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Recalibrating Europe’s India relations after another Modi victory

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With Narendra Modi on his way to a third consecutive term as prime minister of India and the reshuffling of the European Parliament after the June elections, 2024 looks set to be a year for recalibrating EU-India relations.


The Brief – Time for an India free trade agreement

Est. 5min

Even before Chinese leader Xi Jinping's jet touched down in Paris on Monday, Europe was anxious about how to deal with the Asian giant. Could a free trade agreement with India solve the Chinese conundrum?

Global Europe 26-04-2024

India election heats up after charged Modi comments about Muslims

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India began voting on Friday (26 April) in the second phase of the world's biggest election, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his rivals raise the pitch of the campaign by focusing on hot-button issues such as religious discrimination, affirmative action and taxes.

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India seeking European investment to turn GIFT city into global financial centre

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government wants to turn GIFT City into a global centre for the new age of global financial and technology services. Modi’s ambition needs to be matched with cash investments and European investors.


Towards a Brighter Tomorrow: India’s G20 Presidency and the Dawn of a New Multilateralism

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Today marks 365 days since India assumed the G20 Presidency. It is a moment to reflect, recommit, and rejuvenate the spirit of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future.', writes PM Modi.


Expert: Mutual interest in deepening India-EU relations

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The EU and India will have a window of opportunity this winter, before the elections in both places next year, to hold concrete discussions on how to advance their relationship, which has an important geopolitical dimension, a geopolitics expert told EURACTIV in an interview.

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India Prioritizes Global Cooperation as the President of the G-20

Est. 9min

On 1 December 2022, India assumed the Presidency of the Group of 20 (G-20). The G-20 represents 19 major economies and the European Union, comprising 85% of global GDP, over 75% of global trade, and about two-thirds of the global …


From India, Dombrovskis asks Russia to renew Black Sea grain deal

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A senior European Union official urged Russia on Saturday (26 August) to renew a deal to allow the safe export of Ukrainian grain through Black Sea ports, after Russia quit the agreement last month.

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Reformed Multilateralism: Shaping a New World Order

Est. 9min

Multilateralism is suffering an unprecedented crisis, with multilateral institutions increasingly unable to deal effectively with geopolitical and other socio-economic and financial challenges. Against this backdrop, the G20 remains the best forum to pursue reform of financial and economic multilateral institutions …


India government sets emission limit for hydrogen to qualify as ‘green’

Est. 2min

The Indian government has set an emission limit of two-kilogram carbon-dioxide for every kilogram of hydrogen produced to be classified as "green" from renewable sources, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy said on Saturday (19 August).

Global Europe 20-07-2023

Czechia urges outreach to third countries before further Russia sanctions

Est. 4min

Work on pressuring Russia to stop its war on Ukraine must continue, even at a national level when the EU cannot, Jan Marian deputy foreign minister of the Czech Republic, told EURACTIV in an interview on Monday (3 June).


Analyst: ‘EU looking toward a more functional relationship with India’

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India and the EU have changed their perspective on mutual relations, abandoning a more ideological approach in favour of pragmatically tackling “the nitty-gritty”, a prominent analyst and research fellow at the Brussels School of Governance told EURACTIV in an interview.


How ancient grains could lead the fight against climate change, hunger

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With global food security under strain, millets - one of the oldest cereals known to human civilisation - could help fight the food and climate crisis.


India PM Modi calls for common ground on global issues at G20 meeting

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on foreign ministers from the G20 group on Thursday (2 March) to find common ground on global issues as he inaugurated a meeting that looks set to be dominated by Russia's war in Ukraine.

Economy 27-02-2023

Germany’s Scholz in India to press on EU trade deal

Est. 3min

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited India on Saturday (25 February) seeking to deepen business and defence ties between the two major economies and jumpstart progress on an EU trade deal despite differences over Ukraine.

Global Europe 22-02-2023

Not an era for war, India says, as G20 finance meet starts

Est. 3min

India reiterated its stance on the war in Ukraine on Wednesday (22 February), saying it was time for dialogue and diplomacy, as finance officials from the Group of 20 (G20) started a meeting near the southern city of Bengaluru.

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75 Years of India and the United Nations

Est. 6min

India is one of the 51 original founders of the United Nations (UN). India, following its independence from Britain on 15 August 1947, “continued” as an original member of the UN. Ambassador (Retd.) Asoke Mukerji retired as India’s Permanent Representative to …


PM Modi: India’s G20 agenda inclusive, ambitious, action-oriented, decisive

Est. 5min

As India takes over the G20 presidency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi describes its challenges and priorities, based on promoting fairness and harmony throughout the world, under the slogan 'One Earth, One Family, One Future'.

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India is building climate resilience; Europe should support

Est. 8min

Resilience is not the absence of shocks; the real measure of resilience is how quickly a society, an economy or a polity can bounce back, write Dr Arunabha Ghosh and Nandini Harihar.

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Harnessing India’s Space Technology Potential

Est. 6min

On June 11 this year, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the  headquarters of the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization  Centre (IN-SPACe). It was a significant step in the operationalization of reforms  launched by the Government of India.

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75 Years of Progressive India

Est. 8min

75 years of free India are replete with stupendous achievements. These become more remarkable because the country had to make a ‘Tryst with Destiny’ bringing out an exploited 1/6th of the humanity from the vagaries of the colonial yoke.

Global Europe 23-08-2022

India’s energy transition hobbled by extreme weather, cheap Russian oil

Est. 5min

Extreme weather and the availability of cheap Russian oil following the Ukraine war have put pressure on India as it looks to become energy independent and falls behind on its renewable energy goals.

EU-China 18-08-2022

As EU-China relations cool, Europe increasingly looks to Taiwan

Est. 8min

Amid Western criticism of China over the escalating pressure on democratically-ruled Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory, and the strengthening of ties with Russia during the invasion of Ukraine, Beijing’s diplomacy suffers in Europe.

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India – A Vibrant Democracy and A Pluralistic Society

Est. 8min

As India celebrates the 75th anniversary of its independence, Ambassador A. R. Ghanashyam looks at what the nation has achieved and what might lie ahead.