Global Europe 29-05-2024

Germany, Czech Republic seek EU talks on fully quitting Russian energy

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Germany and the Czech Republic are pushing the European Union to hold talks on how to eliminate the remaining energy sources Europe imports from Russia, EU diplomats told Reuters on Tuesday (28 May).

Climate change 28-05-2024

EU approves law to hit gas imports with methane emissions limit

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EU countries approved a law on Monday (27 May) to impose methane emissions limits on Europe's oil and gas imports from 2030, pressuring international suppliers to cut leaks of the potent greenhouse gas.

Global Europe 24-05-2024

ICC tribunal bans Gazprom from placing gas dispute at Russian court

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An International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) tribunal has prohibited Russia's Gazprom from continuing with Russian legal proceedings against CEZ, the Czech energy company said.

Global Europe 16-05-2024

EU backs sanctions on Russian propaganda outlets as part of next sanctions package

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Four Russian state media outlets will be added to the European Union's blacklist, while other measures for the 14th sanctions package against Moscow are still in the early stages of discussion following a meeting of EU ambassadors on Wednesday (15 May).

Economy 13-05-2024

New EU scheme could hike petrol, gas prices higher than expected, key lawmakers admit

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The EU’s new carbon pricing scheme for road and heating fuels (ETS2) – set to be introduced across the bloc in 2027 – could lead to higher price hikes than initially thought, key lawmakers told Euractiv.

EU imports of US gas have increased massively, from 22 billion cubic meters (bcm) in 2021 to 65 bcm in 2023

Attacks on the US LNG Pause are Dangerous and Unfounded – Here’s Why

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The recent decision by U.S. President Biden to temporarily pause approvals for upcoming LNG export projects to assess their impacts on human rights and environment has been attacked on both sides of the Atlantic. But the claims that the pause threatens EU energy security are completely unfounded; on the contrary, locking in decades of even more climate-wrecking fracked LNG is a danger for our energy security and our future as a whole.

Austria appeals to European Commission in escalation of German gas tariff dispute

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Vienna has escalated an ongoing dispute with Germany over gas transit fees, which Austria says are not warranted, to the European Commission via the European Parliament.

Energy 11-04-2024

EU ‘declaring war’ on energy sector methane emissions

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The European Parliament adopted a pioneering new law to reduce methane emissions in the energy sector on Wednesday (10 April), but the oil and gas sector quickly pointed to potential implementation problems.

The Russian gas transit to Europe via Ukraine must end in 2025

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As the 2024 expiration of the Russian gas transit contract via Ukraine approaches, the EU faces a pivotal choice, writes Sergiy Makogon.

Politics 03-04-2024

Bulgaria using Turkish Stream pipeline as a geopolitical weapon, reveals Borissov

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Bulgaria has introduced the special gas tax on the transmission of Russian gas through Turkish Stream to punish Austria for its Schengen opposition, the leader of Bulgaria's largest party GERB Boyko Borissov announced on Wednesday (3 April).

Europe's East 29-03-2024

Ukrainian storage and pipelines can be key to east Europe’s gas supply security

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Ukraine’s location and infrastructure can make it a crucial gas trading hub in east Europe. More trade gives Europe a larger and wider choice of gas suppliers, which means more security and lower prices for the continent.

France’s Total gives up exploration of Bulgaria’s largest gas field

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French multi-energy company TotalEnergies is withdrawing from oil and gas exploration in the potential Khan Asparuh field in northern Bulgarian waters of the Black Sea, an annual report by the project's other partner, Romania's OMV Petrom, quoted by Bulgarian Capital Weekly, reads.

Politics 14-03-2024

Leaked documents reveal Kremlin control over Turkish Stream pipeline construction through Bulgaria

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Leaked documents from the emails of Russian politicians show that the Kremlin, through Russian and Belarusian companies, had full control over the construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline through Bulgaria from 2019-2021, despite then-Prime Minister Boyko Borisov’s claims that the project was under the Bulgarian government’s control, Capital reported.

Europe’s mild winter leaves gas stocks at record high

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Europe is on track to end the winter with a record volume of gas in storage, which has pushed futures prices back to pre-crisis levels once inflation is taken into account.

Politics 05-03-2024

Bulgaria negotiates with Azerbaijan to boost gas supplies to Balkans, Ukraine

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Bulgaria has started negotiations with Azerbaijan to increase gas supplies to Romania, Moldova and Ukraine through the future vertical Balkan gas corridor, the Bulgarian parliament’s press centre announced on Monday.

Germany’s gas tariff puts EU energy solidarity at risk, energy commissioner says

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Germany's levy on cross-border gas trading puts the EU's energy solidarity at risk and hurts efforts to cut the bloc's reliance on Russian gas, the bloc's energy commissioner and deputy Czech PM told reporters on Monday (4 March) following a meeting of EU energy ministers.

Politics 29-02-2024

Bulgaria to become main route for Russian gas imports to EU, Ukraine in 2025

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With the expected end of Russian gas transit through Ukraine at the end of this year, the Balkan Stream gas pipeline through Bulgaria will become the main supply route for the EU and Ukraine, as discussed during the visit of the EU’s top energy official, Ditte Juul Jorgensen, to the dispatch centre of state-owned gas company Bulgartransgaz (BTG).

Gas consumption in France down 20% from 2021 levels

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Gas consumption in France in 2023 has fallen by more than 10% in one year and by around 20% compared to 2021, according to the latest figures from France's main transmission operator, GRTgaz, published Tuesday (February 27).

EU softens gas consumption curbs in sign energy crisis easing

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The European Commission has asked EU countries to keep curbing their gas use but softened the policy to be entirely voluntary, in a sign of optimism that the worst of Europe's energy crisis is over.

Politics 28-02-2024

Bulgarian government still on track to sue Russia’s Gazprom

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Bulgaria’s government has not given up on the possibility of suing Russia’s state-owned Gazprom for cutting off gas supplies two months after Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022.

Qatar’s new LNG expansion plans to squeeze out US, other rivals

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Qatar's planned expansion of liquefied natural gas (LNG) production could see it control nearly 25% share of the global market by 2030 and squeeze out rival projects including in the United States where President Biden paused new export approvals, market experts say.

Politics 27-02-2024

Danish police close Nord Stream investigation, no reason given

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The Danish investigation into the Nord Stream 1 and 2 explosions has been closed, the Danish authorities announced on Monday, less than a month after Sweden did the same, but gave no details as to why.

Companies bid for 34 bcm of gas in new joint EU tender

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19 companies have filed bids for nearly 34 billion cubic meters of natural gas in a new joint purchasing tender for multi-year deals, European Commission vice president Maroš Šefčovič said on Thursday (22 February).

Economy 22-02-2024

EU-Russia trade continues to slide as LNG, fertilisers curb Europe’s need for pipeline gas

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Trade between the European Union and Russia kept sliding in the final quarter of 2023, as Brussels continues efforts to decouple itself from Moscow in the lead-up to the second anniversary of the full-scale war in Ukraine.