Economy 12-06-2024

UPDATE: EU-China tensions flare up as Chinese government backlashes against EU tariffs announcement

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The EU will put additional tariffs on electric cars produced in China, the European Commission announced on Wednesday (12 June), as preliminary result of a anti-subsidy investigation showed prices being distorted by Chinese state support.

Global Europe 12-06-2024

Multibillion-euro court battle over jets stranded in Russia begins in Dublin

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Some of the world's largest aircraft lessors faced off against their insurers in a Dublin courtroom on Tuesday (11 June) at the start of a months-long battle over around €2.5 billion of insurance claims related to jets stranded in Russia.

Economy 12-06-2024

EU tariffs on Chinese EVs popular with industry, but China’s trade chamber warns against implications

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With the EU expected to announce preliminary tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles on Wednesday (12 June), most European industry representatives look forward to the move, except the car industry itself.

"We're going to have to pay for the decarbonised economy with the carbon economy" advocates European Parliament Transport Committee Chair Karima Delli
Future of mobility 07-06-2024

Outgoing EU parliament transport chair Karima Delli talks trains, planes and automobiles

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Set to bid farewell to the European Parliament after three successive terms, French Green MEP and chair of the Transport Committee Karima Delli told Euractiv that the biggest achievement of her time there is bringing transport high on the agenda.

EU rules on e-fuels threaten to create ‘CO2 tourism’

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German Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP/Renew) warned against "CO2 tourism", as EU rules for renewable fuels could lead to liquified CO2 from Europe being shipped to other parts of the world to produce e-fuels for the EU market.

Batteries 06-06-2024

French players see EV battery recycling opportunities but face regulatory hurdles

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As electric vehicle continue their rollout, Euractiv spoke with several French industry players looking at battery recycling to capture and re-use critical raw materials.

Green hydrogen prioritised for decarbonisation in the sectors – such as aviation and shipping – that are hardest to electrify.

MEPs need green hydrogen on their radar from day one

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How the EU addresses the climate crisis has been high up the political agenda in the approach to this week’s elections. But there are two sectors that continue to fly under the radar in the bloc’s pursuit of decarbonisation: shipping and aviation.

Economy 04-06-2024

How EU-China trade negotiations could play out

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While the imposition of new tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles proves controversial within the EU due to the fear of Chinese retaliation, the option of negotiations has been met with increasing attention.


EU transport policy at the ballot box

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Euractiv's Transport Brief brings you the latest on the transport sector in Europe.

China 02-06-2024

China lands on moon’s far side in historic sample-retrieval mission

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China landed an uncrewed spacecraft on the far side of the moon on Sunday (1 June), a landmark mission aiming to retrieve the world's first rock and soil samples from the dark lunar hemisphere, China's space agency said.

Railways 31-05-2024

Europe-Baltic states high-speed rail link moves one step closer

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European Commission and Baltic countries' representatives gathered in Tallinn on Wednesday (29 May) to lay the foundation stone for the Ülemiste passenger terminal, a key part of the 'Rail Baltica' project that aims to connect Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania with the European network via high-speed rail.

Finnish project Wisa Woodsat has developed a satellite, all sides of which are wooden, with the support from the European Space Agency.
Outer space 29-05-2024

World’s first wooden satellite built by Japan researchers

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The world's first wooden satellite has been built by Japanese researchers who said their tiny cuboid craft will be blasted off on a SpaceX rocket in September.


German Minister Wissing: Tariffs on Chinese cars ‘wrong approach’

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Putting up tariffs on Chinese electric cars to protect the European industry was the wrong approach, German liberal Transport Minister Volker Wissing told Euractiv in an interview, promoting international competition.


Europe doesn’t know whether to tax or subsidise electric cars

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Euractiv's Transport Brief brings you the latest on the transport sector in Europe. This week: Will EU government subsidise electric vehicles with one hand, and tax with the other?

“The automotive industry ... generates over 7% of EU’s GDP and around 13.8 million people work in it, creating important multiplier effects in supplier industries” explained Emil Boc, chair of the CoR's commission for Territorial Cohesion policy and EU Budget, and mayor of the Romanian region of Cluj-Napoc.
Electric vehicles 27-05-2024

While politicians talk green jobs, carmaking regions seek to limit the damage

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Europe's car-producing regions know that decarbonisation will hit the traditional car industry hard and result in thousands of job losses. For them, the name of the game now is how to limit the damage, and how the EU can help.

Several key transport files will be picked up by lawmakers after the June elections - including new rules concerning the weights and dimensions of trucks.

Europe’s unfinished transport files: Technical detail and sovereignty tensions

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Several key transport files await new and returning lawmakers in September.

Road transport 24-05-2024

German conservatives make internal combustion engines an election issue

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German conservative parties CDU and CSU (EPP) have launched a campaign against the de-facto ban of new combustion engine cars as of 2035, an issue the party says is critical for the EU election.

Outer space 23-05-2024

French, Belgian astronauts named next Europeans to fly to ISS

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France's Sophie Adenot and Belgium's Raphael Liégeois will be the first two from a new class of European astronauts to blast off to the International Space Station, the European Space Agency said Wednesday (22 May).

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Paving the Way: Fostering Affordable, Sustainable, and Safe Mobility for All

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The FIA European Bureau presents a comprehensive Manifesto for the future of mobility, addressing critical challenges and outlining pathways to accessible, sustainable, and safe transportation for all Europeans.

A new scheme introduced in Iceland this year requires electric car drivers to pay a tiny kilometre fee of 4cts per kilometre.
Electric vehicles 22-05-2024

As transport electrifies, governments can still make up for lost fuel duty revenues

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Loss of fuel duty could cost governments billions in tax revenues. William Todts, executive director at T&E, explains why, even as an environmentalist, we should be taxing electric cars

The €1.7bn scheme is expected to mainly benefit state-owned operator DB Cargo, which has a market share of 85-90 percent in the segment of single wagon transport.
Railways 22-05-2024

Germany accused of playing favourites with €1.7 billion support for freight rail

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The European Commission has given green light for a €1.7 billion German subsidy scheme to support shorter freight trains in competition with road transport, which is expected to mainly benefit state-owned DB Cargo.


Brenner Pass dispute: A microcosm of the struggle to connect Europe

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Euractiv's Transport Brief brings you the latest on the transport sector in Europe. This week, a tale of the Brenner Pass transport dispute between Austria and Italy.

Today, there are only around 630,000 charging points in Europe, far less than the 3.5 million needed by 2030 as estimated by the European Commission.
Electric vehicles 21-05-2024

Running out of charge: Europe’s public EV infrastructure needs a serious push

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22,000 public charging points. That's how many must be installed weekly to achieve the 55% CO2 reduction target by for cars and vans by 2030. But EU countries are falling short, with only 150,000 installed last year.

easyJet's stock has risen 8% over the last year, outpacing the global airline index, and rejoined London's blue-chip FTSE 100.
Aviation 16-05-2024

How easyJet’s bet on holidays paid off

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EasyJet's big bets on package holidays and better-located airports are helping it win customers, its CEO and investors say, even as concerns linger about the high cost of the strategy for an airline known for its no-frills service.