Diabetes, Cancer, Hepatitis

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Health 05-06-2024

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease causing profound clinical, psychosocial, socioeconomic impacts

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Cardiovascular disease related to diabetes is wrecking Europe’s public health budgets at an astonishing rate. Patients with diabetes are three times more likely to develop CVD, while one in three will experience some form of vision loss.

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Europe’s amputation crisis, diabetes experts call for urgent new screening programs

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Europeans suffer 100,000 amputations a year because of the escalating issue of ‘diabetic foot’. Diabetes already burdens health systems, but without more frequent monitoring programmes, experts warn the amputation crisis will get worse.

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Diabetes patients need election manifesto pledge from all EU parties, says EUDF

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The EPP is still the only party to directly address diabetes in its 2024 election manifesto. The European Diabetes Forum is now asking all of Europe’s politicians to pledge their manifesto support to fight diabetes in Europe.


Childhood diabetes crisis stalks Europe, more screening urged

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The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) predicts a 13% rise in diabetes prevalence in Europe by 2045, with 61 million affected. Europe has the highest incidence of Type 1 diabetes (T1D) in children and adolescents, and the second highest per-person diabetes cost globally, spending €175 billion in 2021.


WHO lobbies EU lawmakers against watering down alcohol cancer risk

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Ahead of a crucial European Parliament vote, the World Health Organisation (WHO) sent a letter to MEPs – obtained exclusively by Euractiv – expressing increasing concern about the state of play of the EU’s flagship Beating Cancer plan due to “scientifically inaccurate and worrisome” wording on alcohol use.


Cancer cases doubled in France since 1990

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The number of cancer cases in France has doubled since 1990, according to the latest data from national health organisations, in part due to the changing demographic.


European Week against Cancer: Making a difference

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The European Week against Cancer is the time when the EU joins forces in the fight against cancer and we renew our commitment to improve the lives of those touched by this disease. Since 2020, Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan is …


Long waiting lists challenge Italy’s progress in myeloma treatment

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Despite progress in innovative drugs and treatments related to multiple myeloma in Italy, long waiting lists in public health facilities still poses severe obstacles, patients warn.


Croatian MEP: Public health system facing big cancer crisis

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Croatia spends 11% more than the EU average on cancer treatment but records the second-highest mortality rate in the bloc, signalling a crisis within the public health system, according to Croatian MEP Romana Jerkovic, who spoke to EURACTIV.hr. Jerkovic is the …


Cancer mortality varies wildly across the EU, new registry finds

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The first Country Cancer Profiles under the European Cancer Inequalities Registry indicated worrying inequalities in cancer mortality rates across the EU both across and within countries.


Commission proposes updated cancer screening recommendations

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Health commissioner Stella Kyriakides presented a proposal for an update to the two-decade-old EU Council recommendation on cancer screening on Tuesday (20 September), with the aim of including more cancer types in national screening programmes.


Belgium pulls more Haagen-Dazs ice-creams from sale

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Belgium on Tuesday (9 August) extended an order to recall certain Haagen-Dazs ice-creams from sale after the discovery of traces of a chemical linked to cancer, such as lymphoma and leukemia.


EU states trail behind on medical right to be forgotten

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The right to be medically 'forgotten' - not present one's medical history when taking out insurance or bank loans - currently exists in five EU states. EU lawmakers are calling for such a right to apply across the bloc.


Digital tools to play key role in transition to data-driven diabetic care

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Diabetes registries collecting patient data and new digital tools directly used by patients are considered by stakeholders some of the best options to improve the quality of diabetes care ahead of the EU's health data revolution. About 32.3 million adults were …


The severity of mysterious hepatitis among children “very unusual”

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Cases of hepatitis of unknown origin among children have now been recorded in 20 countries in Europe. While hepatitis of unknown origin is reported every year, the severity of cases this time is “very unusual”, medical experts say. 


Czech experts: Tackling cancer care inequalities in Europe requires more data

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Access to oncology care in Europe is often accompanied by inequalities which can be tackled by better data collection and usage, Czech experts say. EURACTIV.cz reports.


Adenovirus, COVID-19 examined as possible cause for mysterious hepatitis

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As acute hepatitis cases of unknown origin continue to grow across the globe, the investigation into its origin is ongoing. While the leading hypothesis is adenovirus, the link to COVID-19 is also being looked at. 


Cases of unknown hepatitis strain reported among children in EU

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Cases of acute hepatitis of unknown origin were reported among children in Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK, the European Centre for Disease Control said on Tuesday (19 April). 


Revision of orphan and paediatric drug framework needed, say reports

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Both the European Parliament and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have reiterated the need to update the regulations on medicines for children and orphan drugs, in order to better address unmet needs of children and adolescents in cancer care.


EU steps up workers’ protection against carcinogenic substances

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On Thursday (3 March) the Council gave the final green light to an update on the EU rules on reducing workers’ exposure to carcinogens, mutagens, or reprotoxic substances, addressing the first cause of work-related deaths in Europe. 


MEPs divided over alcohol consumption in fight against cancer

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An EU report on beating cancer was adopted by a large majority of MEPs on Wednesday (16 February), after conservatives' amendments loosened up zero-alcohol recommendations. EURACTIV France reports.


Commission targets women’s cancer, inequalities in new Cancer Plan actions

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The European Commission has launched four new EU Cancer Plan initiatives focusing on women's cancers and inequality across the bloc ahead of World Cancer Day.


Deal struck on rules to protect workers from cancer-causing chemicals

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European lawmakers reached a provisional agreement to update the rules on protecting workers from the risks of exposure to cancer-causing substances.


WHO: Real data, not ‘guess’ needed for equal access to diabetes care

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Ensuring that all people diagnosed with diabetes have access to equitable, comprehensive, affordable and quality management cannot be done without the use of data, according to a World Health Organisation expert.