Sustainable Packaging

EU Parliament approves new rules to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging

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The European Parliament has adopted by a large majority a new directive on packaging and packaging waste. The text includes measures to prevent the production of waste, but also to promote the reuse and recycling of certain types of packaging.

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Policy Triangle on the PPWR

In this first discussion, supported by ACE, we delved into the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWR). We're thrilled to host three experts on this file, Aurel Ciobanu-Dordea from the European Commission, Larissa Copello from Zero Waste Europe, and Annick Carpentier from ACE.

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New packaging rules set to become law despite Commission objections

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EU national governments agreed on Friday (15 March) to a new regime of packaging waste rules, following a dramatic few weeks during which the European Commission threatened to veto an agreement reached between governments and the European Parliament.

EU Parliament approves proposal to reduce textile and food waste

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The European Parliament on Wednesday (13 March) backed targets for the prevention and reduction of food and textile waste across the bloc. However, environmental NGOs have criticised the proposal's lack of ambition. 

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Packaging waste regulation offers a final test of Europe’s commitment to the Green Deal

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In the face of an escalating packaging waste crisis, European citizens and circular businesses are still eagerly waiting for the EU institutions to finally deliver credible rules to stop the growth of throwaway packing, writes Marco Musso.

EU countries back looser reuse targets to cut packaging waste

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The Council of EU member states voted on Monday (18 December) in favour of more exemptions for carboard and wine bottles from reuse targets in a bid to shore up support for the EU’s packaging waste regulation ahead of decisive talks with the European Parliament to finalise the law next year.

Parliament votes to water down EU’s packaging waste law

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The European Parliament adopted its position Wednesday (22 November) on legislation to reduce packaging waste, after a tense debate on the role of reuse, recycling and bans.

Lawmakers agree stance on contested EU packaging law

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Lawmakers in the European Parliament’s environment committee voted on Tuesday (24 October) their position on a new law to tackle packaging waste in Europe as discussions become increasingly fraught.

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Italian lawmakers weigh on EU’s green packaging law ahead of key vote

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Lawmakers in the European Parliament’s environment committee will vote on their approach to new rules tackling packaging waste on Tuesday (24 October) amid warnings from environmental groups that the law risks being watered down due to a concerted pushback from Italian MEPs.

Definition of ‘high-quality’ recycling takes centre stage in EU packaging law

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The European Union wants to reduce waste by encouraging recycling and reuse in its new packaging law, but the pressure is on to get the right definition and criteria for what constitutes "high-quality" recycling.

EU’s controversial packaging waste law facing delays

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An overhaul of the European Union’s packaging rules, aimed at driving more sustainability in the sector and reducing waste, is being delayed by the complexity of the legislation, according to several lawmakers working on the file.

Circular economy 06-09-2023

Study: Reusable packaging lowers emissions compared to single-use

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Reusable packaging options could produce less emissions than single-use for some types of takeaway packaging, as long as collection, return and washing systems are efficient, according to a study published on Tuesday (5 September).

Meeting European Targets: The Journey to 100% Recyclable Packaging

The European Commission wants ALL packaging recyclable by 2030. A reduction in waste is also targeted, along with increased reuse and refill. But is the food and beverage industry on course to do its part to meet those European targets? Well …

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How to ensure the PPWR actually enables more sustainable packaging

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As the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR)’s plenary voting date quickly approaches, The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE) takes a look at this draft piece of legislation with a critical question and asks, “what do we want our packaging to be like in the future?”

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Challenging Packaging Practices: Recyclable Cardboard vs Reusable Crates

Replacing recyclable cardboard with reusable crates would increase the environmental impact of packaging and go against the spirit of the EU Green Deal. FEFCO prepared a video to dive deep into this issue and explore the many unintended consequences of reuse.

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Paper and Board Recycling IS High-Quality Recycling

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To ensure circularity, it is critical that secondary raw materials find their way into new products with the least environmental impact.  Paper recycling is already high-quality recycling, as it is recycled back into paper products. A material recycling loop is …

Lead EU lawmaker cuts takeaway reuse targets from draft packaging waste law

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Targets to boost the reuse of packaging in the restaurant sector have been deleted by the European Parliament lawmaker in charge of negotiating a new law on packaging waste, according to a set of amendments seen by EURACTIV.

Left-wing lawmakers to prioritise waste prevention in new EU packaging law

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Prioritising the most environmentally-friendly ways of dealing with waste, starting with prevention and reuse, should be central to Europe’s new packaging law, lawmakers working on the file told EURACTIV.

‘Huge challenge’ to achieve EU packaging recycling goals, industry says

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Packaging manufacturers and the recycling industry have warned about the "huge challenges" lying ahead before the EU can achieve its planned targets to rein in packaging waste.

Ministers demand more flexibility with EU packaging law

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Environment ministers from the European Union's 27 member states, led by Italy and Belgium, want more flexibility in implementing the bloc's Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), tabled by the European Commission in November.

EU’s sustainable packaging law under scrutiny

In this special episode of the Beyond the Byline podcast, we take a look at the EU’s packaging regulation – the issues it seeks to address, and whether it has any chances of succeeding where its predecessors failed.

McDonald’s warns EU packaging law will cause plastic surge

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A shift from single-use recyclable packaging to reusables in the informal eating-out sector could have detrimental effects on the environment, the economy and food safety, according to a new study commissioned by McDonald’s.

Battle lines drawn for EU’s packaging waste law

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The EU's proposed packaging regulation, designed to reverse the growing amount of waste generated in Europe, is set to cause frictions as policymakers in the European Parliament and EU countries hash out their position.

New EU packaging law misses vital collection aspect, industry warns

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The lack of waste collection targets in the EU’s new packaging law risks hampering the ability to increase recycling rates and could even see packaging banned in some places if countries fail to properly collect it, the beverage carton industry has warned.