Middle East

Global Europe 10-06-2024

US steps up pressure for Gaza ceasefire

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The United States stepped up pressure Monday (10 June) for a Gaza ceasefire with a call for a UN Security Council vote on a truce as it redeployed Washington's top diplomat to the region scarred by eight months of war.

Global Europe 05-06-2024

EU invites Israeli foreign minister Katz to ‘ad hoc’ Association Council over Gaza

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The EU invited on Wednesday (5 June) Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz to attend an 'ad-hoc' EU-Israel Association Council to discuss the country's compliance with its human rights obligations under the deal.

Global Europe 30-05-2024

Limited appetite among member states for EU trade sanctions on Israel

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Amid growing calls for economic sanctions against Israel in view of the worsening humanitarian toll of its military operations in Gaza, EU trade ministers briefly discussed the issue on Thursday (30 May) but remained far from deciding on actual steps.

Global Europe 29-05-2024

The Brief – Is the EU ready to break taboos to restrain Israel?

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With horrifying images coming out of Gaza, Europeans have started looking for the right tools to exert pressure on Israel, but they might not be able to bridge their fundamental internal differences.

Global Europe 28-05-2024

Spain will not recognise changes to 1967 Israeli-Palestinian border lines, Sánchez warns

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Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said on Tuesday (28 May) Madrid will not admit changes to the 1967 border lines that were not previously agreed between Israel and the Palestinian state, which Madrid officially recognised on the same day in a coordinated move with Ireland and Norway.

Elections 28-05-2024

French lead candidates show deep splits over recognition of Palestinian state

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Top French candidates for June’s European elections showed just how split they were over the recognition of a Palestinian state in a TV debate on Monday night (27 May), with the left-of-centre being clearly in favour and the rest saying the time was not right yet.

Global Europe 27-05-2024

EU mulls Rafah mission, next diplomatic steps after talks with Arab counterparts

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The EU is ready to reactivate its border mission around the besieged southern Gaza city of Rafah. The EU's foreign ministers on Monday (27 May) agreed on this as part of stepping up their diplomatic and humanitarian efforts in the region.

Global Europe 27-05-2024

EU and Arab ministers to discuss Gaza war, future two-state solution

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EU foreign ministers will meet with their six counterparts from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, and the UAE in Brussels on Monday (27 May) for the second time in a few months to discuss efforts to end Israel’s war on Gaza.

Global Europe 22-05-2024

Israel recalls ambassadors as Ireland, Norway and Spain recognise Palestinian statehood

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Israel will recall its envoys from Norway and Ireland and possibly other European countries, Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on Wednesday (22 May) after several EU countries announced in a historic move the recognition of a Palestinian state.

Global Europe 22-05-2024

Spain, Ireland, possibly others to announce recognition of Palestinian statehood

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Spain and Ireland, and possibly another country, are set to announce the recognition of a Palestinian state on Wednesday (22 May), a move that could further divide EU policy in the region. In recent weeks, EU members Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, and …

Migration 21-05-2024

EU should not ‘trade in human beings’, warns Amnesty International

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The European Union should not 'trade' with migrants or apply a 'self-serving solidarity' by outsourcing the management of its migration policy to third countries, including Libya or Tunisia, where human rights are not guaranteed, Amnesty International warned.

Global Europe 19-05-2024

EU offers mapping services as Iran’s president Raisi, foreign minister missing after helicopter crash

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A helicopter carrying Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi and his foreign minister crashed on Sunday (19 May), with rescuers struggling to reach the site of the incident.

Global Europe 09-05-2024

Spain, Ireland and other EU partners could recognise Palestinian statehood on 21 May – report

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Spain is neither confirming nor denying reports that it will join Ireland and "other EU partners" in recognising Palestine as a state on 21 May - a move that would see Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's PSOE follow the demand of coalition partner Sumar.

Global Europe 02-05-2024

EU pledges €1 billion for Lebanon to curb migration, support economy

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Thursday (2 May) €1 billion in financial aid to Lebanon, disbursed over three years, to support the country’s economy and address the challenges posed by refugees and migration.

Global Europe 30-04-2024

European, Arab ministers meet in Riyadh to jump-start two-state solution

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European and Arab foreign ministers met in the Saudi capital on Monday (29 April) to discuss how to join forces on advancing a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Migration 24-04-2024

EU auditors criticise lack of impact, transparency in refugee funds for Turkey

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The EU's refugee funding for Turkey does not have enough impact, while the European Commission has failed to present a sufficient cost analysis and long-term plan, EU auditors said in a report on Wednesday (24 April).

Global Europe 23-04-2024

EU vows to double efforts as Lebanon requests migrant return support

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The European Union will support Lebanon, both financially and politically, until the end of 2027, Enlargement and Neighbourhood Commissioner Olivér Várhelyi said amid calls from the Middle East country for help in returning migrants to their country of origin.

Global Europe 16-04-2024

EU seeks to avert ‘wider war’ in Middle East, zooms in on Lebanon

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Following Iran’s first-ever direct attack on Israel, EU leaders and diplomats are increasingly looking at how a major escalation in the Middle East conflict can be prevented, including by focusing on neighbouring countries. The wider situation in the Middle East, including …

Global Europe 14-04-2024

G7 leaders condemn Iran attack on Israel as issue expected to top EU agenda

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G7 leaders unanimously condemned Iran's unprecedented attack on Israel on Sunday (14 April), calling for "restraint" from all sides to prevent a regional war, as international concerns keep growing, pushing the issue to the top of the EU's agenda for next week.

Global Europe 14-04-2024

Fearing ‘unprecedented escalation’, Europeans condemn Iran’s attack on Israel

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Welcome to EURACTIV’s Global Europe Brief, your weekly update on the EU from a global perspective. You can subscribe to receive our newsletter here. Fears are soaring of a major escalation in the Middle East conflict after Iran's first-ever direct attack …

Global Europe 12-04-2024

EU imposes further sanctions against Hamas, PIJ over 7 October sexual violence

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EU member states imposed on Friday (12 April) measures under the bloc's human rights sanctions regime on the armed wings of Hamas and Islamic Jihad for 'widespread' sexual violence during the 7 October attacks on Israel.

EU’s Red Sea mission successfully repels attacks, but lacks ships

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.The EU's operation in the Red Sea to protect commercial ships from attacks by Houthi rebels is showing results but remains stuck in a small area of operation due to a lack of ships and other assets, officials said on Monday (8 April).

Global Europe 07-04-2024

EU should not aim to be ‘neutral actor’ in Middle East peace process, bloc’s envoy says

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A future Israel-Palestine peace deal can only come as part of concerted international efforts, which is why the EU should not aim to act as a 'neutral actor', the bloc's Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process, Sven Koopmans told Euractiv.