Global Europe 12-06-2024

G7 cooperation with China on climate-aligned trade is vital

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G7 countries should work with China to put in place climate-aligned trade policies needed to accelerate global climate action, by harnessing the power of international trade to promote innovation, reduce costs, and stimulate demand for green goods, write Matt Piotrowski and Joseph Dellatte.

Global Europe 29-05-2024

Germany, Czech Republic seek EU talks on fully quitting Russian energy

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Germany and the Czech Republic are pushing the European Union to hold talks on how to eliminate the remaining energy sources Europe imports from Russia, EU diplomats told Reuters on Tuesday (28 May).

Global Europe 16-05-2024

EU backs sanctions on Russian propaganda outlets as part of next sanctions package

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Four Russian state media outlets will be added to the European Union's blacklist, while other measures for the 14th sanctions package against Moscow are still in the early stages of discussion following a meeting of EU ambassadors on Wednesday (15 May).

Electricity 16-05-2024

Baltic states in ‘final phase of work’ to desynchronise electricity grids from Moscow

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In the context of the war in Ukraine, the three Baltic States want to accelerate the desynchronisation of their electricity grids from Russia and Belarus and complete it by February 2025 at the latest.

the co-operation of Poland, France, and Germany has recently gained renewed momentum with a more progressive government in Poland, a new French Foreign Minister who auspiciously added „European Affairs“ to his title, and a German Federal Government that enshrined trilateral cooperation in its coalition treaty
Central Europe 22-04-2024

Germany, Poland and France: Recasting a Green Weimar Triangle

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The current geopolitical context is pushing the Weimar Triangle of France, Germany and Poland to prioritise defence and security. On the occasion of the EU Foreign Affairs Council on 22 April, NGOs, think tanks, and businesses argue that a 'Green …

The competitiveness of the EU and the Green Deal go hand in hand. Now it is time to flesh out the ambitions of the European Green Deal and fully exploit the potential it has to spur our economies.
Energy 22-04-2024

How regulatory stability, enhanced coordination and joint funding are crucial to transform European Industry

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The transition towards a thriving green industry in Europe is a top priority of the S&D group. We believe that this transition will have to be based on a true European vision, founded upon regulatory stability and joint financing.

Europe's East 19-04-2024

Russia aims to destroy Ukraine’s energy generation capacity

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After a first campaign of attacks on transmission infrastructures in 2022-23, Russia has recently started focusing its airstrikes on electricity-generating thermal and hydropower plants, causing an electricity deficit that may take years to make up for.

EU to world: Don’t depend solely on China to hit renewable goals

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The world should ensure diverse supply chains and implement a framework to track the progress made towards tripling global renewable capacity by 2030, the EU's Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson said in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday (17 April). 

Enrico Letta's pending report is expected to identify the single energy market as "Europe’s best asset to ensure its success in a novel global order” [File photo]
Electricity 18-04-2024

The Letta report: What’s in the box for Europe’s energy sector

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Former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta is set to present his report on the future of Europe’s single market to EU leaders on Thursday 18 April. A deepening of Europe’s Energy Union is a key priority, along with several targeted recommendations on how to transform Europe’s energy sector.

The Russian gas transit to Europe via Ukraine must end in 2025

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As the 2024 expiration of the Russian gas transit contract via Ukraine approaches, the EU faces a pivotal choice, writes Sergiy Makogon.

Politics 03-04-2024

Bulgaria using Turkish Stream pipeline as a geopolitical weapon, reveals Borissov

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Bulgaria has introduced the special gas tax on the transmission of Russian gas through Turkish Stream to punish Austria for its Schengen opposition, the leader of Bulgaria's largest party GERB Boyko Borissov announced on Wednesday (3 April).

Politics 14-03-2024

Leaked documents reveal Kremlin control over Turkish Stream pipeline construction through Bulgaria

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Leaked documents from the emails of Russian politicians show that the Kremlin, through Russian and Belarusian companies, had full control over the construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline through Bulgaria from 2019-2021, despite then-Prime Minister Boyko Borisov’s claims that the project was under the Bulgarian government’s control, Capital reported.

Politics 05-03-2024

Bulgaria negotiates with Azerbaijan to boost gas supplies to Balkans, Ukraine

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Bulgaria has started negotiations with Azerbaijan to increase gas supplies to Romania, Moldova and Ukraine through the future vertical Balkan gas corridor, the Bulgarian parliament’s press centre announced on Monday.

Germany’s gas tariff puts EU energy solidarity at risk, energy commissioner says

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Germany's levy on cross-border gas trading puts the EU's energy solidarity at risk and hurts efforts to cut the bloc's reliance on Russian gas, the bloc's energy commissioner and deputy Czech PM told reporters on Monday (4 March) following a meeting of EU energy ministers.

Politics 27-02-2024

Danish police close Nord Stream investigation, no reason given

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The Danish investigation into the Nord Stream 1 and 2 explosions has been closed, the Danish authorities announced on Monday, less than a month after Sweden did the same, but gave no details as to why.

Economy 22-02-2024

EU-Russia trade continues to slide as LNG, fertilisers curb Europe’s need for pipeline gas

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Trade between the European Union and Russia kept sliding in the final quarter of 2023, as Brussels continues efforts to decouple itself from Moscow in the lead-up to the second anniversary of the full-scale war in Ukraine.

US ‘pause’ on new LNG exports undermines the energy security of its European allies

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The US administration's decision to suspend the granting of permits for new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals will have major consequences for the energy security of the EU, writes Andrea Di Giuseppe.

Beggars can’t be choosers – Europe needs to smarten up its energy security

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The energy transition is no longer only important to fight climate change, but it has become a geopolitical necessity and a security issue, argue Louise van Schaik and Giulia Cretti.

Cyprus could produce first natural gas as soon as 2026, minister says

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Cyprus could start producing its first natural gas as soon as 2026, and plans to participate in a high-powered electricity cable project linking the eastern Mediterranean to continental Europe, its energy minister told Reuters.

Sanctions against Russian LNG already have impact and can work even better

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Despite new US sanctions against the Arctic LNG 2 project, Russian LNG exports to Europe have reached record levels. Russia continues to make money on LNG by avoiding sanctions through suspicious companies and corrupt links, writes Mykola Kolisnyk.

Austria’s dependence on Russian gas rises to 98%, two years after Ukraine war

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Austria’s dependence on Russian gas has grown from 80% to 98% in two years, prompting the country’s energy minister to ring the alarm bell ahead of a national election in the Autumn.

Climate-change-driven migration seen as bigger threat than Russia – MSC report

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Respondents fear climate-change-driven migration more than the security threat posed by Russia, according to a fresh survey for the Munich Security Conference (MSC) published on Monday (12 February).

Climate change 08-02-2024

The US and Saudi Arabia are taking COP28 pledges seriously

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The US and Saudi Arabia have reduced investment in oil and gas supply, putting consuming countries in front of their responsibilities by forcing them to act and deliver on their COP28 pledges, writes Thierry Bros.

US and EU have all the means to derail Russia’s Arctic LNG expansion plans

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Russia plans to nearly triple its LNG export capacity by 2030, with four new terminals in the Arctic due to bring more revenues for Moscow’s war on Ukraine. Yet, Ukraine’s allies have a strong leverage on Russian LNG exports, writes Andrii Zhupanyn.