EU Industrial Competitiveness Deal in the pipeline for the next mandate, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo invited European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to Antwerp on Tuesday (19 February) to consider the future of the EU's chemical industry.


French MPs in favour of REACH revision before EU elections

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The French parliament's European affairs committee adopted on Wednesday (14 February) a European resolution tabled by Nicolas Thierry (Europe Écologie Les Verts, NUPES) calling for a revised REACH regulation on hazardous chemicals in everyday products.

Health 13-02-2024

EU’s new rules to protect children from harmful chemicals in toys

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The European Parliament's Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee on Tuesday (13 February) adopted new rules to ensure safety and protect children from harmful chemicals present in toys.

Agrifood 12-02-2024

EU Commission moves to ban Bisphenol A in food packaging

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The European Commission launched a consultation on a draft proposal to phase out the use of the controversial chemical bisphenol A in food contact materials, including plastic boxes, protective coatings for cans, and food processing equipment. 

Health 07-02-2024

EU Parliament endorses new limits for lead and diisocyanates exposure

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The European Parliament gave the final approval on Wednesday (7 February) to the new rules that will limit workers’ exposure to lead and diisocyanates and step up health protection. 

Health 09-01-2024

‘Forever chemicals’ found in foetuses pose risk of adulthood diseases

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A year after a universal ban on per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) was proposed in the EU, a new study found that PFAS affect people as early as the fetal stage of development. 


EU Commission weighs options on potential PFAS ban

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Some EU countries are pressing the European Commission to adopt a complete ban on toxic PFAS chemicals amid warnings of potential trade-offs with green technologies that could slow down the energy transition.

Agrifood 03-11-2023

Dependency on fossil fuels affects food production too, study warns

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With food systems reported to account for 15% of global fossil fuel use, a new study raised the alarm on food production reliance on petrochemicals ahead of the UN COP28 climate conference at the end of November.

Health 02-11-2023

Hazardous substances in tattoo inks still exceed EU limits, Swedish agency warns

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Tattoo inks still contain potentially carcinogenic and allergenic substances in forbidden concentrations despite the introduction of an EU regulation in January 2022, according to an analysis by the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

Health 23-10-2023

New rules lowering asbestos exposure limits adopted

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The EU Council on Monday (23 October) formally adopted the directive to step up the protection of workers from health risks related to asbestos, the final stage in the legislative process for the file.


EU quietly shelves REACH regulation on toxic chemicals

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The European Commission this week appeared to indefinitely shelve a promised revision of its REACH regulation on chemical safety, refusing to give Parliament a clear indication of when the proposal will be tabled, if at all.

Health 03-10-2023

EU Parliament approves lowering asbestos exposure limit

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The European Parliament on Tuesday (3 October) approved a directive stepping up protections of workers from health risks related to asbestos and improving the early detection of asbestos fibres.

Agrifood 25-09-2023

Vienna to vote against EU glyphosate re-approval

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Austria will vote against the European Commission’s proposal to renew the approval of glyphosate, the country’s agriculture ministry confirmed on Monday (25 September).

Agrifood 20-09-2023

EU Commission proposes to re-approve glyphosate for 10 years

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The European Commission has proposed to renew the approval of glyphosate - a common and contentious herbicide - for a period of 10 years, with a number of restrictions.


Bisphenol A detected in almost all Europeans, EU agency finds

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Bisphenol A (BPA), a hormone-disrupting chemical used in food packaging, is present in almost all Europeans' bodies, posing a potential health risk, the European Environment Agency said Thursday (14 September).

Health 03-08-2023

Berlin split over EU ‘forever chemicals’ ban it helped propose

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German economy and climate minister Robert Habeck has expressed reservations regarding an EU-wide ban of “forever chemicals” (PFAS), which was proposed by a German government agency and endorsed by other ministers from his party.


Are PFAS the new tobacco?

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As the EU works to regulate per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), decision-makers would do well to tune out the voice of the chemicals industry, just as they did with Big Tobacco and fossil fuels, writes Vicky Cann. 

Agrifood 18-07-2023

EU says pesticide giants breached law over withheld brain toxicity studies

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Agrochemical giants Bayer and Syngenta are in breach of legal obligations for withholding information on the brain toxicity risk of pesticides, the European Commission said on Tuesday (18 July).


What is essential? The question overshadowing Europe’s chemical law reform

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The European Union is gearing up to revise its chemicals legislation to ban harmful substances and drive sustainability in the industry amid debates over the concept of “essential use”, which should help identify irreplaceable functions for such substances.

Politics 13-06-2023

Dutch present long-awaited measures to buy out largest nitrogen polluters

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The Dutch government presented its long-awaited efforts to entice the country’s largest nitrogen polluters in the agricultural sector to sell their farms, allowing about 3,000 farmers near nitrogen-sensitive nature reserves to be eligible to receive compensation if they give up their business.

Agrifood 01-06-2023

Brussels closes German nitrate pollution case after decade-long tussle

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Germany is now in compliance with EU nitrate pollution rules and equipped to further tackle high pollution levels in groundwater, the European Commission announced on Thursday (1 June), ending a decade-long back-and-forth with Brussels and the threat of hefty fines.

Agrifood 23-05-2023

EU gene editing, pesticide cut proposals ‘package deal’, Commission warns

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The European Commission’s upcoming gene editing proposal is ‘inseparable’ from its proposals to slash the use and risk of pesticides in half and to restore nature, Vice President Frans Timmermans said, stressing the proposals are not an ‘à la carte’ menu.