EU-UK relations

Elections 07-02-2024

France’s Attal: You want ‘Frexit’? Look at Brexit!

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France's prime minister Gabriel Attal has warned against the risks of a French EU exit if the far-right wins big at the polls, as overwhelming data shows the negative impacts of Brexit on the UK.


Brexit ‘isn’t working’, says London mayor

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London's mayor called Thursday (11 January) for closer ties with Europe and a better debate about immigration as he branded Brexit a "key contributor" to Britain's cost-of-living crisis.

Justice 21-12-2023

Ireland takes UK to European court over ‘Troubles’ amnesty law

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Ireland announced legal action Wednesday (20 December) against the UK government in the European Court of Human Rights over a law granting immunity to combatants in the Northern Ireland conflict.

Migration 06-12-2023

UK inks new Rwanda asylum treaty, describes it as model for EU states

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The UK moved on Tuesday (5 November) to salvage its ‘cash for asylum seekers’ agreement with Rwanda by signing a new treaty with the East African country. UK ministers have also expressed hope that the revised pact will be a model for collaboration on migration control with EU states. 


Losing Sunak’s marbles

Est. 8min

In this edition of EU Politics Decoded, we take a look at the conflict between the UK and Greece over the status of the Parthenon sculptures.


The Brief – Brexit revisited, or not

Est. 5min

Brexit is back - or at least debates about relations between London and Brussels are. 


UK sets out nuclear research plans after rejecting Euratom membership

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The UK has set out plans to invest up to £650 million to support domestic nuclear fusion research programmes running until 2027, after confirming earlier this week that it would not join the EU’s Euratom nuclear energy research scheme.


UK faces September deadline on Horizon Europe funding

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The UK government has a month to finally agree terms with the European Union to join the bloc’s €95 billion Horizon Europe research programme or extend a domestic compensation scheme while pressure on the government from UK researchers in need of funding continues to grow.


Medical supplies to NI still under threat despite protocol reform, report warns

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The supply of over 50% of veterinary medicines to Northern Ireland is at risk of being discontinued after 2025 despite the reforms to the Northern Ireland protocol, a UK parliament committee has warned the government in a new report published on Tuesday (25 July). 


UK remains quiet amid reports of deal on Horizon Europe access

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UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak could decide next week on whether to accept an arrangement that would finally see the UK obtain access to the €95 billion Horizon Europe research and development funding programme after two and a half years of delays.


Scots leader to visit Brussels to foster ties with EU

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Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf is set to travel to Brussels on Monday (26 June) in a bid to bolster ties with the EU, in his first foreign trip since succeeding Nicola Sturgeon in March.


Brexit handed Scotland €3.5bn annual bill, says Edinburgh

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Scotland has taken a £3 billion annual hit to its public revenues because of the UK’s exit from the European Union, the Scottish government stated in a report published on Friday (23 June). 


Brits cannot keep citizenship rights, EU top court confirms

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UK nationals cannot automatically retain rights as EU citizens after Brexit, the EU’s top court confirmed on Thursday (15 June).


Post-Brexit trade deal means ‘inevitable’ business costs, says EU

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EU and UK businesses will face 'inevitable' extra costs while the post-Brexit trade deal remains in place, European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič warned on Monday (12 June), playing down the prospect of a major overhaul of the agreement. 


Delays to EU residency applications risk ‘new Windrush’ in UK

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Government delays in responding to thousands of residency applications by EU nationals could lead to a repeat of the Windrush scandal, where UK citizens were wrongly deported, UK lawmakers have warned. 


Labour vows to take UK into EU’s asylum regime

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Should the opposition Labour party win the next UK election, it would take the country back into the EU’s Dublin Agreement, which regulates how countries decide on asylum applications, as part of a series of moves to bring the UK closer to the bloc, though without seeking to rejoin.


EU moves closer to UK pact on financial services

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The EU and UK are set to move towards closer ties on financial services regulation after the European Commission on Wednesday (17 May) adopted a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the sector. 


‘Common sense’ for EU nationals to get UK voting rights, says Labour leader

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It is "common sense" that EU nationals should get voting rights in all UK elections, Keir Starmer, the leader of the UK's opposition Labour party, has said, signalling a possibly softer stance between the EU and its former member should he become prime minister.  


UK parliament sets out ways to rebuild EU ties ahead of Brexit review

Est. 5min

UK lawmakers have urged EU and UK officials to gradually rebuild relations following a period of “tension and mistrust”, putting visa access for musicians and speedy UK access to the Horizon Europe research programme at the top of a list of fixes.


EU won’t demand Horizon contributions but UK launches alternative scheme

Est. 3min

The UK government has launched its own domestic alternative to the Horizon Europe research and development programme despite receiving assurances from the European Commission that it will not be required to pay for the two years it has been locked out from the scheme. 


UK to introduce new customs rules on EU goods from November

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The UK has promised to introduce a light-touch set of customs rules on goods from the EU later this year after more than two years of post-Brexit delays. 


UK plays down prospects of deal on EU Horizon scheme

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UK Science and Technology Minister Michele Donelan has said she has little hope for a quick agreement with the EU to finally unblock the UK's access to the bloc’s Horizon Europe research programme.


The Brief — A cross-Channel bromance

Est. 6min

The 'renewed' relationship between France and the UK is surprising if you look in the rear-view mirror. But it is first and foremost a personal relationship between two men, which will hopefully lead to steady appeasement.


UK urged not to backtrack on Horizon Europe access

Est. 3min

UK ministers have been urged to immediately secure the UK’s participation in Horizon Europe, the EU's multi-billion-euro research programme, following reports that Rishi Sunak's administration is preparing an alternative UK-led scheme.